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2021 Ford Ranger

Three years into production, the 2021 Ford Ranger has proved to be a rugged and tough mid-size truck. Based on the "HiRider" chassis, the 2021 Ford Raptor makes extensive use of high-strength steel throughout its frame and body panels. The 2.3L EcoBoost turbo-four engine pushes out 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque through a 10-speed automatic. With a smaller foot-print than a full-size pickup, the 2021 Ranger is a capable work vehicle (max tow rating of 7500 lbs) but really excels off-road. Here are some tips to really get it ready for adventure.

Ranger Off-Roading Suspension

Smaller, powerful and nimble, the 2021 Ranger has amazing potential for those that love off-road adventures. It is without doubt that Ford intended the Ranger for off-road use, as they offer it with an off-road specific package called TREMOUR. In a nutshell, the TREMOUR package outfits standard 2021 Ford Ranger with:

  • Front monotube off-road shock absorbers
  • .8" lift
  • Electronically locking rear differential
  • Frame mounted underbody skid plates

Now, this OEM upgrade can easily be matched (or more likely, exceeded) through the aftermarket. In particular, the 0.8" factory lift is simply achieved by the use of different coil springs on the TREMOUR Ranger. A more appropriate lift for extensive off-road use would be a 2" lift. A lift kit like this would comprise all new shock absorbers, dampeners, front coil springs, rear leaf springs and associated hardware. This would put a 2021 Ranger somewhere in the neighborhood of 10" of ground clearance!

Getting Over Obstacles

Another great area to consider is the factory bumpers. Made from steel in order to meet North American crash safety standards, swapping out the front bumpers for an off-road oriented variety will have a few benefits. First off, approach angle and departure angle will improve, allowing your Ranger to clamber over rocks and other obstacles without getting hung up on either the front or rear bumper. Second, off-road oriented bumpers often incorporate mount points for a winch, extra accessory lighting and even recovery attach points. A full featured off-road bumper could let you mount a winch at the base, a lightbar or spot lights on top and offer a grille guard too!

Ranger Recovery Gear

You can't really consider yourself a true off-roader until you've got your Ranger stuck! Bringing along some key recovery gear will not only help pull friends out, but even yourself. It is always recommended to keep a couple recovery straps in your Ranger. When working with recovery straps, keep in mind their strength limit versus the working load. Ranger owners will want to pick a strap with a working load that is the same or above the weight of the truck (~4500 lbs). Venturing the trails on your own? A winch is a must-have if doing a lot of solo off-roading. A bumper mounted electric winch can not only pull a buddy out of trouble, but can get your own Ranger out as well without any other vehicles around. Just like recovery straps, however, 2021 Ranger winches have a working load and a load limit. Be careful not to exceed either, as you'll burn out the winch or break the cable (which could cause injury).

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2021 Ford Ranger

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