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DV8 Offroad Full Width Front Bumper (09-14 F-150, Excluding Raptor)

Item T542360
AmericanTrucks no longer carries the DV8 Offroad Full Width Front Bumper (09-14 F-150, Excluding Raptor). Please check out 1997-2003 Ford F-150 Front Bumpers for an updated selection.
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    Video Review & Installation

    Justin: The DV8 full-width front bumper that we have here will be one of the most affordable ways to help bulletproof the front end of that 2009 to 2014 F-150 while at the same time adding a bunch of functionality as well. Now the DV8 will combine that high tensile strength steel build along with four LED cube lights and a winch mount capable of supporting up to a 12,500 pound winch. Your install is gonna get a strong two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter here due to the sheer size and weight of this puppy. Price point is gonna be in that mid-$800 range which again puts us in the entry level category. Now going back to that install guys, if you hang with me for a little bit, my buddy Andrew will show you how the job is done later on in the video. But first and foremost, what do you say we start with protection? And the DV8 is gonna offer plenty of it through the combination of 3/16th-inch steel, high tensile strength steel that is for a majority of your build here. Now they do go through reinforce some select areas with quarter-inch thick steel, namely your winch plate, a recovery points and things like that. Now that steel has been finished off in a two-stage textured black powder coat to prevent corrosion and just help the bumpers remain looking good for many years to come. Now if for whatever reason you should encounter any issues, DV8 does offer a three-year manufacturer's warranty against any possible defects. But protection aside, the DV8 is also packing a bunch of functionality and inclusions which is a nice thing to point out by the way for such an entry-level price or bumper. Now first up they have tossed in four 3-inch cube lights to be used in conjunction with the cutouts here on the full width option. By the way, each cube is packing six individual high powered LEDs, so nice little bump up in your auxiliary lighting is what to expect there. Secondly, the bumper does come with two high strength D-rings to be used in conjunction with your fully welded recovery points here on the front of the bumper. Now usually companies will include the D-ring mounts but not the actual D-rings themselves. So again, kudos to the guys over at DV8 for tossing them in on such an affordable piece. Last but not least guys, the full width option here is winch compatible again and can support up to a 12,500 pound winch which is pretty burly as long as it utilizes that 10x4.5-inch mounting base, that's pretty standard stuff. Now I'm sure I don't have to tell you guys the importance of adding a winch to your rig not only from a recovery aspect but also from a utilitarian purpose as well. And believe me when I tell you you'll never appreciate it more than the first time either one of you or your buddies gets a little jammed up off-road and needs some help. Now that base plate again has been made or at least reinforced with a quarter-inch thick steel plating and does have a cutout up front here for your winch line that will accept pretty much any fairlead out there. Now before I do get into the installation, I do want to a few questions in regards to EcoBoost fitment here with the winch along with that factory intercooler. I've seen some on the site and I just wanted to address that. And the short answer here is yes, it will fit using the stock intercooler. However, you have to keep in mind the fact that you will severely limit the air flow into said intercooler due to the bumper and of course the winch blocking things. So my advice to you guys would be to look into either relocating the intercooler with an aftermarket kit as to not impare airflow to a vital part of your truck or just simply consider a different bumper instead.But now as promised, let's talk about that installation a little bit more. And if you haven't noticed by now, the DV8 does feature a rather unique three-piece design or construction, so in my opinion, that's only gonna make the install much easier because you're not installing this mammoth bumper at one time, you're kind of breaking it up a little bit to lighten the load. Regardless, here is my buddy Andrew to walk you through the job a little bit more and to give you a quick tool breakdown. Andrew: Tools required for this job: three-eighths inch ratchet, half-inch ratchet, 10-millimeter socket, 8-millimeter socket, universal, 21-millimeter socket, 18-millimeter socket, 18-millimeter wrench, 10-millimeter wrench, 6-inch half-inch extension, 6 inch three-eighths extension, optional, half-inch impact, three-eighths inch impact. Today we're installing the DV8 Off-Road bumper, let's get started. All right your first step is gonna be lifting up your hood. And then right here you're gonna find two 8-millimeter bolts and one 10-millimeter bolt holding the hood latch mechanism on. Want to remove all three of those. All right, next step is to remove your factory harness from the fog light assembly and there's just a little clip there that just like that. And it's the same on the driver side. All right, now that you're underneath the truck, you're going to locate your nuts that are securing the factory front bumper on. There's gonna be one on this side and one on the other side of the frame rail and it's gonna be the same exact on the passenger side. All right, now that you've removed your four nuts and disconnected your fog lights, you are ready to take off your factory front bumper. Okay, now with your factory bumper out of the way, we're gonna be removing both headlights and they're held on by three 10-millimeter bolts. Now with those out of the way, you're gonna want to pull straight out with the headlight. And the factory connections they should just turn and pop right out. There's your headlight, there's your turn signal and parking light and your marker light as well. And just set those out of the way somewhere safe. All right, now we're gonna be repeating the process on the driver side as well. Okay, next we're gonna be removing the five bolts on this side that are holding on the trim piece here that's below the headlight and above the bumper. This is a full-length bumper that, so it'll go to the quarter panel. Let's get started. All right, and then I'm gonna use an extension here to get the remaining three bolts. All right, now we're gonna repeat the process on the driver side, five 10-millimeter bolts. And I suggest moving your tire out of the way a little bit to give you a little bit better access. All right, now there's a little clip underneath it holding it in and it's gonna be on the same on this side, just remove. Okay, next step is to take your bracket and on the front of your frame rail here you'll see the lower bolt hole and the upper bolt hole for the side here. And the orientation I like to do is lock washer, flat washer, and then on the backside, flat washer, nut. Gonna hand tighten the one up here. And start on my inside one again, flat washer, lock washer, head of the bolt. Snug that up as well. And then with your 18-millimeter wrench and impact, same deal on the front. And then repeat that for the driver side. Okay, next we're gonna be installing the two flush mount LED lights on the center section of the bumper. There are two more that go on the wing. You are supplied with hardware, an Allen key and the nut on the back is a 10-millimeter. So just keep a mental note of where your orientation is, I'm gonna keep my wires up. I'm gonna put that on there, flat washer on the backside and start my 10-millimeter nut. I'm gonna put another one on the corner here, grab my nut. The last one, and it's gonna be the same process on the passenger side of the center section. So with your Allen key on the backside, I'm gonna take this 10-millimeter impact. I'm not gonna go too tight on it, I'm not gonna go very tight on it. And you're gonna repeat that on the other side. Okay, again, orientation of the pigtail on the upward position, bring it through. Okay, then we're just gonna tighten it up. And just tuck your wire out of the way because you will be accessing this wing to put on the passenger side wing and this is your inner frame mount for the center section. All right now with a buddy 'cause there's bumper does weigh about 80 pounds, we're gonna lift it up and put the brackets on the inside of this bumper. And there are three bolts on each side. So again they're gonna have three bolts on the bottom, one bolt on the bottom, one bolt in the middle and one bolt right up here on the top. Okay, next we're gonna be installing the LED light pod on the passenger side wing. Again, I like to have my cord in the upward position. And with the 10-millimeter just tighten those up. And then you're gonna repeat that on your driver's side wing. All right, next we're gonna be attaching the passenger side wing to the center section using the four supplied 18-millimeter bolts. Watch your fender here when you put it up. And what I'm using underneath is a chair, a little shop stool to support the bumper. And I'm gonna put the top and the bottom one on and work up from there. Now we're gonna put our middle bolts in. So you'll see the one, two, three and four bolts right there. I just want to have them a little more than finger tight right now and then we'll go through with the wrench and tighten everything up. Okay, now with your 18-millimeter socket and wrench, go ahead and tighten up your wings. And we're gonna go down the line and tighten all four. All right, the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna tighten up this gap right here between the bumper and the fender. So we're gonna move it up just a little bit and we're gonna go over here to our bumper mounts for the center section. Again, it's an 18-millimeter, I have it on universal. Just like that. This is the final light that we have to install on the driver side wing. Take your Allen key and your 10-mil, snug them up. All right, we're on the driver side now putting on the driver side wing, just getting these wires out of the way. So it's gonna be the same bolt pattern as the passenger side, one on the top, two in the middle and then one on the bottom. Now with your 19-millimeter socket and impact, go ahead and tighten up your bolts. I'm working from the top and I'm gonna go down to the bottom just to position them and then put the middle bolts in. All right, now with your impact and your wrench, tighten up your bottom bolt. All right. Okay, next step is to attach your factory hood release to the new bumper. You are not gonna be using the factory hardware or the factory bracket, DV8 supplies you with new hardware and this awesome tab. So it's a 10-millimeter. I'm gonna have my 10-millimeter wrench underneath it and then I'm gonna come from the top with my impact, just like that. All right, next we're gonna be reinstalling our headlights. Gonna start by putting your turn signal in, followed by your headlight, followed by your marker light. Again they just slide right in with these clips and they do have guide pins on them. Should hear a nice sound like that and then just reinstall your bolts. If you're hitting with an impact, make sure you don't over tighten them, this is a plastic housing. And then we move on to the driver side. All right, next we're gonna be reinstalling our driver side headlight assembly and we're gonna need to replug in our marker, turn signal and headlight. All right, one of the last steps is to install your D-rings. That's gonna wrap up this install of DV8's Off-Road Full-Width Bumper with LED Lights. For all things F-150, keep it here at

    Product Information

    Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


    • 3-Piece Full Width Front Bumper Design
    • 1/4-Inch and 3/16-Inch Steel Construction
    • Two-Stage Black Powder Coat Finish
    • UV and Corrosion Resistant
    • Protects Your Truck's Front End
    • Accommodates Up to 12,500-Pound Winch
    • Moderate Install
    • No Hassle Warranty
    • Fits 2009-2014 Ford F-150, Excluding Raptor


    Strong Steel Construction. The DV8 Offroad Full Width Front Bumper will add some aggressive styling to your already rugged-looking F-150. Featuring a 3-piece design, this full width bumper is manufactured from high tensile strength 3/16-inch steel and reinforced with 1/4-inch steel in key areas. This combination allows accommodation for up to a 12,500-pound winch.

    Bumper Design. DV8 truck bumpers are made with high tensile strength 3/16-inch steel and reinforced with 1/4-inch steel in key areas which allows them to accommodate up to a 12,500-pound winch. There is a 2-step powder coating process. First the bumper is coated with a thick layer of a proprietary compound for corrosion resistance, then we coat the bumper with our textured black, UV-resistant, scratch resistant powder coating. The result is a bumper that will look good and perform well for the lifetime of the vehicle.

    Protective Black Finish. DV8 uses a 2-stage powder coating process to ensure the ultimate look and protection of your F-150's front end. First, the bumper is coated with a thick layer of a proprietary compound for corrosion resistance. The bumper is then additionally coated with DV8's textured black, UV-resistant, and scratch-resistant powder coating. The end result is a bumper that will not only look good, but perform well too. It's the best of both worlds: form and functionality.

    Moderate Install. This front bumper comes with all the necessary mounting hardware needed for a seamless install. Some mechanical skill is required to perform this installation. If you have a truck equipped with Factory Fender Flares, some modifications to the Fender Flares will be required.

    No Hassle Warranty. DV8 backs its products up with a No Hassle Warranty to ensure the ultimate customer satisfaction and product quality.

    Application. The DV8 Offroad Full Width Front Bumper will fit on all 2009-2014 Ford F-150 models, excluding the Raptor.

    Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, no expedited methods. What is freight shipping? Your Answers are Right Here!.

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