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1999-2006 Chevy Silverado Gifts & Lifestyle

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1999-2006 Chevy Silverado Gifts & Lifestyle

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For both a working truck and one that's used for a lot of rough and tumble adventure on the back roads and trails of the huge North American continent, a good set of 1999-2006 Silverado 1500 brakes will work wonders in improving the control you have over your vehicle and its level of safety. Brakes are extremely important if you're doing a lot of towing for work or personal reasons – upgraded brakes make it lot easier to stop your truck when it's got the extra mass of a fully loaded trailer, a boat, etc. hurtling along behind it, help prevent your load from pulling your vehicle back downhill, and so on. One of the most popular and effective ways to upgrade – which includes everything you need to get going with a brake replacement in one handy package – consists of 1999-2006 Silverado 1500 big brake kits. These include both front and rear brake kits so that you can update the braking parts in whatever order you choose, or all at once. Each kit includes heavy-duty, precision manufactured brake rotors that are drilled and slotted in many cases to help refresh the pads as well as keeping the rotor surface swept clear of brake dust, water, and gases. The kits also include matching brake pads made with advanced materials such as cutting-edge ceramic compounds, and in some cases the brake calipers too, letting you set up the new braking system completely on your existing truck. If you're seeking a more modest upgrade or to mix and match an exact group of parts for your project, you can also buy components separately, such as brake rotors with none of the accompanying items. These rotors are almost all vented with curving interior vanes to ‚"pump" cool air in through the central hat, which is then whirled out the edges of the rotor, carrying heat with it and helping to buck brake fade, which could otherwise cause problems when you're braking hard and frequently during vigorous maneuvers. These rotors are made from cast iron and in some cases are zinc-plated. Zinc plating makes them far more rust resistant as well as giving them a brilliant, shining appearance that'll look particularly eye-grabbing when paired up with a good set of fancy aftermarket wheels. The features of these rotors can let them operate in some instances as much as 180 degrees cooler than stock equivalents. You can also acquire 1999-2006 brake pads for your Silverado 1500, winning the benefits of modern materials science yet again. Made from special compounds that include ceramics and other substances, these scientifically designed brake pads offer extreme bite and stopping power. At the same time, they usually operate quieter than stock pads, generate less brake dust and gases that could cause problems if they built up on the rotor surface, and self refresh when paired up with drilled and/or slotted aftermarket rotors. Brake rotor and pad kits bring the two important components together without necessarily being full ‚"big brake kits," and there are even more 1999-2006 Silverado 1500 brake parts to choose from. American Trucks stocks 1999-2006 caliper covers that let you leave the stodgy factory covers behind with sets of 4 powder-coated aluminum equivalents that lower caliper temperatures and help keep the working parts safe, dry, and free of dirt and debris. The aluminum is often billet 6061-T6, an aerospace grade that's not only immune to rust but is also very hardy and heat resistant. The hard gloss finishes include black, red, bright, clean yellow, and blue, offering a range of different colors to be seen contrasting with your truck's wheels and the shining metallic expanse of the brake rotors themselves. These caliper covers are often engraved with a word or symbol, including the Chevrolet bow-tie emblem, the world Silverado, or a set of initials from the manufacturer. Colored with a contrasting color such as white on black or red calipers, or black on yellow calipers, these engraved decorations add a bit more style to the proceedings. There's also a range of 1999-2006 Silverado 1500 brake accessories to pick from, including all the parts that won't fit neatly into another category but improve the braking system in some way. These include special performance grade brake calipers with special construction and such extras as heat-resistant rubber portions (EPDM rubber) and silicone lubricant. The majority of these brake parts are USA-made, so that every purchase comes from a company with high American standards and helps to support national industry and know-how. Combined with the high stopping power, durability, and great looks of these components, you've got a win-win situation when it comes to upgrading your Silverado 1500's braking system.


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