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Justin B's Black Crystal '19 Ram 1500

This is my first time ever owning a truck, and will never go back to a car. Spent the last year looking over every truck on the market before I settled on Ram being the way to go. First time I test drove this thing instantly fell in love with this truck. Stock for now, unless I trade it in at the end of the lease will be putting a Sprintex supercharger on it.

Justin B's

Justin B's

Customer Service Specialist

My history with cars starts with my Dad. His idea of a family car with a black 1974 Z28 Camaro, or a Chevelle. He was an auto mechanic just about all of his life, and I grew up with the smell of old grease, oil and gas growing up. Still to this day nothing smell like home more so then an old garage. Though not a great history with owing cars, I inherited his love of things that were louder then was sensible and twice as fast.