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2021 Ford F-150

This 14th Generation of Ford’s incredibly popular F-150 is a complete top-to-tail redesign of its predecessor, initially launched back in 2015. Maintaining impressive payload and towing abilities - 3,325 lbs and 14,000 lbs respectively - the 2021 F-150 now features new technology and productivity features, plus their new available 3.5L PowerBoost® Full Hybrid engine. Ford has now combined its 3.5L ecoBoost twin-turbo V6, a transmission with an integrated electric motor, and a lithium-ion battery pack that boost power by up to 44 hp (33kW). This newest F-150 features improved ride quality, stability and a pretty impressive interior upgrade with more premium materials used and additional storage throughout the cabin.

Boost Braking Power

Though this 2021 redesign offers up new impressive features, there’s almost always still ways in which any vehicle can be improved. Generally speaking, pickups can provide tricky scenarios for their off-the-lot brakes. An empty bed? They can struggle with traction. Full cargo? The truck can be harder to stop. Depending on your use case, there a number of different aftermarket brake optionsfor your F-150, but at the most basic level, always combine a quality pad with a quality rotor. Cheap pads and rotors will quickly warp and wear under the strain of regular hauling and towing. For more stopping capabilities, look to slotted or cross drilled options, and opt for semi-metallic or metallic pads. THe objective behind a cross-drilled and slotted rotor is to better dissipate heat and trapped braking gases, reducing the chance for pad fade to occur. In terms of brake pads, while metallic the harshest material against your rotor, a metallic pad will be better able handle the considerable weight of the truck and last many a mile.

Protect your Bed

One of the reasons the F-150 is a bestseller, is its towing and payload specs. Ford has also come up with new features to improve the overall hauling and towing experience on this 14th gen model: new step bars and extended-length running boards for better bed access, plus stowable ramps and the tailgate step for easier loading. Really maximize these impressive abilities with a tonneau cover. Not only will a cover keep the bed dry in wet or snowy conditions, it adds extra security and some improvements on fuel economy (keeping your bed covered can help reduce drag). Tonneau covers usually fall under three categories

  • roll-ups: on the most budget-friendly end of the spectrum, you’ll get solid weather protection using a vinyl canvas rolled over a lightweight aluminum scaffold.
  • tri-folds: these can range from cost-effective to pretty pricey, but offer multiple access points to the bed. Further, their heavier-duty underframe make them more sturdy.
  • hinged or lift-up covers: a more premium option, they are frequently pre-painted to match factory colors and use gas-charged shocks to keep them raised up and away when loading the bed.

Light it Up

With its newly designed stacked headlamps, the front end of the 2021 F-150 is already pretty distinctive, but if you’re looking to really stand out from the crowd, then consider one of the most cost-effective ways of adding a bit more personal style:lighting upgrades.The options are nigh on infinite.Light tints and trims can add a new stealthy smoked out appearance without having to actually replace the entire assembly; while tail light bezels will add a more classic, chromatic effect. Go for rock lights or spot beamsif you’re aiming for extra personality as well as improved visibility in tough off-road scenarios. A light bar can also be mounted in the bumper, in the grille or behind the grille for a more aggressive, Raptor-like appearance.

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2021 Ford F-150

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