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S&B Cold Air Intake with Dry Extendable Filter (09-18 5.7L RAM 1500)

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      Video Review & Installation

      Justin: The S&B Cold Air that we have here would be an awesome choice for all '09 to '18 RAM owners out there looking for one of the nicest sealed enclosure options available at a very attractive price point. Now, the S&B will feature a durable ABS plastic build for the airbox and tube itself, along with a high flow dry filter, and this entire system will not require the use of any custom or can tuning. Price point for the five-star rated option will be in that low to mid-$300 range. And the install, according to the site, is gonna get a solid one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter here, and I would say take an hour at most to complete from start to finish. But hang with me for a bit, guys, and we'll walk you through this job later in the video. So I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times intakes are one of those gateway mods that I think oftentimes get truck owners comfortable with modifying their own rigs. Now, not only is there an instant improvement in both appearance and performance, but the satisfaction of tackling something like this in the driveway or garage I think just really builds confidence for the next round of modifications. Now, the S&B that we are covering here today is easily one of the most popular in the category for the 5.7-liter trucks with well over 100 5-star reviews. And as always, guys, I am going to encourage you to read up on some of those first as it will definitely help to hear from fellow 5.7 owners out there when making your final decision.So there are two components to consider here with the S&B that I like to point out. First and foremost, you are getting a sealed enclosure and one that's been built and designed very, very well. Now, these sealed enclosures are always gonna get a big thumbs up from me as you're gonna be your best bet at reducing high intake air temperatures under the hood, especially when the truck is stationary sitting at a red light or something like that. Now, when you're moving, obviously, not big of a deal, right? Because you're getting some fresh air flowing through the engine bay, but again, if you're the type of owner who sits in a lot of traffic in a very hot climate, this can definitely be a factor and sometimes make the truck feel a little sluggish.Now, inside that sealed enclosure will be one of S&B's signature dry filters, and this thing is huge, guys. The general rule of thumb here when talking about oiled versus dry is that oiled filters will flow a little bit better, whereas the dry filter will protect a little bit better by capturing more particles, but either way, guys, this is going to live in that sealed enclosure so you're not gonna be seeing a ton of debris flowing through this thing, overall. Now, the only drawback I would say to both is that an oiled filter is gonna need a little bit more maintenance because you're cleaning it, you're reoiling it. Dry filter here, on the other hand, can still be cleaned but it can't be cleaned in the traditional sense in reoil. Basically, you're just gonna blow this thing off of some air, fire it back in the box and you're good to go.Now, as far as your benefits are concerned, well, listen, a more modified underhood appearance is certainly gonna be a given but also a slight bump in horsepower and torque can be expected as well. I'm not gonna stand up here and tell you a 20, 30 wheel because frankly, that is very unrealistic, but my experience has shown typically high single digits, low double digits when installing something like this without a tune, depending on the condition of the system and filter you are replacing. Now, owners will also sometimes benefit from things like improved throttle response and maybe even a small little improvement in fuel economy, but listen, those experiences are certainly gonna differ depending on how heavy a foot those owners have. Now, the rest of the kit is pretty straightforward as well, guys. We've already covered the filter in the airbox but you are receiving a roto-molded plastic intake tube, a rather large one at that, along with all of the hoses, hardware, and everything else needed to get the system in place on your RAM at home. Again, this kit does not require any tuning whatsoever, meaning truck owners can just grab this thing, install it right out of the box and go without the need for any additional stuff. But now we wanna segue into that installation as promised earlier, guys, talk about what it takes to get this thing in place on your Hemi at home. So without further ado, check out our detailed walkthrough and tool breakdown right now.Man: Tools used for this installation, 3/8 electric impact gun, 1/4-inch drive ratchet, cutting pliers, 6-inch extension, 3/8-1/4 adapter, 1-inch 1/4 inch drive extension 13, 11, and 8-millimeter sockets, Phillip screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, clip removal tool. First thing we're gonna do is start by removing our air intake sender. Disconnect that. Now that we have our air intake sender connector removed, we're gonna remove our PCV hose off the top of the intake box. Once we get this done, then we'll remove our hose clamps that hold the air intake tube on. Now that we have our PCV hose removed, we're gonna remove our hose clamps. There's one here and one there. This holds the air intake tube on. It's a flat blade screwdriver. You're gonna have to get in here, loosen them up.Once you get them loose, now we're gonna go do the other one which is on the airbox itself. Now, once they're loose, you'll be able to pull up on your air tube. Just give it a little wiggle and our air tube is removed. Now that we have our intake air tube removed, we're gonna remove our top engine cover. Just give it a pop up on both sides and be able to fish it out. And now we're going to removing the airbox. Okay. Now that we got our top engine cover off, we're gonna remove our clips that hold our airbox lid on. We should be able to just push down on them. It should be able to come loose, lift up on the lid. While you're doing that, you also can remove the air filter a while and get that out of the way. Now we're gonna remove our PCV hose. It pretty much just slides out just like that from the other side. And next, we'll start on our airbox.Now that we have our intake lid off and our air filter, we're gonna start by removing our airbox. Because this kit fits 2009 to 2018 Hemis, you might have to remove the inner wheel well, some other clips, some bolts that are holding it on. On this one, because it's 2014, we're able just to lift up on our airbox and remove it from the vehicle. Next step for this vehicle, we're gonna have to remove the bracket that holds the airbox so that we can put the new airbox in. Now the airbox is removed. We're gonna remove the bracket that holds the airbox. There's two bolts up top and another 13-millimeter underneath here. It's a little tricky to get to, but with a stubby socket, you're able to get to it. Plus you have another one that's underneath here, which we will be getting through. There's a panel in the inner wheel well. We'll remove the panel and get up in there and we'll be able to remove that. Once we remove that, you have two more 8-millimeters that hold it to the wheel well, and this bracket is off. So I'm gonna start by removing our upper bolts. That's one. That's two. I'm gonna use my stubby 13-millimeter and my 1/4-inch drive ratchet. I'm gonna reach my hand underneath here and you'll be able to feel the bolt.It's gonna take a little bit to get in there, but we definitely can get in there and remove it. Once I get it pretty loose, I'm gonna be able to take it out with my fingers. All right. Now we have that one. Now we're going to go to the inner wheel well here, remove our two 8-millimeters and our other 13-millimeter that's hiding underneath this part of the bracket, and then this bracket will come loose. Now that we got our three bolts loose up top we took them and removed them, you're gonna have two 8-millimeters, one here, one here. This panel, we're gonna remove this push clip and be able to get up in there with a 13-millimeter. There's a bolt that's hiding there that's holding the bracket on.So first, I'm gonna start by removing my two 8-millimeters. That's one. The other one is right here. And again, depending on the vehicle, you could have to remove the whole inner wheel well. On this vehicle, we do not have to do that. I'm gonna use my clip removal tool. Pop that. Push clip out, which now we can bend this panel back. You get that panel bent back inside here up in this corner. You're gonna see a 13-millimeter. That's what I'm gonna get. I have my 1/4-inch drive with an extension, my 13-millimeter socket. That loose, remove it by hand. Now we'll be able to remove our intake air bracket. Now that we got our four 13-millimeter bolts out, our two 8-millimeters, this bracket is ready to be removed. Just pull it out like that. Now we can get started putting our airbox together.So now that we have our old airbox removed, we're going to start by taking our air intake temp sender and installing it in our new intake tube. The kit that we have here comes with a grommet that we're gonna end up inserting into the top of the hole here. Now that we have that inserted, we're gonna remove our old air intake temp sender and reuse it. And pretty much what I did was turn it. You'll feel it stop and then you can just give it a tug and pull it out. Now you wanna remember that when you go to reinstall this, the tab was facing down, so we're going to insert it with the tab facing down. So the kit comes with some dielectric grease. I'm gonna use that, put a little dab on the O-ring so it slides in very easy. And now I'm gonna push the air intake sender in. Again, make sure that you have the tab facing down like so. Now that we have our air intake sensor in, we're going to go to the airbox. Now that we've finished our air intake tube, this kit also comes with another grommet. This grommet is gonna go into this hole right here which is gonna hold the airbox onto the side of the vehicle. I'm gonna take this grommet, push it in the hole like that. It'll fit. Next is the cover on the side. Now, the manufacturer suggests that if you're in high heat conditions to put this on. On our vehicle, we're gonna leave this off for maximum airflow. So this side is pretty much finished. We're not going to use this because we're not in high heat conditions, and we're gonna work on the other side of the airbox.So now that we put our other grommet on the other side, we're gonna put the air intake tube grommet. It pretty much goes into place into the groove. What I do is usually just go around in the back to make sure it's not bound up, which it's not. Now we're ready to put the airbox on the truck. So now that we got our grommets in our airbox, we're going to put our new airbox in the vehicle. Just wanna sit down in here and match up with the foam that's on the side. We're going to use the bolt that's supplied in the kit and we're gonna install it through the grommet here. Get it started. And then the two 10-millimeters that are supplied are gonna go down inside the airbox and the two holes where we took the 8-millimeter bolts out. Now I'm gonna use my 13-millimeter. This will hold it in place and then we'll go to the other side underneath the inner wheel well and put our nuts and washers on and then tighten our 10-millimeters up. All right.Now I just have that snug. I'll tighten that once I tighten everything else. We'll go to the inner wheel well and we'll put our two 10-millimeter nuts on and tighten the bottom of the airbox. So now that we have our two bolts down to our wheel well, we're gonna start by installing our washer and our locknut. That's one. Now I got them started. I'm gonna hold the nut and use my gun with a long extension to reach in and give it a good snug. Do the same for the other one. And now we'll finish the wheel well by putting our clip back in to hold our panel in, and our airbox is now bolted in and tight. Now that we got our airbox installed, we're gonna put our rubber intake sleeve over our air intake tube. And we're going to use our hose clamps that were supplied in our kit, put them in place. I'm gonna give it a good snug. I like to try to put hose clamps in the same direction so that it makes it easier to tighten up. Now we're ready to install this into our airbox.Now that we got our airbox installed, we're gonna stick our PCV hose on. We took this off earlier in the removal process. So this is gonna slide down over top of that. We're going to put it to the back here. And in this kit, they supply you with a couple of wire ties. You're gonna wire tie to the fuel rail to hold it down. And then I'm gonna trim them with my cutters. And this will end up routing out of the intake cover which we're gonna put on next. Now that we got our PCV hose installed, we're gonna put our upper engine cover back on, slide it back up in. Get in place. Push it down. You wanna grab the hose that we just installed. It's gonna come through the slot on the side that's already cut where the factory one was. We have that there. And now we'll install our air intake tube.Now that we got our engine cover back on, we're going to take some of the lube that we got in the kit that comes with it, so we grease our grommet here where we're gonna slide our air intake tube in. You're gonna have to push, give a good solid push just like that, slide it over the top of your throttle body. And now we'll start tightening our clamps, hook up our air intake sender and we'll then work on the air filter.Now that our intake tube is on, we're gonna tighten it up. We got those tight [inaudible 00:18:48] sender. And now we'll work on putting our PCV line on and our air filter. Now we're gonna hook our PCV tube up onto our air intake tube. I'm gonna reach underneath here, get a hold of it, slide it over top. Now that's on. Push back down on the other cover. Now we'll put our air filter on. Now we're gonna install our air filter. I'm gonna squeeze it just a little bit to get it down inside and move it around and you get it to slide over top of the intake tube just like that. Make sure you have it all the way around and it's not catching on the bottom. I'm gonna hold the clamp, tighten it up. Okay. Now we got our air filter on. We're gonna put our grommet around our lid and then sit our lid on, and then this insulation is wrapped up. They give you this grommet that slides inside of this channel. We're going to install that before we stick the lid on. That's gonna seal tight so that it can only pull air from the sides. Sometimes it comes longer. Feel free to trim yours. And now I'm going to install the lid and set the lid down on. It's gonna give you Phillips head screws with washers. I'm gonna start one on each corner and then do the other two corners and we'll tighten them up. Again this is plastic so you don't have to go crazy tight with it. That's good. Just snug it, hand tight. Breathing secure, tubes on, and this installation is wrapped up.That wraps up our review and install of our S&B Cold Air Intake With Dry Extendable Filter for '09 to '18 RAM with a 5.7 Hemi. Thanks for watching, and for all things RAM, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Provides Substantial Power Gains
      • Enhances Throttle Response
      • Outflows Factory Intake by More than 40%
      • With Dry Extendable Paper Filter
      • Custom-Fit Air Box Keeps Contaminants Out
      • Features a Signature Transparent Lid for Quick Filter Inspection
      • Fast and Easy Installation
      • Million-Mile Warranty Included
      • Available in All States Except California
      • Fits All 2009-2018 5.7L RAM 1500 Models


      Experience a Powerful Overall Performance. Give your RAM 1500 the boost it deserves with the S&B Cold Air Intake with Dry Extendable Filter. Featuring a 99.46% efficiency rating, this cold air intake brings up to 41.28% more airflow to your engine to maximize combustion. Indeed, you can expect power gains all-around — from horsepower and torque to immediate throttle response.

      Works with Factory Tune. The S&B Cold Air Intake is designed to work with factory or enhanced tuning. With this kit installed, you won’t have to deal with annoying check engine lights.

      Dry Extendable Filter. This cold air intake comes with a dry extendable paper filter that’s typically good until 15,000 miles of use. From then on, you can extend the filter’s service life by using compressed air to clean it up. You can do this up to 3 times before you’ll need to replace the filter.

      Custom Build. Each S&B Cold Air Intake comes with a signature transparent lid, so you can immediately inspect the filter to see if maintenance is needed. Meanwhile, the air box and tube are custom-designed to fit each vehicle perfectly. This is important to ensure debris won’t get past the filter and contaminate your engine.

      Comes with Installation Instructions. Installing the S&B Cold Air Intake is easy enough to do, even for a novice mechanic. The kit comes with a complete set of instructions that are clearly illustrated, so you can follow and successfully install the air intake.

      Backed by a Million-Mile Warranty. S&B warranties the Cold Air Intake with Dry Extendable Filter against defects in materials and workmanship for a million miles of use. However, this coverage does not cover competitive and off-road use. For further information, please do visit the manufacturer’s website.

      Availability.This Cold Air Intake with Dry Extendable Filter is not legal for sale or use in California and other states adopting CARB emission standards. Please do check local laws before purchasing this product.

      Application. The S&B Cold Air Intake with Dry Extendable Filter is designed to fit all 2009-2018 5.7L RAM 1500 models.


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      S&B 75-5106D

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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      • (1) Intake Tube
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