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How much does it cost to lift a Truck

There are many different types and costs of suspension lift kits available. There are body lifts (1"-3" lift) and suspension lift kits (leaf springs, coil springs, etc. Depending on the lift you put on your Jeep, you will get different performance benefits.

One way to lift your Jeep (specifically, the most popular choice being for the Wranglers), is a Coil Over Suspension Lift kit. These are used in conjunction with a Long Arm Lift Kit. Needless to say, these are the Big Daddy of lift kits to install on a Jeep. These types of kits and modifications give you:The best offroad performanceThe most flexThe best stability both on road and off Of course, with a suspension lift kit like these, there’s going to be some serious labor time involved getting it all installed on your Jeep and ready for the trails. The low side will probably be around 20 hours, while it can be as much as 40 hours on some kits that require numerous fabrications along the way. Now is the time to call in a few favors from your Jeep buddies! The prices range from around $4,000.00 to as much as $10,000.00 for an all out Coil Over Suspension kit. That sounds like a lot of money when you lump it all together like that, but you have to realize this is a kit. Meaning, you’re not piecing together something from multiple companies and from multiple sources. You’re getting large boxes with the exact parts you need to properly set your Jeep up for serious trailing, for any terrain, rain or shine. If you're going to trail hard with your Jeep, and really use it on the weekends, and you have that goal, you might as well go big. Why start small and keep rebuilding your Jeep until you finally get to the point where you can trail anywhere? Rather than nickel and dime the mods over a long period time, you might as well go with the Coil Over Suspension Lift the first time. Because once you do, there's no reason to look back. You'll be at the head of the pack.