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Ford F-150: Engine Bay Dress Up Guide

Ford F-150: Engine Bay Dress Up Guide

There’s no doubt about it—late model F-150’s are absolutely gorgeous trucks. Everything about them is attractive on the outside and interior, and it’s no surprise that they are America’s number one selling trucks since 1981. One look from front to back, especially on a 2004-2017 F-150, and it’s tough to find any details that are an eyesore—except when you pop the hood. Ford does an excellent job at dressing up the engine compartment, but some might find it lacking a bit of flair. Not to worry; the aftermarket has heard these enthusiasts loud and clear, and offers products that will seriously dress up your 2004-2017 Ford F-150’s engine bay.

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Ford F-150 dress-up accessories are gratifying for the improved appearance and improved performance in some cases. It’s all about personalization, which equates to fun and one of the reasons we put so much time into our Ford F-150s.

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F-150 Coil Covers

Back in the old days, a trick set of valve covers was something every hot-rodder had to have. Let’s face it; all the real goodies were inside the engine, or other style enhancers would take a few seconds to realize. 

Today’s F-150s have coils atop the valve covers, which kind of defeats the purpose of using a shiny set of aftermarket valve covers. So what’s there to do? Luckily some seriously sharp coil covers are available to give you the look you’re after. The best part is they are super easy to install and are inexpensive. 


Red Coil Covers

Cold Air Intakes

F-150 engine compartments are packed with all sorts of black. Whether low gloss or flat black,  it’s pretty lifeless in there. With that being said, the right componentry is sure to add some style and give the engine bay a little more spark. 

Upgrading to a cold air intake doubles the benefits for one price. Cold air intakes usually replace the entire factory intake system, and can add some flair to the engine bay when properly selected. This is one of the times when it’s beneficial to have such a popular truck like the F-150 because it is well supported by the aftermarket industry.

Keep in mind that this is a performance mod and can cost a bit more coin in comparison to other types of upgrades. Due to garnering both performance and good looks, it’s certainly well worth the cost. 


Cold Air Intake

Throttle Body Spacers

Pairing a cold air intake with a throttle body spacer is another proverbial double whammy. Spacers insert onto the throttle body, and provide a bit more intake volume, upping performance gains. And due to the finished available, they will also liven up the engine bay. They don’t cost as much as a cold air intake, but are a little more pricey than other modifications. 

Throttle Body Spacer

F-150 Wiring and Hoses

Wiring can be a painful sight.  Though Ford routes its F-150 wiring cleanly in comparison to other OEMs,  this area can use some attention. Wire looms are not a new-age game changer; you can probably find them on the Flintstones car. They are super easy to install and very affordable. Best of all, they provide that clean look most owners crave.

Hoses and lines also can be a bit on the ugly side. But like wiring, these elements can be addressed inexpensively with some plastic- or braided-hose covering. Besides providing a clean look, hose and line upgrades also add to a high-performance touch to your F-150.


Exhaust Headers 

Exhaust headers are on the more extreme end of engine dress up, but like cold-air intakes, they provide added performance. Exhaust headers are available in multiple finishes to match the true personality of your Ford F-150. For the performance they are worth it alone; but the muscular looks are as equally impressive. 

Long Tube Headers

F-150 Dress Up: Other Places to look at

When peering into your Ford F-150’s engine bay, you’re sure to see other dull areas. Overflow tanks, AC filler caps and fan shrouds are generally dull in design, and are easy to replace. Don’t worry; aftermarket suppliers provide many different options.
Underhood lights can be easily swapped out as well. Many colors of LEDs are available, providing additional personality to your engine bay. If you’re really into the idea of custom lighting, and have some extra time, you can run LED lights all over the engine compartment. These types of mods range from a couple of dollars to a couple of hundred, and their installations can be quite complex. 

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