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Diablosport Trinity 2 Platinum Tuner and PCM Swap Kit (15-17 5.7L RAM 1500)

Item R110441
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      Video Review & Installation

      Justin: If you're looking to tune and further modify your 2015 through 2017 5.7 RAM at home, well, then going with DiabloSport's Trinity 2 Platinum Tuner and PCM Swap will be a great way to unlock your truck's full potential. Now the Trinity will come preloaded with some pre-configured tunes, but will also support up to five custom tunes available separately. Now the DiabloSport package will include the Trinity 2 tuner, which will be loaded with features along with an easy-to-read digital display and can be used as a performance meter, which is pretty cool to boot. Now price point for the tuner and unlock PCM will live in that mid to high $800 range, and is not CARB-certified currently at this time. So if you're watching this video, then chances are you are already all too familiar with the fact that tuning your modern Hemi is not the easiest thing to do, thanks to that locked factory PCM. So if your goal is to add more power to your truck through maybe bolt-ons or even forced induction, you'll typically have to either go with a piggyback option, which is available here on the site, or a complete PCM replacement and tuner combo such as the DiabloSport that we have here today.Now the DiabloSport package is kind of a two-part deal, guys. So let's break down the first and most exciting part, in my opinion, and that is the Trinity 2 Platinum Tuner that we have right here. Now, the Trinity might just be one of the more attractive color displays in the category, in my humble opinion, and is capable of so much more than just holding and uploading your either canned or a custom tune. For starters, it can display all kinds of data in real-time, in fact, up to 24 different items at one time, thanks to the different user-configurable layouts. Now this includes things like air-fuel ratio, RPM, coolant temperature, intake air temp, fuel trims, and so much more in both analog-style gauges or even digital-style readouts in both red or blue color themes. Now on top of displaying all of this info, guys, the Trinity can also datalog on the fly, can also read and clear those trouble codes, and disable that active fuel management, and even more.Now one feature I do really like about the Trinity along with the ability to tune, of course, is that it can also act as a throttle control device, which has really been all the rage lately here on the site and in the truck category. Now, if you're not familiar with what a throttle control device does, basically, they just crank the throttle sensitivity to take some of the lag out of your drive-by-wire system, and it's a great way to just improve the day-to-day feel of the truck.But getting back to some other key features here, guys, with the DiabloSport, again we talked about reading and clearing check engine lights. That's always a biggie because you don't have to rent a scanner. You don't have to take your truck to the dealer to find out what is wrong. You can do it right through the device. You can also calibrate your speedometer for both tire and gear ratio changes here. So if you've upgraded to maybe a 37, your speedo is way off, you can definitely fix that with this guy. And last but not least, it even acts as a performance tester, and it's gonna measure things like your 0 to 60 times, your 1/8 and 1/4 mile times, and even more. Really like that. Just something fun to play with.Now, if for whatever reason you ever needed to return your truck back to stock, the Trinity can definitely handle that with a pretty simple push of a button. But then, of course, maybe the biggest reason why most truck owners would like to grab a tuner combo like this is to actually have the ability to increase both your horsepower and torque through different calibrations and essentially different modifications all together. Now, right out of the box, the Trinity does come preloaded with some pre-configured tunes from the gang at DiabloSport that will no doubt increase your performance in numbers over the stock calibration. Now, what does that mean exactly? Well, unfortunately, we don't have any in-house dyno numbers, but ultimately that's gonna boil down to a number of different factors, including your additional modifications, if any weather conditions, and so on. Now, if you're really serious about adding big power to your RAM through heavy bolt-ons or even forced induction, the Trinity is also capable of holding up to five different custom tunes at one time, which is where that Platinum comes into play.Now, these custom tunes are available and sold separately, and they will need to be written for your specific truck and all of its specific modifications. And again, that is something that the Platinum can handle here, and is important again for guys gunning for big power. Now, the second part of the DiabloSport package here isn't as exciting. There's not as many cool features, but it's ultimately what makes all of the tuning possible and tinkering possible, and that is the unlocked factory PCM from DiabloSport. Now, in order to secure your unlocked unit, you will need to exchange the factory PCM that is located in your truck as a core. Now, DiabloSport is very clear and very specific in saying you cannot go to the junkyard and buy a junkyard PCM. You cannot use a remanufactured PCM. They will not honor those in this case. It will need to be the unit from your truck, which does leave you with a little bit of downtime here, but something that is necessary for the job.Now, ultimately, if you do decide this is the best route for you and your Hemi, here's what you can expect when it comes time to get everything installed. This is a two-part job, guys. First part is gonna be removing your stock PCM, sending that out, waiting for your unlocked unit. And then the second part of the equation will be plugging in your Trinity Tuner and uploading the tune of your choice. Now, with all that being said, site's still gonna call this pretty solid one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, maybe 45 minutes or so, give or take, to complete the job from start to finish. Now to give you a detailed walkthrough of what exactly everything looks like, feel free to check this thing out from the AT customer now.Man: All right. Today, I'm gonna be doing a Trinity 2 Diablo tuner and PCM swap. The tools I'll need is a 1/4 ratchet, a 1-inch extension, a 10-millimeter socket, and a 10-millimeter wrench. All right. The first thing I like to do is take the 10-millimeter wrench and disconnect the positive side of the battery. If I'm gonna be doing anything electrical to the vehicle, I like to keep it powered. All right. The next step that I'm gonna do is disconnect the PCM from the actual truck, pushing from the button here, lift all the way up. Same thing with this one. Pull them back. Just wiggle them back and forth. And then what I'll be doing is taking out this bolt here, this bolt here, and this bolt here. All three of them are going to be a 10-millimeter socket. And now just when you undo this last screw, careful on [inaudible 00:07:48] drop in the ground. Make sure not to [inaudible 00:08:04] the pin inside the PCM.All right. Since my truck is a 2015 plus, I have to send my PCM to be unlocked. What I did was I sent it out and I called the tech support at and they got me a hold of Diablo tuning and they set me up for shipping, and I was able to ship it in and have it the next day shipped to them. And I received it two days later.Now, I'm just putting the same three bolts back into place where they were, hand-tighten them, and then use a 10-millimeter ratchet to tighten them back down. You wanna do the same with this one here, here, here. Now that you have all three screws back in there and nice and snug, you wanna be ready to put your pin harnesses back on. Push them on gently so they go back as far as you can go without forcing them in. Make sure again not to mess any of the pins up. Make sure when you do it that they obviously go left to right. To secure them back in, push down on the right handle and it'll snap into place, just like you did here. You'll do the same with the other, and then you have your PCM back in. Diablo will give you a paper with instructions on what to do with your install next.Now that I've gotten my PCM back in, I can repower my truck. Obviously, put your positive back on and make sure to tighten all the way down. We have everything done. You wanna take the OBD plug and plug it into your OBD, plug it down here above the gas pedal and below the steering wheel. Make sure you plug it in the right way, firmly against. It should be nice and plugged in. And I would wind it around so that it...not just wires hanging everywhere, and then plug the backside and the other side of the port to the tuner itself.All right. Now that I got everything hooked up and ready to go, you'll just follow the instructions on the screen as they come on. Don't start your vehicle yet. Everything you'll need to do the tuner will tell you. Hit the Tuning button. It can take a few seconds due to the fact that it's pulling all the information from your vehicle to the tuner. Once you get this filled out, it will ask you to turn your vehicle to run. If you have a push start, just hit it to run. If you have a key, put it in. You just put it to run also. Don't start the vehicle. Now that it's come up on the screen, I'll put the vehicle into run. Now that I have the vehicle on run, I'll hit Press Screen to Continue. All right. Once you get all the situation dealt with with the PCM being modified and installed, your vehicle will sometimes not be able to register the pedal or the throttle. Diablo provides a paper to instruct you on how to reset it if need be. Not all vehicles do that. If it does happen, just follow the instructions, and if need be, call Diablo tech support.Once you're done with all this, you'll go back to your tuner, and it'll come up with any options that you want for your tunes. And if you select one, anyone that you wanna run, it'll download and install into your vehicle. All right. Like I said, it has a different engine tunes options on the screen. I selected 87-octane tune. Now it is doing a backup of my original file of my tune, and then it will do the tune from Diablo to the vehicle. That's downloaded. It's instructed me to turn off the ignition, and then I'll press Continue on the screen. Now that I turned it off I'll continue. Now it's prompting me to turn ignition on or put the vehicle into run. Do not start the vehicle, then Press Screen to Continue again. PCM is now uploading the original backup to the actual tuner itself. So if you ever need to go to the original tune, it will be on file on the tuner.Now it's asking, "Would you like to install the tune "as is" or would you like to customize the tune by modifying the adjustable parameters?" I'm not going to do any of that just yet. I've not got all the modifications I want in the vehicle, so I'll just go with the stock tune that it's given me the option to. So I'll hit Install, then I'll go ahead and Accept and Install. And now it is writing the tune and putting the 87-octane tune onto the vehicle. Now don't be worried. If your dash comes up as a bunch of Christmas tree lights, it's gonna happen. It's just rewriting some of the program and adjusting things, so you might have alarms come on and off. I wouldn't worry about it until it's completely done, and don't turn anything off, unless it tells you to, and don't unplug anything.All right. Now that the tune has loaded onto the PCM, it's asking me to turn off the ignition, and then to press Continue on screen. And now it's asking me to turn on the ignition or put it into run mode. Do not start the vehicle, again, and then press OK on screen. I like to give my vehicle a few seconds just to get all the systems going, and then I'll hit OK. And once again, it's asking me to turn the ignition off, then press the screen, again, to continue. And once again, it's asking me to turn the ignition on and then to run. Do not turn the vehicle on, then Press Screen to Continue. Now it's saying, "The PCM last tune," "PCM exporting files," and now it says "Your vehicle has been successfully tuned. Press Continue to return to the main menu." All right. I'm gonna hit Continue. And I'm at the main screen.The Trinity 2 Tuner comes with data logging and logging of the vehicle, so it will display any data logs that you need. You can datalog stuff. Has diagnostics so you can diagnose any errors or any engine codes coming up in your vehicle. Very self-explanatory. You can run a performance test if you want. Other than that, that's everything for the tune. You'll be able to start the vehicle up after the tune, and that's it.Now that I have everything installed, my tune is good to go. I'm running 87-octane tune from Diablo. Now that you have all that done, you can go to your logs or pull up your information for your vehicle, and it should display all your oil temperatures and anything you want. It's just asking me if I have checked for updates. You'll be able to check for updates. If you plug it into your...connect it to your Wi-fi or use the plug that Diablo sent to plug it to a computer with a USB port and go to their website at And there's downloads on the first page. If you go to Downloads it will direct you to downloads for different Mac, Android, or PC. It'll give you an update and you'll have to install it on your computer and update the Diablo tuner itself. I've already done that so I'll skip.Now, just running gives you the option for a tutorial through everything. It's just showing you everything of what it can do, what you can display, what you can change, the different themes, different wallpapers. You can edit any of the layout, shows you what each button does from the help to data logging, which is used for tuning for any third-party tuner that you wanna do or use. Then it gives a option for what each icon stands for and what it will do for you. You can just keep. If you wanna skip this, you can just hit Continue, but I'm just showing what it does. And then I'll just say Disable this Tutorial, and now it's just showing my idle of everything on my vehicle. And then if you slide to the right, it will show your different gauges of your vehicle. And if you slide all the way to the right, it'll show your engine speed or your RPMs, where you're idling at. It's cold where I live so it's idling a little high at the moment. It will show your load, your average, your mass airflow, how much air you have flowing through it, and then your base speed, and everything like that once you start moving. That's about it. Thanks.Justin: So wrapping this one up, guys, if you are looking to unlock some serious power out of your 5.7 Hemi along with using some very cool and fun-to-use features, be sure to check out the DiabloSport Trinity 2 Tuner and PCM Swap Kit right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Improves Horsepower, Torque and Overall Performance
      • Platinum Version - Supports Custom Tuning
      • Holds Up to 5 Custom Tunes - Available Separately
      • Pre-Loaded with Pre-Configured DiabloSport Tunes
      • High-Resolution Capacitive Touch Screen Display
      • On Screen Gauges, Data Logging and Monitoring
      • Performance Testing
      • Reads/Clears DTC Trouble Codes
      • Not CARB Certified
      • Updatable via WiFi, Mac, Windows or Linux
      • Includes 1-Time Unlocked PCM Cross Shipment
      • Fits 2015-2017 5.7L HEMI V8 RAM 1500 Models


      Increase Power and Performance. Further enhance the performance of your 2015-2017 5.7L HEMI V8 RAM 1500 with a Trinity 2 Platinum Tuner & PCM Swap Kit. The Trinity 2 Platinum Tuner supports third party custom tune files and also comes preloaded with Diablosport's very own pre-configured tune files. When your 1500 rolled off the assembly line, RAM programmed it to cater to the needs of the daily driver, not the performance enthusiast who adds aftermarket bolt-on modifications in the search of more power. So, if your RAM is bone stock or if you have added a cold air intake, throttle body or exhaust mods, you should invest in a Diablosport Trinity 2 Platinum Tuner to see the full power potential your 1500 can make.

      User Adjustable. DiabloSport designed its Tuner to be user-adjustable. This means you can make further changes to the tune files to suit your particular performance needs. Please note that not all adjustments listed below are available on all vehicles.
      • Calibrate Speedometer for Gear Ratio
      • Calibrate Speedo for Tire Size
      • Cooling Fan Control
      • Disable ESP
      • Throttle Booster
      • Fuel Rich/Lean Adjustment
      • Spark Timing Advance/Retard
      • Idle RPM
      • Top Speed Limiter
      • Rev Limiter
      • Shift Points/Firmness - Automatics
      • Disable Active Fuel Management

      Performance Testing. Another really cool feature of the Trinity 2 Tuner is that it allows you to measure your 0-60 time, 0-100 time, 1⁄8 mile elapsed time, and 1⁄4 mile elapsed time, all with just a push of a button. By keeping track of your 0-60 and 1/4 mile times you can see the difference your latest go fast mods have made.

      Built-in WiFi. The Diablosport Trinity 2 Tuner is WiFi-capable, meaning you will no longer have to plug it into your Mac, Windows or Linux computer to receive the latest Diablosport firmware updates, but that is still an option. Once setup with your Wi-Fi password, the Trinity 2 will download the latest firmware updates via the internet.

      Data Logging and Monitoring. With a full color, high-resolution touch screen display, the Diablosport Trinity 2 Tuner makes it easy to read the Built-In Data Logging and/or the Real Time Data, so you can view popular sensor data such as EGT, Air/Fuel Ratio or any other 0-5 Volt source.

      Diagnostics Tool. The Trinity 2 Tuner can also be used as a diagnostic code reader. Save yourself hundreds of dollars each year by reading and clearing your own Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) rather than paying a dealer to do the same. It's as easy as a few simple steps.

      Easy to Load; Easy to Restore. When you load your DiabloSport tune on your RAM, the tuner automatically stores your vehicle's factory settings. To return to the original factory settings, just plug the tuner back in, select the option to restore the factory settings, and you're done. This is ideal for visiting dealerships for warranty work.

      Not CARB Certified. The Trinity 2 Platinum Tuner is not CARB certified, therefore it is not legal for use in California or any other state adopting California emission standards. Not intended for use on pollution controlled motor vehicles. If you require a tuner that is CARB certified, please see Diablosport part# 9321.

      PCM Swap. This PCM Swap Kit includes a Trinity 2 Platinum Tuner and a 1-time unlocked PCM cross shipment for your vehicle. This means you must exchange your locked factory PCM with a modified PCM from DiabloSport. Note: You must send your original PCM from the vehicle. Junkyard, Remanufactured, or Salvaged PCMs will not be accepted as core returns. To initiate this process please visit the following website and follow the prompts - Click Here.

      Application. This Diablosport Trinity 2 (T2 EX) Platinum Tuner & PCM Swap Kit is specifically designed for 2015-2017 RAM 1500 models equipped with the naturally aspirated 5.7L HEMI V8 engine. This Tuner supports custom tune files which are available separately.

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      Diablosport 9321-R

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

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      What's in the Box

      • (1) Trinity 2 (T2 EX) Platinum Tuner
      • (1) OBDII to HDMI Cable
      • (1) USB to Mini-USB Cable
      • Windshield Suction Mount
      • One-time Unlocked PCM Cross Shipment
      • Quick Start Guide

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