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8 Most Popular Rides to Upgrade Suspensions in 2021

It’s interesting to see how the car modifying scene changes over time, driving around I’m seeing a lot of new cars being modified and tuned that I never would have expected. Sure, trucks like the F-150 and cars like the Civic have been modified for as long as they’ve been around, but now we’re seeing aftermarket demand grow for Hyundais and Kias as well. Who would have seen that coming 15 years ago?

So let’s go through the top 8 rides that people are doing suspension work on, based on sales numbers as well as what we’ve been seeing not only on the street, but around our own employee parking lots as well. In no particular order:

Most Popular Cars Our Customers Modify the Suspension On:

1) Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ

Here’s one right from our own parking lot, courtesy of one of our sales guys, Ibrahim (that’s his car). These have been a super popular tuning platform ever since they first came out, and are showing no signs of slowing down as the aftermarket continues to grow for the Toyobaru twins.

With tons of options for sport and lowering springs, as well a coilover and swaybar kits, giving your everything you need to get your BRZ or 86 onto the autocross track, drift course, or mountain road. It all depends on how far you want to go, and how deep your wallet is!

2) Ford F-150

After being the best selling vehicle in the US for the past 30+ years, there isn’t much someone hasn’t done to an F-150 over the years. And yes, we mean best selling “vehicle” and not just “truck” — wild right? Between the F-150 Lightnings of old and the modern Raptor, an F-150 fits in equally well at the drag strip as it does out in the desert.

With lift kits, coilovers, and lowering kits from the best brands in the industry, such as King, Fox, and Belltech, whichever direction you want to take your truck, you’ve got a solid selection of things ready to bolt right up. Decisions, decisions.

4) BMW 3-Series

If I had to guess what one car has accrued the most combined track time of all time, it would be a close match between the 3-series and the Miata (#6 on this list). With Spec E46 and Spec E30 being two popular racing classes in themselves, plus the fact that you can’t go to an autocross, track day, or even demolition derby without seeing at least 1-2 of these, there must be something to them.

I had an H&R coilover set on my extremely slow, but fun 318ti, and there are dozens more options covering every generation from the legendary E30 and up. Other solid brands like KW, Bilstein, Eibach, and Koni are worth checking out as well, depending one what you’re looking to do with your 3-series.

5) Jeep Wrangler

Anyone who has shopped for used Wranglers knows it can sometimes it can be harder to find a stock example than one that is modified. In fact, I’d say the Wrangler must high up in the running for the most commonly modified vehicle of all time.

This is another case of the sky being the limit. From just a mild lift to fit some bigger tires to an extreme, high articulating long arm lift kit for some hardcore rock crawling. Plus, combined with airing down your big sidwall tires, some good aftermarket suspension upgrades like from Fox or King will help to smooth out the ride over jarring washboard on the way to the real trail.

6) Mazda Miata

There’s a saying in the world of car enthusiasts, and that’s M.I.A.T.A. — Miata Is Always The Answer. Just ask in an online car group what to buy for autocross, the track, or a for fun weekend canyon carver, and you’ll see what I mean. Miata is always the answer.

The reason is because they have been consistently good, lightweight, excellent handling cars that can had at just about any price point from $1,000 for a beat up NA chassis model, to $35k for a well-specced out new ND Miata. Any brand worth their salt playing in this space makes suspension upgrades for the Miata. You’re spoiled for choice.

7) Toyota Tacoma

Tacomas have been a staple of offroad trails and general bad-assitude since they were first introduced to replace the cleverly named Toyota Pickup truck that came before it in 1995. And now today with the TRD Pros filling out just about every Instagram account you can tack “_overland” onto, they’re absolutely everywhere.

The insane resale value of these things says plenty about how much demand there is for these trucks, no matter the year or condition, thanks to Toyota’s reputation for overbuilding everything they make. You don’t see us complaining, though, just ask Mike Cote, our social media guy. This is his Tacoma sitting on Icon and Fox suspension.

8) Subaru WRX

Starting in 1992 as a beefed up and turbocharged version of the Impreza, the WRX hit the ground downright sprinting with 236hp right from the get-go. That’s more than many so called “sports” models have even today, and being so light at around 2,600lbs, they were quicker than many cars today as well.

Standing for World Rallycross eXperimental, the WRX made a splash in the rally world, as well as going viral on YouTube thanks to Ken Block and his absolutely insane Gymkhana videos. The WRX backs up the hype by being a seriously fast, and tough car. This is another one where it can be more difficult to find one that hasn’t been modified than one that has, because they’re just such a good platform. Just ask our sales guy Bryce how he likes his, seen here on the right.

So what say you? We miss something that should have made the list? Drop your project in the comments below!