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How to Install S & B Cold Air Intake w/ Oiled Cleanable Cotton Filter (07-08 4.8L Sierra 1500) on your GMC Sierra

Tools Required
  • 10mm Wrench & Socket
  • 5/16” Nut Driver or Flat Blade Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Pliers or Channel locks
American Muscle
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Kit may not fit with the following Aftermarket Parts installed:
• Body Lift or Lowering Kit
• Custom Hood
• Throttle Body Spacer/ Upgrade

Before You Start

• Please read the entire product guide before proceeding.
• Ensure all components listed on page 4 are present.
• If you are missing any of the components, call our customer support at (909) 947-0015.
• Do not work on your vehicle while engine is hot.
• Make sure the engine is turned off and the vehicle is in Park or the Parking Brake is set.

1.With the ignition switched off, place vehicle in Park and or set Parking Brake. Then disconnect both negative battery cable.

2. Pull up and out to remove the engine cover from the vehicle.

3. Disconnect the electrical connection to the MAF sensor at the OE air box.

4.Pull the crankcase breather line from the OE intake tube and from the engine and remove.

5. Pry the OE plastic radiator hose binder from the intake tube .

6. Loosen the hose clamp at the throttle body and at the MAF sensor, remove the OE intake tube from the engine.

7. Slide the OE air box towards the engine while pulling up, to remove from vehicle.

8. Loosen the hose clamp on the OE air box and remove the MAF sensor. Note: Direction of arrow with regards to flow.

9. Place the S&B filter (D) inside the S&B air box (H), then attach the filter adapter (I) to the box using the 5/16 screws (J).

10. Place the S&B straight adapter (L) over the filter adapter (I) and secure the #60 hose clamp (K) also secure the #80 hose clamp (E) on the filter.

11. Remove the OE bolt located on top of the core support between the fender and hood bumper, Install the S&B air box (H) align prongs to OE grommets and secure the box using the Tapered Allen Head Bolt (F) & Thin SS washer (G) supplied.

12. Attach the MAF sensor to the S&B filter adapter (I), secure with #60 hose clamp (K). Note: Direction of the air flow.

13. Place the S&B hump adapter (M) over the S&B tube (O), slide on until rib on tube is captured by the groove in the adapter. Then secure with #60 hose clamp (K).

14. Install the S&B step adapter (P) to S&B tube (O) as shown, secure the #72 hose clamp (R).

15.Install the S&B tube (O). Place the hump adapter end over the MAF and secure the #60 hose clamp. Then place the other end with the step adapter (P) over the throttle body and secure the #64 hose clamp (S).

16. Reconnect the MAF sensor electrical connection.

17. Install the 3/8” crankcase vent hose (Q) from the engine over the radiator hose to the S&B Intake tube (O), secure both ends with the #4 hose clamps (N).

18. Install the S&B clear lid (C), secure with 10/24 screws (A) and sealing washers (B). Do not over tighten.

19. Reconnect the battery. Inspect your installation, make sure kit is properly positioned and all fasteners are secure.

20. Adhere the C.A.R.B. exemption sticker in plain sight under the hood.

Performance Testing

• Engage parking brake and start your engine. Listen for abnormal noises. If an air leak is detected, re-inspect hoses and connections as they may need to be repositioned and tightened. 

• S&B FILTERS recommends that you keep your OE intake system in the event it is required in the future. 

• In order to maintain your warranty, all connections and components must be checked periodically for alignment and for proper tension on all connections. Failure to do so may void your warranty. 

• Use only S&B FILTERS cleaning and oil products to service your filter. Using any other brand oil and or cleaners on your S&B air filter may void your warranty.


If your vehicle has a Vehicle Emission Control Information decal affixed to the factory airbox, a new replacement label must be obtained and installed in a readily visible position in the engine compartment in order to remain CARB compliant. Failure to do so will prevent the vehicle from passing a smog check. Replacement labels can be ordered from your local dealership. Regulations state that the VECI label shall not be affixed to any equipment which is easily detached from the vehicle. Label placement, under the hood on a painted surface is recommended.


The California Air Resource Board (CARB) requires that an E.O. identification label be applied to the vehicle in order to pass a smog check inspection when a Performance Intake Kit has been installed. You must place the E.O. label provided on or near the intake kit after installation so that a smog check technician can easily verify the E.O. number. As of April 2009, S&B has never had a product where CARB denied an exemption request; however, the exemption process with CARB can take as long as 18 months. Check the status of the exemption process by looking up a specific part number at The CARB Exemption number and/or status is listed under the Product Details section for each part number. If the status shows as “Pending,” CARB has yet to issue an exemption. Products that have not been issued an EO number are street legal in most states, but may not be used on emission controlled vehicles in the state of California and are for off road use only. If you purchased your kit from S&B Filters directly, we will automatically mail you your Exemption Sticker when it is issued to us. If you purchased your kit from an authorized S&B Filters Dealer, log onto our web site and register to receive your Exemption Sticker.


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