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2019-2023 Ram 1500 Exhaust

2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

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2019-2023 Ram 1500 Exhaust

When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck in aftermarket accessories, it's hard to beat Dodge RAM 1500 exhaust parts. That's because they deliver a little something to appeal to all five senses. Their shiny chrome or stealthy black finishes are appealing to the eye, and their roars and rumbles are like a symphony to the trained ear. And, with the right one installed on your truck, they give you that ultra-satisfying thrill when you hit the gas. At AmericanTrucks, we love that feeling too. That's why we carry an extensive selection of exhaust parts, from mid pipes and headers, to catalytic converters and tips, plus complete systems for full upgrades. Your stock exhaust is designed to appeal to the average joe just doing his regular, weekday commute. It compromises your power in exchange for a quiet ride. Our performance exhaust systems let you take off those factory shackles to unleash your truck's real potential. Single exhaust systems offer a range of benefits. They terminate in one exit, making them easier to install and often less expensive. You'll still see a marked difference in your exhaust note, fuel economy and performance, and your budget won't be busted. Dual exhaust systems, as their name implies, terminate in two tail pipes, giving them an upgraded, custom appearance. Dual systems come in two varieties: there are true dual exhausts that keep the engine banks separate and then there are axle-back or cat-back systems, which take a merged factory system and split it out to two exits. Either one will give your Dodge RAM 1500 gains in fuel economy, tone and exhaust flow, but a true dual system will provide you with the maximum in performance gains. We also stock systems in a range of materials. Aluminized steel is heat- and corrosion-resistant, and is often less expensive, while T304 stainless steel never hardens under heat and maintains its finish even in the harshest conditions. T409 stainless steel adds titanium for incredible durability and an almost insane resistance to corrosion. Most types and materials you choose will also come with an option of side or rear exit. The choice is mostly about your style, though some side exit systems may increase cab noise to a degree. In addition to complete systems, American Trucks offers individual exhaust parts to let you build your custom setup. Headers lighten your engine's workload when it comes to expelling gas, which will, in turn, increase your fuel efficiency and engine performance. Ours come in both long tube or shorty variations, and you can choose from flashy polished chrome or stainless steel, which can be painted to match your tastes. Depending on where you use your truck the most, we offer catted and off-road mid-pipes. Mid-pipes supercharge your exhaust flow, pushing it out, so your engine always has a fresh supply of oxygen-rich air. Catted pipes keep your exhaust noise down, making them more ideal for legal street use, while off-road pipes take the muzzle off for a more raspy and menacing engine tone. Most of your exhaust system will be hidden from view unless you have your friends sneak a peek at your RAM's undercarriage. That is, except for the exhaust tips. That's where you can add some personality to the proceedings. Choose tips in glossy or matte black for a murdered-out look or go with a mirror-like chrome to turn heads every time. All of them come in a variety of cuts, diameters and stylistic elements so that you can put your stamp on your rig. No custom kit would be complete without all the accessories to put it together. That's why we stock a vast array of flanges, connections, header bolts and cutout kits. You'll find oxygen sensors here, too — they'll monitor oxygen levels and tell the computer if your fuel mixture is lean or rich. Getting a complete system — or building your custom system — is guaranteed to give your 2019-2021 Dodge RAM 1500 gains in performance, fuel economy and exhaust flow. Even better, it'll let you control how much roar you want coming from your beast.


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Fitment Includes:

  • 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023 Dodge Ram 1500s
  • Limited, Laramie Longhorn, Rebel, Bighorn, Laramie and Tradesman
  • Engines: 3.6L Pentastar V6, 5.7L Hemi V8 Ram Trucks

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