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Maximizing Your Silverado’s Interior Space: Storage Solutions

Maximizing Your Silverado’s Interior Space: Storage Solutions

The unsung hero of any Silverado is the storage compartments. The bed is where most of the owner’s additional cargo and equipment will be stored, and that’s why the bed of a pickup truck gets all the glory. Even with the versatility of the bed in mind it’s not a place any sane person would want to keep their personal information, wallet, firearms or any other sort of highly valuable belongings. Instead, the things worth protecting will wind up in the factory storage locations in the cabin of the Silverado. Luckily for those who need more, there are plenty of options for adding and upgrading storage solutions in the cabin of the truck.

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Aside from the truck's bed, a Silverado doesn't have much storage space. Newer trucks have additional features, but that doesn't mean there isn't more space to be had. The most popular options are under seat storage compartments since they're simultaneously out of the way and utilizing an otherwise useless space.

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Silverado: Factory Storage

Throughout the cabin of the truck, you are going to find a lot of areas dedicated to storage. The most common areas for storage of valuables is the glove box and center console. Additional storage options are available in the doors of the truck but less valuable belongings such as phone charger cables and loose change. Newer trucks equipped with bench seats can also come with an additional storage compartment can be found built into the center of the front bench seat. 

  • Glove Box
  • Center Console 
  • Door Compartments
  • Seat Storage

Silverado: Aftermarket Storage Organizers

When it comes to the design of the factory storage, it can leave a lot to be desired. Very often, what’s kept in the glove box and center console can quickly become cluttered and unorganized. There is nothing more frustrating than needing something buried in these areas forcing you to pull out all the contents of the glove box and scattering them across the cabin of the truck. 

Back Seat Organizers: With little storage available in the rear of a factory Silverado, many will opt to pick up a back seat organizer. These are simple pieces of equipment designed to prevent the essentials in the back seat from finding themselves scattered around and getting stomped on by rear riding passengers.

Glovebox Dividers: The glovebox is a storage hub for important documents such as your owner’s manual and proof of insurance. Other important letters and personal belongings will make their way here and when they do, everything will be clumped together in an unorganized heap. Dividers are a simple solution to this major problem.

Center Console Dividers: The center console is a host of storage for wallets, keys, loose change, and a plethora of other belongings that are better kept out of plain sight. The open cavity of the center console offers up just as many issues as the glove box can, and dividers are readily available as a fix. 

Silverado Back Seat Storage Considerations

The back seat is a problem area when it comes to storage. From the factory, truck owners have very little to go on. Most additional equipment and valuables will often be scattered across the rear seat, making it nearly impossible to keep track of what is where. Even with an organizer the issue can remain or even worsen when large equipment needs to be hauled in the cabin of the truck.

Ditching the Rear Seat: The best option for many will be to ditch the rear seat and reconfigure the back of the truck so it can be entirely dedicated to storage. This option is best for those who have very little demand to carry passengers around and will often be on the job site. With this modification, tools, documents, and several other belongings can be kept in the cabin of the truck where they are safe behind lock and key.

Under-Seat Storage Boxes: Depending on the model of the Silverado, the rear seat can be left intact even when additional storage is needed. Aftermarket under-seat boxes can be purchased to keep a large amount of the clutter off the rear seat and locked away from potential thieves.

Silverado: Storage Security

In terms of security, a locked door with glass windows won’t keep out the most determined thieves. If the doors aren’t even locked, you can forget about keeping wandering hands out of your valuables and personal information kept in your glove box and center console. This can be prevented with modifications to boost the security of these specific areas though.

Locking Center Console: The center console is where spare phones, wallets, and loose change will be stored. Thieves understand this and will reach for this compartment first. A locking center console isn’t always an option, but the factory center console can be modified to feature a locking compartment. It takes a lot of work to make this upgrade but once installed you can keep all of your valuables locked away safely.

Locking Glove Box: The glove box is another area where valuables will be kept and is a direct target once a thief enters a car. Swapping out the door of the factory center with a locking door is something easily doable for those concerned with this issue. 

Silverado: Firearm Storage

Storing a firearm in a vehicle is a wise choice for those who are concerned with personal protection, hunters, and recreational firearm users. Though, one will need to be responsible with where and how a firearm is kept in their vehicle.

Gloveboxes and center consoles can be modified with aftermarket accessories for handgun storage. The rear seat storage solutions we discussed can be configured or purchased with the intent of long gun storage during travel. Also, for those who feel the need to have immediate access to a firearm in case things turn south, holsters can be mounted in easily accessible points in the cabin. 

Keep in mind if you are carrying firearms to do so in a responsible and safe manner. Also, don’t forget that even if under lock and key law enforcement will still need to be made aware of the firearms during routine traffic stops.

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