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2020 Ford Ranger

Changes to the 2020 Ford Ranger include new color options and an FX2 package. Regarding paint, gone are Ingot Silver and Pepper Red Metallic. Instead, Iconic Silver, Rapid Red and Race Red take their place. Prior, the FX4 package could only be paired with a 4x4 Ranger. Now, Ford has released an FX2 package that similarly equips 2WD Rangers for some off-road action. A locking rear differential, off-road tuned suspension and a set of all-terrain tires make up the new FX2 offering. A 2.3L EcoBoost four-banger producing a spry 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque is the only engine currently available, as is the 10-speed automatic transmission it is mated too. This combination gives the 2020 Ranger a maximum tow rating of 7500 lbs and 1860 lbs payload. 4wd 8.9 in groud clearance 2wd 8.2

Keeping the Rockers Clean

A quick, easy and useful modification to make to a 2020 Ford Ranger is adding mudflaps. Seemingly benign, a quality set of mudflaps will pay dividends in keeping the side of the truck clean alongside adding depth to the wheel wells. Universal square mud guards are available, but it is recommended to opt for a Ranger-specific set. Fitting mudflaps are design to follow the contours of the cab and fender well, and most of the time make use of pre-existing body holes in order to be mounted (thus no drilling necessary). Most aftermarket mudflaps fitting 2020 Rangers are a rigid design, made using thermoplastic. This type of material is a good choice given the environment it will live in - water, mud, dirt and salt (during winter) - as thermoplastic cannot rust or corrode. It's lightweight structure is rigid, lightweight and resilient against small impacts with stones thrown from the tire, nor will it be blown up and back like a flexible rubber mudflap when driving at highway speeds.

Improved Differential Integrity

The 2020 Ranger has 8.9" of ground clearance for 4x4 models and 8.2" for 2x4 models, making this mid-size pickup a highly capable off-road machine. For those 2020 Ranger owners that do like to hit the trails, a new differential cover can boost the integrity of the rear diff and give it some added style. The factory differential cover is a stamped steel unit. The issue with this, however, is that it is thin and easy to puncture should the Ranger get hung up on an obstacle, making it not particularly ideal for an off-road enthusiast. Aftermarket differential covers come in a range of materials and designs to thwart this and give better protection to the differential in an off-road situation.

  • Stamped steel: As discussed, stamped steel covers are thin and inexpensive. However, their low structural integrity make them suited to on-road duties.
  • Aluminum: Cast aluminum is a common material for aftermarket differential covers. Thick flanges and backings make them stronger than their stamped steel counterparts. Further, aluminum has much greater heat dissipation properties, thereby helping to keep the differential gear oil cooler. One downside, however, is thermal expansion. Aluminum expands a much greater amount than steel or iron, and when mated to a dissimilar metal, this difference in expansion rate can cause stress on the gasket in between the two surfaces.
  • Nodular iron: The heaviest of the three, nodular iron is the most expensive option out there. A heavy-duty version of cast iron, these covers may incorporate ribs to give them further reinforcement. Heat dissipation is not as good as aluminum, however they are much more resistant to cracking from impact.

Another factor to consider when selecting an aftermarket differential cover is the ability to drain and refill the fluid. Some companies incorporate a fill plug (as well as a drain plug) which makes refilling and checking the oil level significantly easier. Recessed head bolts can be important too, as then they are protected from trail obstacles by the flange.

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2020 Ford Ranger

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