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How to Install Husky 12 in. Wide KickBack Mud Flaps - Stainless Steel Top & Weight on your Silverado

Tools Required
  • Power Drill with 1/8” and 1/4” drill bits
  • 5/16” Socket with Drill Attachment
  • 7/16 Wrench or Socket/Driver
American Muscle
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2 - Mud Flaps with Weights
2 - Kick Back Brackets
8 - SS Self Drilling Screws
6- SS Button Head Bolts
4 - 1/4 - 20 Bolts
10 - 1/4 - 20 Nylon Hex Nut
18 - Black Plastic Washer
2 - Twist Brackets


Your vehicle’s fender mounting area should be cleaned prior to the installation of your new Husky KickBack Mud Flaps.


Read all directions thoroughly prior to the installation of your KickBack Mud Flap.

Attach the flap with the weights to the upper mounting brackets with the SS button head bolts through the upper bracket, flap, washer, and into the nylon lock nut on the backside of the mud flap (3 plcs per bracket). The solid 1” strip on the backside (corrugated side) of mud flap gets positioned on the outboard side of the mud flap (See Arrows).

1. Clean the mounting location on your vehicle and check the location of factory fasteners and factory holes that can be used to fasten the mud flap. We recommend using the factory locations when possible then use the provided SS self tapping screws for further retention.

2. Align the 1” solid outer edge of the mud flap with the outer edge of the tire to get maximum coverage and protection and for easy alignment.

Note: These are general mounting guidelines and the mud flaps can be mounted in many different ways to provide whatever coverage you deem necessary.

3. Transfer the factory hole locations to the mud flap mounting bracket. Mark the factory fasteners and other fastening locations with a small ball of clay or similar material.

4. Align the mud flap so the bottom of the flap is parallel to the ground and at your desired height. Press the mounting bracket firmly against the fender to transfer the fastening locations.

5. Drill fastening holes at the pre-marked locations in the upper bracket to accommodate factory fastener size. If using supplies SS self drilling screws, drilling a small 1/8” pilot hole may help to ease installation.

6. Fasten the mud flap to the truck with the factory fasteners. Check that the mud flap is parallel with the ground before tightening.

7. Install the SS self drilling screws for the other pre-drilled locations on the mud flap.

A minimum of 4 fastening locations per mud flap is recommended.


The twist bracket is used to brace the inboard side of the mud flap to the inside of the rear fender.

8. Locate an existing hole or factory fastener on the underside of the fender behind the mud flap (if available) to mount the twist bracket. If an existing hole is not available, a hole will need to be drilled through the body. Using the twist bracket as a template mark and drill a 1/4” hole on the inboard side of the mud flap (and underside of the body if no hole was available). Install 1/4 - 20 hex bolts and nylon lock nuts to fasten the twist bracket to the body and mud flap. The twist bracket can be bent to accommodate different angles or lengths.

9. Repeat steps 1- 8 on the opposite side of the vehicle.

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