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Silverado 1500 Caliper Covers: Overview Guide

Silverado 1500 Caliper Covers: Overview Guide

Your brakes are the probably the ugliest part of your Silverado 1500. Fortunately, MPG has provided a suitable alternative to the manually exhaustive and expensive task of painting your calipers with its own line of aluminum cast caliper covers. Available in red, yellow, and black for your Silverado, these caliper covers add a fresh look to your tires and also a little performance boost. Caliper covers reduce brake heat and brake dust, meaning your brakes last a lot longer and cost you a lot less in the end. Caliper covers bolt right onto most Silverado 1500 models and they’re a cheap alternative to big brakes if you’re operating on a budget. If you’re unfamiliar with caliper covers, we’ve created this guide to help you understand their utility and also how to install them.

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Although caliper covers are mostly a cosmetic upgrade, they do provide some practical assets. they reduce the amount of brake dust that sticks to your rims, and some covers are engineered to provide additional cooling to your brakes.

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What do Caliper Covers Do?

Calipers and brake pads are some of the most exposed part of your Silverado 1500. Corrosion from debris and moisture can begin to damage the integrity of your calipers, resulting in poor braking performance. 

Brakes also generate a lot of heat as the caliper must clamp down on the brake pads to slow your vehicle. Unfortunately, heat is a brake system’s worst nightmare, destroying your calipers and brake pads over time. Unfortunately, stock brake pads with a limited number of pistons do a poor job of properly dissipating heat. 

Caliper covers reduce heat in the braking system by adding more surface area to the caliper itself. Greater surface area encourages more efficient heat dissipation, increasing the longevity of your calipers. 

MPG even conducted their own test on a Dodge Charger and found that with caliper covers, the braking system was able to reduce heat by as much as 20-50 degrees. 

Caliper covers fit over existing calipers and offer a layer of protection between your calipers and outside debris. The covers wrap tightly around your calipers to provide a layer of insulation that cools down your brakes. They are essentially a heat sink for your calipers, preserving the integrity of the metal. 

They’ll also protect your brakes from loose gravel and rocks that can enter into the braking system. This reduces dust generated from braking, meaning your tires will stay cleaner for longer. 

Aluminum is a popular heat sink used in most electronic components and MGP’s caliper covers are made from durable 6061-T6 aluminum. With these durable materials, you’ll never have to worry about them falling off or corroding. 

Why Invest in Caliper Covers for your Silverado 1500?

Upgrading your brakes to disk or big brake installs can be very costly. Between the installation and the mods you need to do your Silverado to ensure your offsets are correct, it can become very complicated. 

With simple bolt-on installation, MPG’s caliper covers offer a cheaper alternative to big brake systems while performing much of the same function. To a lesser degree of course.

Beyond this, caliper covers are probably the only sexy upgrade you can add to your brakes while still delivering performance value. Caliper covers can also be customized for different colors and are available with Chevy or Silverado logos. 

  • Easy installation
  • Reduces brake heat and dust
  • Reduces brake fade for longer lasting brakes
  • Cheap (only $200)
  • Made from durable aluminum cast material and powder coated paint that won't corrode
  • Won’t hinder air flow or obstruct stock braking systems
  • Available in a variety of colors and logos
  • Adds value to your Silverado
  • Adds aesthetic appeal to your tires
  • Protects brakes from loose gravel and debris
  • Covers up damaged or ugly brake parts
  • Available warranty

Silverado 1500 Caliper Covers Versus Caliper Paint

Some people remain skeptical of caliper covers, afraid they might fall off or crack after continued use. They also don’t understand the performance value caliper covers provide. For that reason, some enthusiasts decide to stick with caliper paint or caliper kits.

Caliper paint is fairly inexpensive if you decide to paint the caliper yourself. With heat resistant formulas, caliper paint won’t fade immediately and it can cover up any damaged or ugly parts in your brake system. 

The biggest downside to caliper paint is the difficulty of a full installation. You also risk damaging your brake fluid if you don't properly disconnect or avoid the lines. Caliper paint can also fade over time, and it requires regular cleaning and maintenance to uphold its integrity. Beyond this, caliper paint doesn’t offer any performance value to your Silverado, and its patently used for aesthetic purposes. While caliper paint isn't a poor investment, caliper covers offer the same aesthetic qualities with performance value. 

Silverado 1500 Caliper Paint Pros

  • Cost-effective for DIY installs
  • Fully customizable based on your preference
  • Covers up ugly brake parts while adding a pop to your Silverado

Silverado 1500 Caliper Paint Cons

  • Installation is difficult and can take days
  • Expensive if installed professionally
  • Doesn't last long before it starts to fade
  • No warranty
  • Offers no caliper protection
  • Could be dangerous to remove caliper paint

Caliper covers are not only cheaper than installing caliper paint, but they’re safer to install. With added protection, you get the best of both worlds.

Installing Caliper Covers on your Silverado 1500

Caliper covers are a pretty straightforward installation. Each cover is designed for different models and caliper sizes, so it’s imperative that you research or talk to a professional before purchase. 

To install caliper covers you must first remove your wheel. If your brake pad has a wire clip you’ll need to cut it off as this will interfere with the cover and push it closer to the wheel. Remove the two bolts holding the caliper in place, as well as any mounting systems supporting the caliper. I’d suggest cleaning your calipers with a wire brush to ensure there’s no debris or abrasions on the surface. 

Place the caliper cover in its proper location, as the bridge should rest on top of the caliper. Next, slide the clip into place and fasten the caliper cover to its brackets. Push the clip onto the bracket atop the caliper bridge. 

Tighten the nut over the clip, but not too tight. With a wrench, just give it a nice 45-degree turn to add a little more torque to it. Put your calipers back on and the wheel, and you’re finished. These same instructions can be used for your front and rear wheel calipers. 

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