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Barricade Extreme HD Grille Guard; Black (14-15 Silverado 1500)

Item S101316
AmericanTrucks no longer carries the Barricade Extreme HD Grille Guard; Black (14-15 Silverado 1500). Please check out Chevrolet Silverado Brush Guards & Grille Guards for an updated selection.
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    Video Review & Installation

    Joe: Hey, guys. Joe from AmericanTrucks and today we're gonna be working with the Barricade Extreme HD Grille Guard in black fitting all '14 and '15 Silverado 1500s and '14 to '18 Sierra 1500s.Now something like this is going to be perfect for any Silverado owner out there looking for full width protection and aggressive presence for the front of their truck for a reasonable price. Now this is going to be the end all, be all in protection for the front end of your truck, right. So this is going to be your full width unlike push bars or bull bars which stop right at the bumper. This is going to come up to the top of the grille. It's also going to span the length of the headlights and even wrap around a little bit to protect on the side. And it does that with some heavy duty carbon steel plate and tube which is definitely going to be able to take a hit for your truck.Up at the top here we have a 48 millimeter diameter cross tube and the wall thickness is going to be about one and a half millimeters so definitely going to be able to stand up to the abuse. It also features a black powder coating which is not just there to add to the looks but it serves as a layer of protection from the elements as well. To be honest, it does clash a little bit with the chrome on our '14 Silverado but this would look absolutely menacing if you were going for the blackout look on your Silverado or Sierra.We also have some added utility here with these integrated uprights. They have a flat surface on the front so that's gonna be perfect if you need to push something around with your truck. You otherwise wouldn't damage the rest of the grille guard. We also have this wire mesh right here in front of the grille. Now that's there to prevent a stick or brush from potentially getting through your grille and damaging your radiator leaving you stranded on the trails.Now pricing for the Barricade Extreme here is going to come in right around that $400 mark which makes it one of the most cost effective on our website. Usually a full width option like this one covers anywhere between 600 and 900 bucks so you really are getting a decent deal for what you get.Install for this isn't going to be too bad. It is a little bit involved and if you don't have tow hooks you will need to make some modifications to allow you to get to the frame rails but other than that it's all pretty straightforward. Can be done with some basic hand tools in the driveway. I'm gonna give it an easy two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. Should take you at most an hour or two to get this hooked up to your truck. So without any further ado, let me show you how it's done.Tools required for this install are going to be an impact, ratchet, extension, 18 millimeter wrench, 16 millimeter wrench, 13 millimeter ratcheting and regular wrench, U-joint, 5 millimeter Allen key. This one does come in the kit but I used mine on the impact just to speed things up. Trim panel removal tool, 7, 10, 16 and 18 millimeter sockets.So we're gonna start our install here at the lower mounting brackets. Now our lower mounting brackets are going to completely replace our tow hooks here. If you don't have tow hooks from the factory, don't worry all the hardware you need is included in the kit. However, you will have to make that small rectangular cut there right in the lower bumper plastic. But if you do have tow hooks like our truck does you can follow exactly how we're gonna do it. It's held on with a couple 18 millimeter bolts and we're gonna use the 18 millimeter wrench and an 18 millimeter socket as well as the U-joint. It is pretty tight back there. We're gonna remove all that and pull our tow hooks off.This bolt in the rear here is threaded right into the tow hook so we're just gonna use the socket to get that out. And this bolt in the front here does go all the way through so we've got the wrench on the other side, socket on this side. Now we're gonna do the same thing for the driver side.So now we can get started installing our lower mounting brackets. This is just going to sit on the bottom of the frame rail right like that and then we're gonna secure it with this double bolt plate here. That's gonna go in like so and then there's a single bolt plate for the other side.Now we're gonna get our new hardware on that. Flat washer, lock washer, 18 millimeter nut and do the same thing with the single bolt plate for the other side. Now this bolt right here is a little bit tough to get to. I can't even get the box end of this wrench in there, let alone the fancy ratcheting wrench or the impact so we're gonna have to go a little bit old school here and just use the open end of the 18 millimeter wrench. This side thankfully, not as tough to get to so we're just gonna use the impact. Then we're gonna head over and do the same thing for the other side. Now you might have noticed that this bracket is not mirrored and that's intentional. They're actually the same thing for the passenger side frame rail and the driver's side frame rail so this bolt plate is always going to be on your right if you're underneath the car.Now we're gonna move onto the other half of our lower mounting bracket. Now these are driver and passenger specific but they are marked right on the bottom here with a D or P, just make sure you have the right one. This is going to sit underneath of that bracket we installed first and then thread in from the top with some of the 13 millimeter hardware included in the kit. Now we are gonna have to reach into our frame rail to tighten that down but thankfully we can use the 13 millimeter ratcheting wrench. As tempting as it may be to start with this front bolt here, start with the back two. That's going to make it easier for you when you get the wrench in there. Here's a better view of why we started with those back two. Obviously if this bolt head was there it would be really tough to get a wrench past that and tighten those back ones down.So that's gonna be it for our lower mounting brackets. Now we're going to move onto our upper mounting brackets. Now they're going to use a support brace behind our grille here to secure our grille guard to the truck. So we're gonna need to do a little bit of a disassembly up top. First we gotta get this plastic radiator cover out of the way. It's held on by a bunch of pushpins. I'm going to use a trim panel removal tool to remove those and we can pull that off. That's going to reveal 4 10 millimeter bolts. We're going to get those out of the way as well.Then we can lift that off of the truck. So here are those four bolts right behind this chrome lip here. They're all 10 millimeters. We're gonna get those out of the way. Now there are still a couple of 10 millimeter bolts on the bottom edge of the grille that are holding our grille on. They're underneath this body color piece right here and it's held on by a seven millimeter bolt, one on either side. So we're gonna get these bolts out and then we can peel this body color piece off and that will reveal the rest of the hardware holding the grille on. Now to get this started all we're going to do is peel back like that and that should work for the rest of this piece as well.Now just like on top we have clear access to those four bolts across the bottom. Again they're 10 millimeters and you're gonna need some sort of extension to get to them. Now we can pull the grille off and then we'll be able to see those support braces for our upper brackets.So right here is going to be that brace that I've been talking about so much and all we're going to do is make sure we have this bracket right here with the D on it. We're gonna start with the driver side, hold that up right about there. Put that over top and secure the two together with a 10 millimeter bolt, comes included in the kit. And then we're gonna do the same exact thing for the passenger side.Now we're just gonna put our grille back on and do a test fit to make sure everything lines up. I'm just gonna poke our driver side bracket through. And it looks like we're pretty much bang on. You wanna make sure that your bracket is going to land in this hole in the grille right here. Now in order to get this half of the bracket secured we're just going to pull our grille back a little bit then put our bracket in place and tighten down that 10 millimeter hardware to get the 2 brackets together. Now we're gonna do the same thing for the other side. Once that's tight you can press the grille back in place.Now we're gonna do the whole grille disassembly in reverse to get it back together. Again there's 4 10s across the bottom here. Then we're gonna put that body color piece back on and hit the sevens in each fender well. Four more 10s across the top. Then we're gonna put that plastic cover back on, push all those pushpins in, shut the hood and hang our grille guard.So we have the 4 10s in across the bottom and this body color piece on. We're just gonna re-secure that with that seven millimeter bolt here. And do the same thing for the other side. Now we're gonna move up top and get the 4 10s then put our plastic cover back on. And lastly, we can get all of our pushpins in place.Now we're gonna lift our grille guard in place and this thing is pretty heavy duty. I definitely recommend you guys grab a buddy for this step. I enlisted my pal, Andrew here. He's gonna help me line this up and lift it in place. Once we have it seated where we like it we're gonna get it started on the bottom with the 16 millimeter hardware and the button head bolts up top. Ready?Andrew: Yep.Joe: Here we go. Now we're gonna get all the hardware started on the other side, get this situated and lined up correctly. Then run through and tighten down all of it.Now again make sure this is aligned where you want it because we're now gonna lock in the position by tightening the bottom 16 millimeter nuts and bolts. Now for the top bolt here, this button head is going to take a five millimeter Allen key. I have mine on the impact just to speed things up. Again, there is one of those included in the kit and we got a nyloc nut on the other side. That's gonna take a 13 millimeter wrench.And that is gonna do it for my review and install of the Barricade Extreme HD Grille Guard in black fitting all '14 and '15 Silverado 1500s and '14 to '18 Sierra 1500s. Thank you for watching. I am Joe. Make sure you subscribe for more videos like this and all things Chevy and GMC.

    Product Information

    Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


    • Grille Guard
    • Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Plate and Tube
    • 48mm Diameter Middle Cross Tube
    • 1.55mm Upper Tube Wall Thickness
    • Textured Black
    • Simple Installation
    • Fits All 2014-2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 Models


    Style and Armor. The Barricade Extreme HD grille Guard - Black will protect your 2014-2015 Silverado 1500 from some road or trail debris as well as provide extra armor on the front end. Its black texture also looks stylish and matches well with any color.

    Durable Build. The Barricade Extreme HD grille Guard - Black is constructed from hot rolled carbon steel plate and tube. The tubing has a 48mm diameter middle cross tube and an upper tube with 1.5mm wall thickness.

    Tough, Stylish Design. This Barricade Extreme HD grille Guard comes in a textured black finish. That looks great, no matter the paint color of your Silverado, but also has corrosion-resistant properties to keep your grille Guard protected.

    Installation. There is no drilling required and the installation is relatively simple.

    Application. The Barricade Extreme HD grille Guard in Black fits 2014-2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 models.

    Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, no expedited methods. What is freight shipping? Your Answers are Right Here!

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