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2018 Ford F250

Ford remained relatively quiet in regards to changes and updates to the 2018 F250 pickup truck. The only real new attribute brought to the lineup is the introduction of a Limited model. Sold as the top of the line model, the Limited boasts nearly all of the available standard features and mixes in a premium leather interior targeted at the luxury market. Otherwise, the XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum editions return to complete the lineup. Power packages are the same as before - a 6.2L 385 horsepower V8 serves as the base engine, with a larger 6.7L turbo-diesel is an available upgrade. The bigger diesel puts out a very healthy 450 horsepower and 925 lb-ft of torque (routed through a TorqShift-G 6-speed automatic), allowing a properly configured 2018 F250 to tow up to 32,500 lbs.

Jacked Up Truck

Lifting a 2018 F250 is a staple mod that not only improves off-road ability and fits bigger tires, but looks out right cool too. With a myriad of different lift kits available for this heavy-duty truck, there are two different types of lifts to consider: a body lift and a suspension lift. A body lift is accomplished by using blocks and spacers at the coil springs and leaf springs, pushing the body of the truck up higher without actually changing any of the suspension travel or geometry. These systems generally offer 1-3" of additional lift and subsequent ground clearance. As mentioned, however, they do not change the characteristics of the suspension, keeping the factory travel length and articulation. 2018 F250 block and spacer lift systems are ideal for those that want additional ground clearance and wheel well space to stuff a larger tire (can fit 33-35" tires, depending on manufacturer) and do so without spending a lot of cash. A suspension lift is a more complete system that utilizes revised suspension, steering and drive train components (possibly alongside some spacers) to drastically increase the capability of the suspension and augment the truck's ground clearance. Suspension kits can offer as little as 2" of lift but go all the way to 6-8". At this level, all new shocks, springs, control & drag arms are used to really jack the truck up. Being the more expensive way to lift an F250, owners can expect improved suspension travel and articulation alongside the added ground clearance. Many of these bigger lift kits can accommodate a tire as big as 37".

Tonneau and Bed Covers

Another classic addition, a tonneau cover is one accessory that all 2018 F250 trucks could make use of. What good is the bed if you can't use it because of the risk of weather getting your gear wet? That said, a bed cover provides a sleek means of securing away cargo in the bed from both bad weather and prying eyes. Traditionally, bed covers were a fiberglass cap, painted to match, that sat atop the bed rails and lifted up from the rear with the use of gas-assisting shocks. While certainly still available, the aftermarket has moved on to a more modern and versatile approach. A folding tonneau cover is an excellent example of a more versatile unit. These covers feature two or three hinges partitions. Once installed, the outer partitions (as well as the second and third) can be lifted separate of the others, allowing easy access to a certain section of the box. Some are constructed with an underlying metal frame and use a material cover, whereas the more robust versions use a heavier frame and some sort of backing board underneath the exterior canvas. This second type can often be rated to hold several hundred pounds atop the cover and can therefor have cargo below in the bed and on top of the cover. A second more popular design these days is the roll up tonneau cover. The range of roll-up covers is wide. At the entry level would be a nearly frameless cover that unfurls a heavy canvas from the front of the box to the tailgate, locking in at the back. A low profile style of this cover would actually unroll or slide along the inside edge of the bed rail, providing a flush look with the top of the box. Alternatively, for those that want something really heavy duty, metal slatted roll up covers would fit the bill. The most expensive, these covers use flexible, interlocking slats to unroll across and uncover the bed. Very sturdy and secure, this style of tonneau cover can even feature an electric housing that rolls and unrolls the cover through a remote control.

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