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How Can I Increase My F150’s Interior Storage Space?

By:  Connor MC  / Jun 17 2019
How Can I Increase My F150’s Interior Storage Space?

Despite having a large bed out back that can haul a lot of cargo, it isn’t always convenient to place items back there – particularly when dealing with items that are climate sensitive or need to be regularly accessed. Unfortunately, all F150s from the factory come with limited interior storage, forcing you to place your possessions on the back seat or the floor, where they easily roll around. That said, there are two elegant aftermarket solutions to relieve this matter.

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Your truck bed does not have to be the end all be all option for storage. Get the most out of all the space your F150 has to offer and add additional secure locations to hold all of your items in the most convenient of locations.

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Dash Mounted Interior Solutions

Available for all cab styles (regular, SuperCab, SuperCrew), the first is a tray that sits atop the dash. Specific to each generation of F150 pickup truck, (an eleventh generation, 2004-2008, storage tray won’t contour a twelfth generation, 2009-2014, dash) these upper dash trays sit atop the media console and are an easily accessible and convenient place to store smaller possessions like your phone, wallet, extra keys, maps, pocket change, etc. whilst you’re on the road. Made from ABS plastic, these trays are sprayed with a rubberized coating both inside and out to keep the tray still on the dash, and to keep your items from sliding around on the inside. Furthermore, these dash mounted trays often come with removable dividers so uniquely sized sections can be made depending on the size of the item you need to place. While not providing massive amounts of additional storage volume, a dash-mounted supplementary storage tray is definitely a handy place to keep smaller possessions. 

Upper Dash Storage Panel

Under Seat Storage

While not available for regular cab F150s, rear under seat storage bins are a boon for F150 SuperCab and F150 SuperCrews. Contoured for your specific generation F150, under seat storage bins neatly slide underneath the rear seat and provide ample volume to store items without affecting leg room. Access to the bin is accomplished by simply folding the rear bench seat up, and then everything held in the bin is easily reached. In fact, an under-seat storage bin provides an optimal place to hold towing and emergency gear. Tow straps, tow bar and ball, emergency tools, flares, chainsaws and various limbs – these types of bins provide a secure place to store such items inside the cab without taking up any additional interior space. Featuring a rubberized coating to keep items from shifting and clanking about, these ABS plastic bins are held in place via two straps that connect to the rear seat frame. 

Vastly cheaper than a bed mounted storage box, an under-seat storage bin also has the added security of the door locks, alarm system and being hidden from view – out of sight, out of mind (as is the expression) – whereas a bed mounted box is in plain sight and easy for a thief to gain access.

Similar to a dash-mounted storage tray, these under seat storage bins are easy to dismiss as a gimmick or something that you don’t really need. However, once actually installed, you’ll likely wonder why Ford isn’t equipping these storage systems from the factory. They really are that convenient.


Under Seat Storage Box

Cargo Containment System

Only two additional storage methods were alluded to up above, however truth be told, there is a third. This third system is brand specific to WeatherTech and basically acts as a fence or perimeter system for your cargo. Sold as modular non-slip blocks, these blocks are placed on the floor of the F150 (seats folded up) and provide a safe area to sit cargo down without fear of it sliding all over. Definitely more popular and useful for vehicles with an actual dedicated trunk, nonetheless these CargoTech blocks can be helpful, mostly with square or rectangular objects, if you prefer to cart a few boxes around in the cab.

Cargo Containment System

Does My F150 Really Need Any of This?

Certainly a loaded question and only you can decide for yourself. However, as already mentioned, a storage tray or bin may seem, on paper, to be a silly idea. But once actually placed and used in the truck, either one greatly facilitates interior storage, and just as importantly, ease and place of access. Interior storage certainly isn’t an exciting topic to discuss, but it definitely is an undervalued commodity that really every F150 should have.

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