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BMF vs. RBP Wheels: Who Makes the Best Rims for Your Ride?

BMF Wheels F-250 Super Duty Roulette Polished 8-Lug Wheel

Picking out wheels for your truck is a big decision — the wheels you choose can make or break your rig’s appearance. When you shop for your new rims at AmericanTrucks, you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong ones for your truck. Why, you ask? Because, we only carry the best-looking, highest-quality custom wheels on the market, so you know you're getting first-rate gear. Two of our top brands of truck and SUV wheels are BMF and RBP. While both are solid options for your ride, there are notable features on both that might steer you in one direction or another.

BMF M-80 Stealth Wheels

When you trick out your truck with BMF aftermarket rims, you're not sacrificing style or strength. BMF wheels are made to handle your mean, off-roading machine with ease. If you have a lift kit on your truck, or are seeking to install one, contact the manufacturer to make sure it will work with your BMF wheels. They can advise whether or not there will be fitment issues.

Since BMF wheels have vehicle-specific designs, it's easier to find the right bolt pattern and size for your truck or SUV. BMF offers a wider selection of wheel designs than RBP, at a slightly lower price point. They have several groups of wheels, such as Novakane, Rehab, and M80, all of which are available in chrome, black, and dual-tone colors with a variety of finishes.

RBP Wheels Keep You Rolling in Style

Rolling Big Power (RBP) built its name on heavy-duty, attractive, off-roading gear. And, their custom truck wheels are no different. The perfect addition to your other RBP gear, like nerf bars, grilles and mud flaps, RBP wheels look great on any truck. No matter if you have a full RBP set-up or are just looking for a set of 20-inch rims, RBP wheels from AmericanTrucks are what you need.

As with BMF, be sure to check with your lift kit manufacturer for fitment with RBP wheels. Although they are not vehicle-specific, Rolling Big Power wheels are available in many different bolt patterns and sizes. With black, chrome, dual-color, and a variety of finishes and designs, RBP wheels always prominently display their logo — so there’s no doubt what wheels you're reppin’. Available in high-quality aluminum alloy, you get what you pay for with RBP rims.

Shop for Your New Wheels

Either way, your rig is going to look sick with your new aftermarket wheels. What ultimately matters is that they fit your truck properly, you like the way they look, and you've got the right tires to go with them. Browse our wide selection of RBP and BMF stylish, yet cheap rims for sale to find the right ones for you.