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How to Install Magnaflow Off Road Pro Series Cat-Back Exhaust - Turn Down on your F-150

Installation Time

2 hours

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2011 Ford F150 Off Road Series

Warning: When working on, under, or around
any vehicle exercise caution. Please allow the
vehicle's exhaust system to cool before removal,
as exhaust system temperatures may cause
severe burns. If working without a lift, always
consult vehicle manual for correct lifting
specifications. Always wear safety glasses and
ensure a safe work area. Serious injury or death
could occur if safety measures are not followed.

Step 1: Remove the OEM exhaust system by first
loosening the clamp attaching the inlet pipe to the
catalytic converter. Working front to rear loosen all
connecting band clamps. Carefully remove the
hangers from the rubber isolators. Be sure to retain
all mounting hardware as it will be used to install your
new MAGNAFLOW performance exhaust system.

Step 2: Two Inlet pipes are provided in this kit, which
one you use will be dependent on engine size. For
3.7L (V6) trucks you use the shorter 17" pipe, for
5.0/6.2L (V8) vehicles use the longer 19". To begin
fasten the Inlet Pipe Assembly to the catalytic
converter extension using the OEM clamp assembly
and by fitting the welded hanger into the OEM rubber
insulator (Leave all clamps and fasteners loose for
final adjustment of the complete system.) Install the
Extension Pipe, Muffler Sub Assembly and Tip in the
same fashion using the supplied clamps.

Step 3: With all components mounted loosely, adjust
the system for overall aesthetics and clearance of
frame & bodywork. (MAGNAFLOW recommends at
least 1/2" of clearance between the exhaust system
and any body panels to prevent heat-related body
damage or fire.)

Step 4: Once a final position has been chosen for the
new system, evenly tighten all fasteners from front to
rear. The supplied band clamps must be VERY tight
to properly align the pipes and prevent leaks
(Approximately 40ft-lbs). U-bolt clamps should be
tightened to approximately 30-35ft-lbs. Inspect all
fasteners after 25-50 miles of operation and retighten
if necessary.

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