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Haul more and store oversized objects with confidence with help from one of our truck bed extender products. A truck bed extender increases the length of your truck bed to enable you to store objects that are two feet or more longer. We offer a few different types of extenders, but each one is built from tough steel framing that's built to support hundreds of pounds of cargo. Our first bed extender is a unique frame that sits up within the bed of your truck itself and expands it out further back behind the tailgate itself for increased storage space. This storage solution can be installed on your pickup truck if you regularly need to get objects slightly longer into the back of your truck, and it's simple to make use of. The second type of extender that we have available makes use of your truck's hitch. This extender sits right in a receiver hitch, and creates a small lifted platform that you can set long objects on to make sure they are securely held up in position. The lifted platform can come out several feet and offers the biggest expansion to storage space for your pickup truck. This method also has the benefit of not putting any strain on your truck's tailgate, making sure that it lasts longer and that you get the most performance over time out of your pickup truck as a result. When you need to haul heavy equipment and oversized objects, add on a bed extender so that you can create the space that you need to secure larger objects effectively.

Truck Bed Extenders