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PowerStop Z36 Extreme Truck and Tow 6-Lug Brake Rotor and Pad Kit; Front and Rear (14-18 Silverado 1500)

Item S103764
AmericanTrucks no longer carries the PowerStop Z36 Extreme Truck and Tow 6-Lug Brake Rotor and Pad Kit; Front and Rear (14-18 Silverado 1500). Please check out 2019-2021 Chevy Silverado Brake Rotor & Pad Kits for an updated selection.
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    Video Review & Installation

    Hey, guys. Sarah from, and today we have a review and install of the Power Stop Extreme Truck & Tow brake pad and rotor kit for the front and rear. This fits your '14 through '18 Chevy Silverado 1500s. This kit features drilled, slotted, and OEE-compliant rotors made from G3000 cast iron. In addition, this kit includes heavy duty ceramic carbon pads to deliver superior braking with minimal dust and noise. Coming in at around $450 for this entire kit, this is an excellent upgrade option if you do some towing with your truck, or if you've larger wheels and tires and you're looking for some extra stopping power. I'm giving this install a two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, it can be done in approximately two hours, and is a simple bolt-up installation with no modifications required. All right. So, let's see how we install this on our truck.For this install we used a caliper tool, a rubber mallet, small pry bar, needle-nose pliers, flat-head screwdriver, a pick tool, cutters, a T30 Torx socket, 13, 18, and 19-millimeter sockets, a swivel, a 3/8 ratchet, a caliper hanger tool, a skinny 19-millimeter wrench, a 13/16 wrench, and some optional but helpful tools include impact guns.All right. So, the first step in our install is to remove this caliper, we're gonna do so with a 19-millimeter socket. So ours came off nicely, but if for some reason yours are spinning, you can get a skinny 19-millimeter wrench on right here, and hold that still while you take this bolt out. At this point, we can remove our caliper. Now, if it doesn't wanna come off nicely, you can certainly use a small pry bar, and just get between the caliper and the bracket and pry it off. Or if you don't wanna do something like that, you can remove the entire bracket at this point, but, since ours is cooperating, let's pull it off. At this point grab your caliper hanger, or if you don't have this, you can use a bungee cord, I'm just hang it out of the way so there's no tension on this brake line.At this point, we can remove our brake pads. You can slide your brake pad out up top here. If it starts getting hung up, press down on the small tab up in the top of the bracket, and you should be able to slide it past. Using an 18-millimeter socket, remove the bolt holding the caliper bracket to your knuckle. All right. So, with our Torx-head bolt removed, our rotor may come off nicely. But if yours doesn't, you can certainly hit it right on the back here where our caliper was with a rubber mallet. And if that still does not work, you can drive a bolt in either one of these bolt holes here, and it should work the rotor loose. Let's remove our rotor.All right. Now that we have our stock rotors uninstalled from our truck, we can put them side-by-side with our Power Stop rotors, really check out some of the differences. You may have already noticed, these are drilled and slotted. This is to aid in cooling, and when combined with the ceramic compound of our brake pads, give you a little more stopping power. So, if you're like us and we have larger wheels and tires on our truck, or if you do some towing, this is a great upgrade option to your OEM. So, at this point, we can prep our caliper bracket to go back on our truck. We are going to remove and replace these metal brackets that hold your brake pad in here, Power Stop has included some nice new ones. They've also included this small rubber boot that keeps dirt and dust out of the inside of your slider. Now, ours look really great, they look in good condition, so we're not gonna replace these here, but it is nice to know that if you get into this and you see yours is damaged or ripped, Power Stop has included some new ones.With that said, let's grab our flat-head screwdriver and remove our brackets. Now, there are some tabs right here at the top part of these metal brackets, and it might help to just get behind there a little bit, and just release these so that we can remove them. Here's Power Stop's boot that they've included, there is a metal sleeve here, similar to OEM. And if you wanna remove this, you just have to get underneath this tab here, maybe a little bit difficult to do, but you should be able to replace it with this nice new one once you have your old one off. Now, regardless of whether you're gonna replace this boot or not, I recommend pulling the slider out, and getting a little bit more lubricant on the end here to make sure the slider functions nicely. Power Stop has included this lubricant to lube up your brake components. Grab a little bit of this and just add it to your slider, just to ensure there's enough on there, and that you have flawless brake function when you put this back together. And then go ahead and reinsert it into your boot. And we can repeat that process with the other side. Removing the slider, just adding a little bit more lubricant there, and then reinserting the slider into the boot.Moving on to our clips. At this point, we can release these clips on either side that hold in our brake pads, might be helpful to use a flat-head, and get right behind here to pop this tab, and get our clips off. Grabbing the new clip, get it in place, and press it onto our bracket in the exact same spot as our other one came off. Repeat that on the other side. It is important to note that these brackets are identical. So, as long as you're putting them in the exact same formation as the ones that came off, it doesn't matter which one that you get. You do wanna grab a little bit of lubricant, and get right in these sliders right here where the brake pad will sit. So, you wanna make sure you spray your rotor down with a little bit of brake clean before installing it on your truck, front and back. Also, it is worth noting that, because these are drilled and slotted, it means that they're directional. So you do wanna grab the one that says "Front driver side" and it's nice that Power Stop put that on there to make it a little easier on you. But once we have our rotor lined up in this configuration, it's easy to see with our Torx bolt hole and the threaded hole for getting these off right next to each other, go ahead and get these on your truck.At this point, we can reinstall our Torx bolt, it will help us keep this rotor on the truck. Grab your T30 Torx socket and tighten this down. At this point, we can reinstall our caliper bracket, let's get it in place and get the bolts threaded. Grab your 18-millimeter socket and tighten these down. Go ahead and slide your brake pads in at this point. We've already put some lubricant on the inside here, but if you'd like to put a little extra on these tabs, you're definitely welcome to.At this point, we can unhang our caliper, and then compress the pistons so we can fit it over our brake pads. With our piston compression tool, slide it in there, so that it's even against both pistons. With our pistons pushed in nearly flush, these should clear the brake pads now, so let's get it installed on our truck. Replace the bolts at the back of your caliper. Using our skinny 19-millimeter wrench, grab the backside of the slider here, and using our 19-millimeter socket, tighten this down. All right. With our driver side all buttoned up, you wanna repeat that process on your passenger side, but for now, we're gonna jump to the rears.All right. So the first step in our install for the rears is, we're gonna have to remove these metal clips here. If you haven't done brakes already, your truck will have them, they're just from the factory in order to keep the rotor on during assembly. So let's grab a pick and a set of needle-nose and get these off. Since we aren't gonna reuse these, if these don't wanna come off, you can definitely just cut them, and take them off. They don't really serve a purpose here, so, that's what we're going to do. Using our 13-millimeter socket and our 13/16 wrench, remove the bolt at the back of the caliper. This one's sticking a little bit, so we will grab our gun. We did put the bolt back in the bottom one to prevent the caliper moving. With our bolts out, grab your caliper hanger tool, or a bungee cord, and we'll hang our camper out of the way.At this point, we can remove our brake pads. You can go ahead and try to slide them out, but if they do get hung up on this small tab here, just grab a flat-head and press the tab up, and you should be able to slide them out. Grab your caliper bracket and remove it off your truck.At this point, we're ready to remove our brake rotor, we will need to persuade it off the truck lightly with our rubber mallet. And before we do that, we're gonna put a lug nut in place just for safety. A couple of hits with this rubber mallet should it get it to come loose, but if not, you can run a bolt in either one of these holes to slowly work it off.At this point, we just wanna double-check our boots and double-check our slider function here. Make sure there are no tears, and make sure our sliders are working properly, which they are. So we are gonna leave them as is. If for some reason you see one of your boots is ripped, or one of your sliders is not moving like it should, this would be a good time to take it apart and replace it.With that said, let's grab our flat-head screwdriver and remove our brackets that hold in our brake pads. You do need to slide it on the inside of your caliper bracket and release the two tabs.So, now we can move on to the other side. Release the two tabs in the center here, and that should free up your bracket. Now we can replace these with the included Power Stop brackets. We also wanna put a little bit of lubricant on the inside here where the brake pad sits, to ensure it slides back and forth with ease.All right. Now we can get our rotor installed on our truck. It is important to note, you wanna spray this with brake clean before you install it, and make sure to get the back portion of this where your parking brake contacts. Like our front, these are directional because they're drilled and slotted. So ensure you are grabbing the correct one labeled "Driver side."At this point, we can reinstall our caliper bracket. Grab your 18-millimeter and tighten these down. At this point, we can unhang our caliper, and go ahead and push the piston in so it'll clear our brake pads. With the piston pushed in on our caliper, we can now get it mounted back on our truck. Grab your 13-millimeter socket and 13/16 wrench and tighten this down. All right. Now that this side is complete, you do wanna repeat the process on the other side.But, that's gonna do it for the review and install of our Power Stop brake pad and rotor kit. Remember, for all things Chevy, keep it at

    Product Information

    Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


    • Perfect for Off-Road Driving, Hauling, and Towing
    • Delivers Superior Braking Power Performance When Towing
    • Heavy-Duty Ceramic Carbon-Fiber Brakes
    • Brake Design Ensures Dust-Free and Noise-Free Braking
    • Slotted, Drilled, and OE Compliant Rotors Made with G3000 Casting
    • Excellent Corrosion Resistance with Silver Zinc Dichromate Plating
    • Basic Installation
    • Rust-Resistant, Red Powder Coated Calipers Available
    • Backed by a 3 Year/36,000-Mile Limited Warranty
    • Fits All 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 Models


    Perfect for Hauling. Enjoy your off-roading, hauling, and towing experiences in your Chevy Silverado 1500 with the PowerStop Z36 Extreme Truck and Tow Brake Rotor and Pad Kit – Front and Rear. This kit delivers augmented braking power performance with towing.

    Quality G3000 Casting. The slotted and drilled rotors meet OE compliance since they are made with G3000 casting. Their silver zinc dichromate plating makes them effectively rust-resistant. The heavy-duty ceramic carbon-fiber brakes are designed to ensure dust-free and noise-free braking.

    Basic Installation. This brake pad and rotor kit has a basic installation process. There are no modifications necessary with the bolt-on upgrade of these rotors. You can review the installation instructions and break-in procedure on the manufacturer’s website. Please see manufacturer's site for information about Break-In Procedure.

    Backed by a 3 Year/36,000-Mile Limited Warranty. The PowerStop Brake Rotor and Pad Kit is covered by a 3 Year/36,000-mile limited warranty. It doesn’t cover failures of components due to disc thickness variation (DTV) or normal wear. For more information on this coverage, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

    Application. The PowerStop Z36 Extreme Truck and Tow Brake Rotor and Pad Kit – Front and Rear is designed to fit all 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 models. You can choose the option to use the PowerStop rust-resistant red powder coated calipers.

    Information on PowerStop's proper Break-In Procedure can be found here:

    CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    Installation & What's in the Box

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    What's in the Box

    • (2) Front Brake Pads
    • (2) Front Rotors
    • (2) Rear Brake Pads
    • (2) Rear Rotors
    • Mounting Hardware
    • Installation Directions

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