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ZAutomotive Tazer DT Programmer (19-23 RAM 1500)

Item R113938
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      Video Review & Installation

      Jake here for American Trucks. And today I'm taking a look at the ZAutomotive Tazer DT Programmer, for 2019 and newer Ram 1500s. Modern trucks are heavily controlled by computers, which can add complexity, but it also adds flexibility and the ability to tune and modify parameters within those computers, to customize how your truck behaves. This tazer programmer from ZAutomotive packs a powerful punch in a really small package, for a small price. And it gives you all kinds of flexibility to modify how you interact with your truck. And it even gives you the provision to make changes for larger wheels and tires. Now, we see a lot of different modules out there that are made for different vehicles, and have a couple of functions or even one specific function. But this tazer programmer goes far beyond most others. Now, I would like to emphasize at the onset here, that this is not a tuning module. So it's not going to increase the output or overall power of your engine. Rather, this is going to allow you to make changes to the vehicle's computers and customize how the truck behaves, and how you interact with it.Now, I'm not going to be able to cover everything that this little module allows you to do, but some of the highlights are, the ability to change the computer to accept a new gear ratio in the rear end, or within the transfer case. You can adjust the speedometer or odometer calibration to accommodate for larger wheels and tires. You can roll your windows down with your key fob. Your mirrors can automatically fold, or unfold, or even extend when you start the truck. You get a light show for parades, for first responder duty, or even just a few custom ones of those for fun. There's also programs built in for driving modes, such as a line lock, a winch mode that's going to raise your idle RPM for running a winch, or jump starting another vehicle. And even a rock crawl mode for some serious off-roading. You also get a performance timer function, and you can set up things like traction control, change your TPMS settings, or configure your fog lights to stay on with your high beams.Now, I can go on, and on, and on, and list off all the things that this little guy can do. But this video would be way too long, and you're not going to want to watch all that. So I'd strongly encourage you to check out the website and see all the functions there. We have a pretty complete list for you. Now, this is a really cool little module. And you don't even need to have anything additional tacked onto your dash to get all these features. This is going to allow you to make all those changes I just mentioned, and then some, through your truck's screws and menus. Everything is accessible, no muss, no fuss. Everything is right there and really well integrated.Pricing for this unit is going to come in around $350. And for what you are physically getting here, that might sound like a lot. But the capability here belies the size and even that price. You're going to get access to a ton of different settings and features. Each of which might require a dealer visit and programming separately. And I'd be willing to bet that just one of those dealer visits is going to cost you more than this. And you won't have the flexibility you have here. If you want to change or turn something off, you can do this on your own, no trip to the shop necessary. And you're getting access to things that shops may not even want or be able to program in for you. So if you want to make the most out of your truck, in my book, this is an excellent choice.Now, installation here is going to get a one out of three on our difficulty meter. And this should only take you about 10 minutes, since it's just a matter of plugging into cables. You're just going to unplug them from under your dash, plug these back in. You do get a USB cable included in the box, if you want to make updates. You can do that on your computer. And there's a little micro-USB slot right here too. In fact, you're probably going to spend a lot more time messing around with settings than you will physically installing this unit. However, just keep in mind that if you need to remove this for any reason, you are going to have to do a full reboot to return to your factory settings. However, that's a simple process that doesn't require any tools. And ZAutomotive provides you with instructions on how to do that too. And now, let's head over to the install bay and we'll show you what's involved.Hey, everybody. Today we're going to be showing you how to install this tazer programmer from ZAutomotive, on our 2019 Ram. So we're going to go ahead and install this, and then we're going to demonstrate the functions. To install the tazer, we're going to have to go up here into the footwell. There's a module up on the left-hand side, kind of behind this area. And we're not going to be able to see with the camera, but there are two plugs. I've gone ahead and loosened them already. They're just your standard type of automotive connectors. So you're going to push the little tab in, pull it out, and do the same thing on the other one. And then we'll come down. And they're going to look a little something like this. So you're gonna have a small one and a large one. Once you've got those out and you can see where you're going, you're going to see that these correspond to a certain side of the tazer module itself. So the big one goes over here, the small one goes over here. And just get them both in, they clicked, and the light will go on.Once you've got that in, you can leave this in. We're going to leave it in for our demonstration purposes. And ZAutomotive says that you can leave this in, unless you're going to be going to a dealer, at which point they would recommend unmarrying it, taking it out. But for the live functions, so things that you can change while we are driving the car, you're going to want to leave this in. So you can secure this up with a zip tie if you want to put this out of the way. We're just going to kind of set this up and out of our way, so you don't even see it. And then we'll go ahead and demonstrate the functions. Now that we have the module installed, we can start demonstrating the functions. The first thing we're going to do is turn the truck to the run position. Once everything has booted up here, we're not going to start the truck just yet. Instead, we're going to go through and marry this to the truck so we can access all the functions.So using the arrow keys on the left-hand side of the wheel, we're going to scroll through. We need this to be on the audio setting. You can see that light show has already come up. Now, to get to the different parts of the menu, we're going to hold the left arrow here. And using the cruise control cancel button, this is going to go through. And I'll show you all the different functions that we can access from here. The first thing we have to get to is the marry function. All right, once we've gotten there, we're going to continue to hold that left arrow on the left-hand side of the wheel. And we're going to use the cruise control on button to go into that menu. We're going to wait for that countdown to go through, don't touch anything else. Once that reaches zero, the programmer will be married to the truck and we'll be able to access all the functions. You can see on the screen it says that it's married to it.Now that we have the tazer programmer married to the truck, we can go ahead and access some of the additional sub-menus. So without turning the truck on, we're just going to put this in the run position, just like we did before. And once everything boots up, we'll be able to show you some of these other sub-menus that we have here. All right, again, we're going to need to scroll down to the audio display here. And you'll see it comes right up to light show. Now, we'll demonstrate that one later, but the same thing applies holding that left arrow here on the steering wheel, pressing the cruise control on button, will cycle through the light shows. And there are several of them that we have here. Keeping that left button pressed again, just like before, pressing the cancel button will have us go through. You can read the diagnostic trouble code. So if you happen to have a check engine light, you can read and access that information there.You can clear those diagnostic trouble codes too. Now, you may also notice our display has a couple of letters that are interjecting here. That is normal because it is also pulling from the audio display, that in this case is saying media off. Going through the next one, now we have this option to unmarry. If we're going to pull this module out, say if you need to take the truck in for service at the dealership. The ZAutomotive does recommend unmarrying it and removing the module from the car. The module itself will store your preferences. So if you plug it back in, remarry it to the truck, it will bring back your preferences too. Next we have our performance pages. So, again, if we keep that left arrow pressed, and hit the cruise control on button, this will take us in. And the first thing we'll be able to select is the tire size. So, if you press the cruise control up or down button, it will change the tire size. We're not changing ours because it is the same.Going to the next screen, this will allow you to change the gear ratio. So if you've changed the gear ratio in the rear end of the truck, you can change that here as well, again, using the up and down button on the cruise control side of the wheel. Pressing cancel again takes us to the gear ratio for four low. So if you're changing this, you can adjust that here as well. Again, we're not going to change that right now because we haven't made any of these changes to our truck. Next menu is the tire pressure monitoring system. So you can go in here, pressing that cruise control button takes you in. You can turn this on or off, and then you can also set the pressures for the front and rear. So ours, again, is set to the stock 36 PSI for the front, and 36 PSI for the rear, but you can change this up and down as well. Now, again, you might see that error come up, cruise control not available. That is just because the truck is off. So don't worry about that. Just take your time going through this menu, you'll be able to see everything.Going into your radio settings here, the first one is the camera enable button. So if you're going to have a rear-view camera, or you're going to enable a different camera, you have that available as well. So if your truck didn't come with a rear-view camera, this is where you would access that to turn it on in the programming and have it come up on the screen. Next one is cargo camera. So if you're going to have a separate camera for the cargo area, you can activate that here as well. That may require an additional adapter, just as an FYI. So if you're going to do that, you may want to get an additional adapter. ZAutomotive does have one available. This next one is setting the DVD or CD. This is going to allow you to access the CD input for the radio or use it as an AUX input. So if you're going to change that out, you can do that here as well. And then we have travel link as well. So if you're using satellite radio, this is excellent because this will be able to turn on or off the traffic updates and the weather pop-ups as well.Next one is our lighting. So our lighting sub-menu here, if we go into this, you can change the daytime running light setting. So you have none, you have Canada, which is always on, USA, which is toggleable right there. And you also have auth, too. Going to this next one, you have DRL location. So this is going to allow you to choose which lights you use as daytime running lights. So you have the option for the regular daytime running lights, turn signals, and/or the low beams. So you can do those right there. Next is your DRL drop off. So this is going to be if you activate the turn signal, the daytime running light on that side of the truck will turn off. When the turn signal is deactivated, that light will turn back on. Next is your fog lights. If your truck has fog lights equipped already, this is going to be a yes. If you're adding them later, this is where you would go to activate them so you can use the same switch. So if you changed out the headlight switch, you'd be able to activate the fog lights using that.Next is the fog drop off. This is going to be default set to yes. So if you activate your high beams here, your fog lights will automatically go off. You can turn this off, which means that the fog lights will stay on if you activate your high beams. One touch is going to be for your turn signals. So if you just click this down once, if it doesn't go all the way down, this will flash the turn signal a number of times for a lane change maneuver. Then you also have the halo enabled. So if you're adding halo lights to the front end of the truck, you can activate them here so they will come on as part of your daytime running lights. And then you have your LED center mounted high stop light. So if you're going to change out the stop light to an LED, the one that's above the bed and the back of the truck, you can activate that here. Again, LED fog. So if you want to add LED fog lights, our truck does not have them, so this is going to come on as a no. But you can add them later, hit yes, and it will have everything working properly.And the same thing here for LED tail lights. So if you decide to swap out to LED tail lights, you can come in here and add this. Again, these settings are nice because that means it's not going to require a trip to the dealer to activate these different modifications that you might add later on. And then again, LED turn signals here for the front. And then this setting is for the Mopar trailer towing kit. So our truck is equipped with this and ready to go. If yours doesn't have it and you want to activate it later, you can do that right here. Next is our off-road submenu. And these are going to be things that you may not use very often, but it's still nice to be able to access them. Again, pressing that cruise control on setting will take you into the menu. This EP steer setting is used if you're going to delete the factory electronic steering pump, and swap in a hydraulic pump. Most people are not going to be doing this. But again, it's nice to have the functionality here.Next setting is for the locking differentials. So if your truck does not have factory locking differentials, like ours does not, this is going to be off by default. If you want to add them later, you can activate them here as well. And again, you can deactivate them if you needed to at a later date as well. And this will give you the option to deactivate front, the rear, or both. Our next menu is our mirror sub-menu. This has the power folding settings, so you are able to add power folding mirrors. Our truck happens to have them equipped. But if you, again, are going to add them later, you'll be able to use the factory button to fold them in. This is going to be for your turn signals on the mirror. So if you're adding mirrors that have turn signals integrated later, you'll be able to activate this right here as well. So that means when you activate your turn signals from the stock, it's going to flash on the mirror in unison with the lights on the front and rear of the truck.This setting here, mirror tow, is going to activate newly added mirror lights. And then the last one in here is mirror approach. So this setting is going to be for adding approach lights on the mirror. So our truck already has them activated here. But if you want to add mirrors in that have puddle lights or something like that, you can activate them here as well. So when you unlock the truck, those will come on. When you set the CS, this configures the vehicle for the aux button package. So if you're going to have an auxiliary input, you can have that here as well. This one is for blind spot monitoring. So, again, if you're going to add that system later, or if you want to deactivate it if your truck already has it, if it's something that you find not useful, you can turn that off right here. This setting is for the powered side steps. So if you want to add those power running boards layer on the truck, the Mopar ones specifically, you can activate them right here. So when you unlock the truck or open the door, the steps will deploy.Next is for a trailer braking system. So if you want to add a trailer brake, if you're going to be pulling a lot, I highly recommend adding a trailer braking system into the truck. You can add that right in here as well and have the truck be set up for it. This is for your seat belt ding. So if you want to turn off that seat belt ding, you can change that right here. This is for the splash, so this is the background for the screen here. So you can choose the cluster splash screen here, and there are a bunch of choices. Some of these may not work with every truck, but you'll definitely have some different options. So if you want to personalize the dashboard, this is where you're going to do that. For your panic button setting here, if you have this activated as yes, which is the default, the panic button on the key fob is going to sound the alarm on the truck. You can turn this off, so that will deactivate that button on the key fob.Next we have our tire fill setting. So by accessing this setting, you can change the triggering for the lights. So this will help indicate whether or not your tires are filled properly. So if the lights flash slowly in this setting, that means that the tires are under-filled. If they flash quickly, that means they're overfilled. And if the lights stay on, that means that the tire is filled properly. So we'll do this for each corresponding corner of the truck. So your left front turn signal light will correspond to your left front wheel, and so on and so forth. So you can, again, set that pressure here to whatever it's going to be. So if you're going to be filling it up or if you have to air up or air down, this is a really easy way for you to check the pressures of the tire without either using a gauge, or coming back into the truck and seeing what the system itself has to say.Next we have dark mode. Setting this to on is going to turn off all the vehicle lights. And if you go to the next menu item, or if you press screen off, or drive over five miles an hour, that's going to cancel this out. Next we have video input. So if you happen to have an additional video input for cameras or things like that, you can access and toggle that right here. Next is your zero to 30 timer, which is exactly what it sounds. It's just a quick timer for a zero mile an hour to 30 mile an hour sprint, and there's also a zero to 60 mile an hour timer here as well. So the vehicle will have to be stopped for either of those. And as soon as it starts moving, the display is going to change to go to whatever the mile per hour is, either 30 or 60, and the timer is going to automatically start. And once you reach whatever speed it is, either 30 or 60 miles an hour, the time that it's taken will be displayed right here on the screen. And then we have our light show, and you can just cycle back through.Now, the other thing to note about this is that, these settings that we have right now that are being displayed, these are only going to change if the truck is on and that module is plugged in. The settings we were showing you earlier, they will remain whether or not you have the module plugged in. And you can only change them with the vehicle off. So it's important to make sure you know which ones you're going to change, which ones you want to change while you're driving the vehicle. And again, if the truck needs to go in for service, ZAutomotive does recommend unplugging this, unmarrying it, and taking it out of the truck just so that it doesn't mess with any of your computer systems.Before we go out there, we're going to show you again how to toggle through the different light shows. There are six of these pre-programmed in. So, again, same as before, holding that left arrow. When it says lights show up there, we're going to press the cruise control on button. And this is going to toggle us through the different light shows. So you can leave this on, let it go, and it'll just run through the light show. So in addition to activating those light shows that we were just showing you inside of the truck using the steering wheel controls, you also have the option to do it using your key fob. So there's a sequence of buttons that you can press on here that will turn the light show on. You can cycle through the next one and you can also turn it off. So that sequence is unlock, unlock, lock. Unlock. Give it a second, and it's going to flash through. Pressing unlock while it's already in light show mode will cycle to the next one. Again, you can cycle to the next one. And then to turn it, off just press the lock button.That's going to wrap it up for our review and install of the ZAutomotive Tazer DT Programmer, for 2019 and newer Ram 1500s. Thanks so much for watching. And remember, for all things Ram, be sure to keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Simple-to-Use Tazer DT Programmer
      • Adjusts Vehicle’s Features
      • Enable or Disable Certain Electronic Functions
      • Features Can Be Controlled Via the Key Fob or In-Dash Display
      • Simple Installation and Set Up
      • Guaranteed by a 90-Day Manufacturer Warranty
      • Fits 2019-2023 RAM 1500 Models


      Take Full Control. Take full control of your RAM's electronic functions with the Tazer Programmer. The Tazer gives you full access to your vehicle’s electronic features, so you can customize their functions and performance according to your specific needs. In addition, you can also enable or disable certain security functions - its sensors, and lights. The Tazer Programmer puts your RAM’s performance right at your fingertips.

      Tazer Features. The Tazer features can be broken into two categories Vehicle Settings and Live Functions. Vehicle Settings are changes that can be made to accommodate modifications made to the vehicle or to enable or “unlock” features that technically exist but are disabled by the factory, normally reserved for a higher trim level or package for that vehicle type. These changes will continue to operate after the Tazer RAM is unplugged. Live Functions are functions the Tazer RAM performs live, only while plugged in to the OBD2 port.

      Vehicle Settings:

      • Calibrate speedometer for non-factory tire sizes
      • Configure vehicle for gear ratio changes
      • Disable Tire Pressure Monitoring System warnings, or modify PSI settings*
      • Enable/disable Daytime Running Lights and the user can select lights to use (application dependent)
      • Enable the addition of factory fog lights
      • Support LED lights
      • Disable Fog Light Dropout (allowing hi and low beams and fog lights on simultaneously)
      • Enable the addition of factory backup camera and aftermarket front camera*
      • Disable SiriusXM Travellink traffic and weather warnings
      • Enable aux video/audio for front camera and/or external video source
      • Enable factory aux buttons, support addition of power-folding mirrors, and more
      • One-touch return-to-stock – Quick “unmarry” function returns all vehicle settings back to stock. No need to remember or write down original settings when returning to stock before dealer service.

      Live Functions:

      • AutoFold – Can automatically extend and retract power folding mirrors when vehicle is turned on and off
      • Windows from keyfob – can open and close front door power windows from the keyfob
      • Line Lock – Uses ABS solenoids to lock the front wheels for burnouts at the track or just for fun
      • Can enable in-motion navigation address entry
      • Light Show mode – 6 preset and 3 make-your-own Light shows that flashes all the exterior lights, perfect for car shows. Control from Key Fob or steering wheel buttons. Can be enabled for in-motion use for parades, off-road and legal police/EMS.
      • Cooldown mode: Turn engine fans on demand when the ignition is on, engine not running – good for the staging lanes at the track or after a run in the trails.
      • Winch Mode: temporarily raise engine idle to 2000 RPM when winching or jump starting another vehicle.
      • Spoof4Lo: raises idle and shift points, and allows use of lockers and sway bar disconnect in any transfer case mode on Power Wagons
      • Clear CELs – reset that pesky check engine light. Good when you have mods that set the light and you know exactly why.
      • Fully disable ESP/Traction Control by pressing and holding ESP button
      • 0 to 30 and 0 to 60 Timers – Displays 0-30 or 0-60 times on EVIC display
      • Firmware updates – new firmware is available periodically, always free and posted to the Z Automotive website. Use ZPU programming utility, also on the website, to load the firmware.

      *tire psi setting requires dealer trip, so the vehicle can recognize the change. Disabling TPMS system altogether and turning off the warning symbol does NOT require the dealer.

      Guaranteed by a 90-Day Warranty. ZAutomotive guarantees the Tazer Programmer with a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the purchase date. Some exclusions may apply see manufacturers website for complete details.

      Application. This ZAutomotive Tazer DT Programmer is designed for use with 2019-2023 RAM 1500 models.


      ZAutomotive Z_TZR_DT

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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