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Frequently Asked Questions Top

All installation pricing assumes that the customer’s vehicle is in good condition and that if there are other mods, rust, prior accident damage, etc. then the install may not be possible.

Q: What products are eligible for installation and how will I know?

A: If a product is eligible for installation, you’ll see “add installation” above the Add to Cart button on the product’s page.


Q: Is it really a flat rate?

A: Yes! The installation of your part is paid upfront when you purchase installation with your part and won’t cost your more! Occasionally, there may be something unique to your vehicle (a previous mod or damage) that would require additional work to install your part. The shop will make you aware of this and work with you to determine if the installation is still right for your vehicle.


Q: What if I have any question, concerns, or need to speak with someone about my install?

A: Contact our service team at 866-262-5899 or email us at [email protected].

Terms and conditions governing the Recommended Install Shops services can be found at the following link for American Trucks.


Q: What if I need to change my appointment date/time?

A: Contact Recommended Install Shops at [email protected].


Q: What if the shop I selected is unavailable?

A: If preferred shop is unavailable on the installation dates you’ve selected after your order has shipped, we will work with you to select a different date or find a different shop.


Q: What do I do if the part is incorrect, missing parts or damaged?

A: Contact our customer service team at 1 (855) 419-3557.


Q: Can I wait while the part is being installed?

A: Some installers have a waiting room but most will ask you to drop your vehicle off in the morning and pick it up later in the day. But you can contact your installer to ask.


Q: What shop(s) will do the installation?

A: When you purchase installation with your product we reach out to our AmericanTrucks vetted network of shops to determine which is best to handle your install. One of the shops in your area will do the installation.


Q: I’m an installer, how do I join the Recommended Install Shops network?

A: Contact us at [email protected] and someone can assist you.


Q: Why do some products require installation?

A: Due to the complexity of installation, we require professional installation of certain products to ensure the product is installed properly and functions as expected after purchase.  These products will show "Local Shop Installation Required" on their product page.  Any orders placed for these products without professional installation included on the order will be subject to cancellation.