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Pro Traxx 4-Inch Oval Side Step Bars; Black (09-18 RAM 1500 Quad Cab, Crew Cab)

Item R105001
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      Video Review & Installation

      look at and installing the Westin Pro Traxx 4 side step bars, available for the '09 to '18 Ram 1500s, both quad cab and crew cab models. Now, if you're the truck owner looking for a safe and secure way for you and your family and your other passengers to hop in and out of your truck, especially in wintery or wet weather conditions, this is a great way to go.Now, as far as side steps are concerned, there are a number of different designs and styles throughout the category, running from traditional side steps to advanced or more stylish side steps, running bars, nerf boards, drop steps, power steps, a ton of different kinds in the category. But if you're looking to keep your budget down or if you're working on a tight budget and you like the look of a traditional side step like the one you see here, this is a good way to go. It's got a 4-inch steel tubular design with bent ends and domed caps. What that means is a tubular steel, so it is hollow on the inside, but it is steel as opposed to aluminum, so it is a little bit more durable than some of the others on the market. It's got a black powder-coated finish, which looks really good. It keeps that stealthy design and helps it blend in more. The bent ends just means it curves in toward the end, and the domed cap means that it is rounded off at the top as opposed to cut flat, or really, just opened up like some of the other ones. Doesn't have a cap on the ends, which I think I like a little bit more, simply because it just has that completed look. That capped-off dome design is a sleek finish, and again, a more traditional one at that, traditional being that a side step in this particular design is one of the most original ones in the category, right. It's been around the longest. You see it from the factory on a lot of truck models, and you see it most commonly in the aftermarket world.A side step like this one, as opposed to, say, a running board design, would actually drop down past the rocker panel like this one does, leaving a negative space. A running board would actually connect to the rocker panel and not have any space between it. It would just drop down and be one complete step, as opposed to having two individual ones. Now, some guys like the one complete step in a running board, but again, if you're leaning more toward the traditional step that looks like it could have come on your Ram from the factory, this one's the way to go. It's got two individual steps, one underneath of each of your doors. This is a black polymer finish, and as you can see, it's got not necessarily a tire tread-like pattern on it, I'd say more like a sneaker sole-type tread that gives you that grip in all weather conditions. It's a really durable stepping pad. It won't crack or fade over time, and because it has that matte textured black finish, it is going to give you more traction than most. Of course, it's got the Westin logo embedded right on top there. That is a very common thing for aftermarket brands, making sure they got their labeling there.But there is one thing that makes this particular side steps step out from the rest of the crowd. It's got these end caps that go right on top of the brackets. Now, to hold your side step on, there are three brackets as you can see, right along the edge, and these actually cover up that bracket. Since there is that negative space, you would otherwise see this if the bracket cover was not there. That cover gives it just a little bit better aesthetic than some of the other ones in the category. You'd otherwise see that bracket, which really just isn't that attractive, it looks like you can see all the hardware and nuts and bolts holding this on, but these textured black covers just give it a little bit more style and cover up things that you don't really want to see. To me, it almost is relatable to under hood dress-up pieces. You know, there's some of those end caps on your strut towers that people install just to make it look a little bit nicer, so you can't see all the hardware. Same design or same thought process is applied here. It's covering up that hardware bracket. It's also got the Westin name embedded in that as well just to give it a little more pop and style. Again, Westin took the design a little bit further to give you something that just looks a little bit better than some of the more traditional or budget-friendly options, but this one does keep the cost down right around 220 bucks. You can get this for your quad cab or crew cab.The install's going to get one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. That's an absolute no-brainer, right. Side steps are completely bolt-on installs, but I will say this. There are very few models out there for the Ram in this generation that do not have pre-welded holes on your pinch weld. If that is the case in your particular design, you will have to drill two holes, two 1/4-inch holes, on the pinch weld that you absolutely will not see once this is installed. In my personal opinion, that is not a big deal whatsoever. One thing I would recommend. When you're drilling, measure twice, cut once, right. Make sure you're getting the right spot before you do the drilling, and number two, after you do the drilling, throw a little bit of paint on top just to make sure it doesn't rust or corrode through. That's about it. Simple hand tools will get the job done. You can tackle it in about an hour or less. And I'm going to show you guys step-by-step how it's done, so let's get to it.Tools used in this install include an impact gun, a 1/4-inch ratchet, 10-millimeter short socket, 13-millimeter, and 16-millimeter deep sockets, a T40 Torx socket, 10-millimeter wrench. Well, guys, the first step of the installation is to make sure you're picking out the driver side and the passenger side brackets. They are slightly different. The driver side front bracket underneath of your Ram 1500 emblem is going to be the only one that is completely different-looking than the other ones included in the kit. We're going to start with this. The driver side install is going to be the exact same on the passenger side, so because of that, we're only going to show you the driver's side here because it's really just repeating the same process for both sides.Now, with this unique bracket, we're going to go underneath of the front end here and install it using the hardware you see right below me. If your Ram from the factory has threaded holes in your rocker panel, you could just use the bolt straight into the rocker panel. If your holes are just opened up and not threaded, then you're going to need to use the rivserts, so they're called from Westin in the kit. Basically, they'll insert into the hole and give you a thread pitch for the bolt to go through. I'll show you guys that in just a second because our 2014 Ram does not have threaded holes, so we will be using those extra hardware. So, I'll show you guys that in just a second. Right now, we're going to grab this unique bracket that's going to hug the inside of the rocker panel and the pinch weld. We'll use that hardware to bolt it down. I've got a creeper on deck because we are working on the ground, makes it a little easier to slide around. So, what do you say we head underneath?All right, guys. This is about where the front bracket is going to install. We're going to install into these open holes and these two on our pinch weld. If your pinch weld does not have these two pre-drilled holes, you're going to need to drill 1/4-inch holes right here underneath of these two larger hex holes. Because these are not threaded on our rocker panel from the factory, we're going to use these rivserts. Now, as you can see, they'll only fit in one way. Line those up and just push them in. We're going to do both of them. From here, you're going to just grab your bracket, line those holes up. You could use the hardware included in the kit, along with flat and lock washers to just thread those into the rivserts. This is one of those things that you don't want to tighten down just yet. Just go nice and snug by hand at first, just until we get everything lined up.At this point, we can grab the smaller black bolts, along with the flat washers, and go through the holes in our pinch weld, and use the nuts provided in the kit to tighten those down. You're at a bit of an awkward angle, but if you put the bolt head through the front going inside and just pull it back slightly, you'll be able to get that nut on. And then, these are 10-mills, so you'll grab your 10-millimeter socket and wrench and tighten them down. Perfect. This is exactly where we want it to be, so grab your 10-millimeter socket and wrench and tighten the bottom ones down, and then grab your 13 and tighten the top one. Great. Got that nice and tight. Now it's time to move on to the next driver side bracket in the middle of our rocker panel.All right. Now that we're at the middle of our rocker panel, we're going to use our bolt plate. Now, as you can see, this one's got a welded-on bolt on one side and welded-on nut on the other. The nut is going to line up with this hex hole right here, and the stud is going to come through the larger hole. What we're going to do is feed this in toward that open hole. It'll go down, just rotate it until it slides into place. Now, with this on, we can grab this plastic cover to pop over the stud. That's going to keep it from falling into the rocker panel. It's a little tough to get on. Since it's a threaded bolt, you can always just spin it all the way back. That'll keep that from falling in.Next step here is to grab one of those rivserts and put it into the left side. So now, we have the welded-on bolt on the plate on the right and the rivsert on the left. Grab your bracket, slide this over the stud, line up those holes, grab the hardware included in the kit with flat and lock washer, go to that welded-on nut, making sure that it is lined up properly. You might have to rotate the stud just to get it to line up. Same as before, just tighten it down by hand. Grab the other one and do the same thing to the rivsert. Now we can grab the hardware for the stud and tighten that down as well.All right. Next up, flat washer, foot washer, and a bolt would go over top. Now, for the bottom two, that's going to be a 13 socket, and the top is going to be a 16. Perfect. Now we can move on to the third and final bracket for the driver side. All right, again here for the third one, it's going to be the exact same thing as the last. We're going to use that nut plate to line up to the top and bottom. Use that plastic square cut-out to make sure that doesn't fall in. Once that's in place, the rivsert is going to go next, and then finally the bracket. Now once you got everything tightened down by hand, grab those sockets again and tighten them down.All right. The next step here is actually to install our Westin caps. Now, these are basically just going to cap off the excess bracket bar that you would otherwise see through the outside of the side step looking in. Now, that's not really the best appearance, so Westin contributed these caps to make it look a little bit more aggressive. So, we're going to install these bolts through the open holes here. Now, you're basically going to put one washer on each side. Then grab your nylon lock nut. Tighten down on the other side by hand.Now, because these are pretty tight spaces, you might want to grab a small ratchet and a short socket, as well as a wrench, tighten these down. It's also a good idea to use a ratchet simply because these are ABS plastic. So, if you were to gun them on a little too hard, you could crack the plastic, or you could just kind of shred that to small pieces, honestly. This is a good way to go a little bit slower, and once you get it nice and snug, you'll know it's time to stop, move on to the next one. Perfect. Now let's move on to the next bracket. All right. Move on to the next one.So, now we can grab our side step for the driver side. They are side-specific, so make sure you're grabbing the right one. And as you can see, those open threaded holes on the back side of the side step, those are going to go onto the cupped portion of the brackets we just installed, right in front of that plastic cover. Now, we've got these T40 hex bolts along with a lock washer and flat washer specific to the Torx bit right on top of that bolt, so we're going to thread those on, but first, let's lay it into place gently. Make sure you're lining up those holes to the brackets when you're laying it in place. Now, it will want to slip off, so you want to hold that in place and thread one of these down.All right, now the key to holding this in place and having it aligned exactly where you want it to be is to thread all of the bolts down before you tighten them with an impact gun or with a ratchet. So, we're going to go through each bracket, hand-tighten them, getting them nice and snug like I just did, lining the side steps up wherever you want it to be, making sure it's flat and exactly in the position that we need, and then we'll come back with our impact gun and T40 Torx bit and tighten them all down. So, by hand first. All right. Now we can go do the third one, same as that thing, and then tighten them all down. Grab your T40 Torx bit and your impact gun or your ratchet, and tighten down all six of these torque bolts. All right. Once that's tightened down, repeat this exact process for the other side, and you're good to go.Well, guys, that's going to wrap up my review and install of the Westin Pro Traxx 4 side step bars available for the '09 to '18 Ram 1500s with a quad or crew cab trim. You should be checking this out if you're looking for a budget-friendly traditional-style side step that'll get you safely and securely in and out of your Ram 1500, both you and your passengers. You can get this particular step right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Side Step Bars
      • Steel Tubing
      • 4” Oval Design
      • Welded Domed Ends
      • Black Polymer Step Pad
      • Excelling Gripping, No Slipping
      • Easy Bolt-on Installation
      • All Hardware Included
      • No Drilling or Cutting Required
      • Lifetime Warranty
      • Fits 2009-2018 Dodge RAM 1500 Quad Cab and Crew Cab Models


      Form and Function. Accent your 09-18 RAM 1500 Quad or Crew Cab with this pair of Pro Traxx 4 in. Oval Side Step Bars – Black. These side step bars are made from strong materials for lasting performance, and they have wide nonslip step pads that make getting into your truck easier. The welded, domed ends add a clean appearance and ensure no caps or bolt heads are on display.

      Incredible Strength. Because these 4” oval side step bars are made from stainless steel tubing, you can trust in their sturdiness and durability. The step pads on these bars have polymer construction, so you get excellent grip when entering the vehicle.

      Bolt-on Installation. These side step bars are simple to install as they bolt right on with no drilling or cutting required. All of the mounting hardware you need comes with these bars.

      Lifetime Warranty. Manufacturer backs these side step bars with a lifetime warranty. Refer to the manufacturer’s warranty documentation for coverage information.

      Application. This pair of 09-18 RAM 1500 Quad or Crew Cab with this pair of Pro Traxx 4 in. Oval Side Step Bars – Black are made to fit all 2009-2018 RAM 1500 Quad Cab and Crew Cab models.

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