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Barricade HD Drop Side Step Bars (09-18 RAM 1500 Quad Cab)

Item R109749
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      Review & Installation Video

      Hey, guys. Adam here with And today we're taking a closer look at and installing the Barricade HD Drop Side Step Bars, available for all '09 to '18 Ram 1500s. In the shop today, we've got a 2013 quad cab getting these HD side steps put on. You should be checking these out for your own truck if you're looking for an easier way to get in and out of your Ram, especially if it's lifted with bigger wheels and tires. Safety and security is a big thing with your trucks, having a set of reliable side steps is a great addition to the exterior.Now you should be looking at these Barricade HDs if you're looking for something that is a lot more durable, a lot sturdier, and a lot more aggressive. This has the best of both worlds in a running bar and a drop step. It's a running board because it does hug the body a little bit tighter but the steps themselves do come down a little bit lower than a traditional style of a sidestep. Now this truck did come with factory sidesteps, so of course, we got rid of those and this is a huge upgrade stylistically. It's a lot more angular, a lot more aggressive and with that black powder-coated textured finish, it's a lot stealthier.Now this does have a textured black powder coating over top of the tubular steel construction. Now tubular steel in this Barricade HD is more heavy-duty as the title suggests. Having that tubular steel is gonna be a lot more durable for on and off-road obstacles. It'll take abuse more so than an oval aluminum side step that you'd get in the category, some of the more affordable or cheaper options out there. The black powder coating is gonna be a lot more corrosion and rust-resistant as well.The brackets and all of the hardware are also stainless steel so you don't have to worry about those rusting out anytime soon like you would with some of the cheaper options out there. Inside that steel where the drop step are, it has more of an enclosed finish so your foot has a backing to hit and it's got eight individual holes with lips that bump upward to give you that extra grip all year round. Rain, snow, sleet or hail won't stop you from hopping in and out of your truck, you've got some added grip here with the eight holes with a raised lip to make sure your boots, sneakers or flip flops are getting in and out of this no matter what, rain, snow, sleet or hail won't be the issue.This one does have a little bit higher of a price tag than some of those more traditional side steps. This one comes in right around 450 bucks, gets you one of the more durable options in the category. As far as construction, the one-piece fully welded design is definitely meant to take on the on and off-road life. Now the install for this is gonna get one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. Literally anybody can tackle this in the driveway at home with very, very simple hand tools. It is a no-drill installation, so whether your truck had steps from the factory or not, you can bolt this up using the holes already there under your frame.Now the install does have two different methods depending on how your truck is set up from the factory. I'll break that down in just a minute but know either way there's no permanent modifications required. We're gonna start by getting our factory step out of the way. It'll take us about an hour from start to finish. What you do on one side you'll just completely repeat on the other. What do you say we get to it?Tools used in this install include an impact gun, quarter-inch ratchet, 10-millimeter short and deep sockets, 13-millimeter short and deep sockets and a 16-millimeter deep socket, recommended but not required will be 10-millimeter ratcheting wrench. Also used 10-millimeter, 13 and 18-millimeter wrenches. All right, guys, to kick off the install, obviously, we have factory side steps on our customer's 2013 Ram. It's a really good looking truck but we gotta get these old guys out of the way to make room for our new Barricades.So what we're gonna have to do at first is crawl under the truck and remove the four bolts on each of the three brackets. If you do not have factory side steps, it goes without saying, you can skip this step and move right on into the install. Just skip ahead in the video and you'll get right to it. But our truck has these cool factory steps, let's get them out of the way. The first step, crawl underneath with some tools and unbolt it.All right, so now that we're under the truck here on our driver's side, we can take a look at the brackets. Now there's three of these. At the top there are two 13-millimeter bolts, directly in the middle at the pinch weld there's two 10-millimeter bolts. So I'm gonna use an impact gun up top and because it's such a tight space, I'll use a quarter-inch ratchet on the bottom. So I got my 13 short socket here, let's work these guys off.And of course, as you remove these, it's gonna start to drop down, the more brackets you remove, the lower it will get. So just make sure you have your arm here supporting it. Once you have the top two out of the way, grab your quarter-inch ratchet and your 10-millimeter short socket and get off the two bottom ones. So this is gonna be a little bit tighter. If you have a regular 10-millimeter wrench, it might work as well, a ratcheting wrench will do the trick as well.All right, so we got those four out, let's move on to the next bracket. All right, so we tackled the bracket up by the front driver's seat, now we're in the middle of the truck, we're gonna do the exact same thing. All right, so as this bolt backs out a little bit, it's getting a little too tight for a quarter-inch ratchet and a short socket, I'm switching over to a ratcheting wrench. There we go. Finally, our third bracket here is toward our truck bed. Now at this point, obviously when you remove this, the side step, if you have one, is gonna drop down, so you want to have something supporting the weight of it to make sure it doesn't drop on top of you or just be prepared to catch it. There it goes.All right, with all three brackets removed we can set this guy aside. All right, guys, so we've got our factory side step off of our 2013 Ram behind me and it's sitting next to our new Barricade HD drop steps. And I want to take you through some of the similarities and differences between the two and I got to say, guys, night and day difference between these two options here. Let's start off with our factory step. And as you can see, there are two really wide, large, long stepping pads made with that textured ABS plastic, it's got a honeycomb-style pattern on it to give you some of that grip.The rest of it is using a mixture of some aluminum and steel components and also it has some plastic end caps. So all-in-all, not very consistent materials and it's not gonna be the most durable construction out of all the side steps. I will say, however, it's useful for getting in and out of your truck safely especially if it's lifted on some bigger wheels and tires. It can definitely come in handy from the factory. But as far as the aesthetics, it's really not that good looking. It's got a lot more fingerprints, it's a lot more dirty with that polished finish, it's really dull, scratched up, scuffed up over time. It's really not gonna hold on in the long haul.If you're upgrading to the Barricade HD, you are improving it tenfold. The new HD steps here are made from a tubular steel construction with a powder coated black finish on top. Now the tubular steel is gonna be a lot more durable, it'll take the beating, it's not gonna be denting easily at all. So if you're off-roading with your truck, this is definitely gonna take the beating for some off-road rocks and obstacles.Now side steps aren't typically considered armor in most cases but if you were to get hit by something on or off-road, having this tubular steel construction will definitely save the day whereas your factory components would probably get pretty banged up. On top of that, this has a characteristic mixture of a running board and a drop step. Running boards typically hug the body of the truck without leaving much negative space and that's really what you're getting here with the tubular design up top. This is gonna hug that body, giving you a nice closed gap look.But the steps themselves do drop down and have a really angular aggressive finish that mimic that of a drop step. It's really got the best of both worlds aesthetically and as far as functionality, it's all gonna be super useful. The drop steps are a lot lower so if you're vertically challenged like I am, it makes getting in the truck a lot easier, it's also got eight individual cut holes with raised lips to give you that extra grip.Now that grip here might not look as good as the grip from the factory but it is a lot more effective. If you're using your work boots, hop in and out of the truck, they will grip these a lot easier than they'd grip these slip-resistant pads here. These, while they're not ABS and textured, they do have the raised lips to help you with safety and security, so all year round, those drop steps are gonna be useful.Aside from the rest of it, the factory step is really curved, it's really round, oval-shaped, it's not very aggressive. The new one is very angular and very stealthy and very aggressive. So description wise, I would give the new steps a lot more of an aggressive adjective than I would give the factory one. So let's get these guys installed. The bracketing system is gonna be pretty similar. As you can see, our factory steps have been pre-installed, we're gonna install the brackets separately for our Barricades.The brackets are gonna be side-specific, as are the steps, so make sure you're grabbing all of the driver's side components when operating on the driver's side, I'm gonna toss the factory step out of the way, grab our new brackets and get to work. All right, so we're kicking things off on our driver's side installing our brackets toward the front of our vehicle.And what we're gonna do is basically take the side-specific front driver's side bracket and install it just like that. Now different trucks have different methods of install. Now as you can see we have one large oval hole and then two threaded holes. Some trucks will have one large oval hole and two open holes. Now if that's the case, you'll be using this nut bracket. You'll insert it through the large hole, put the stud through the back, and then bolt down the bracket to this. Now because we have two threaded holes, what we're basically gonna do is just take two bolts instead of that bracket and go straight to the body of the vehicle like this. So I'm gonna take our bracket first and set it into place by hand.Next I'm gonna take an 8-millimeter bolt included in the kit along with a split washer and a flat washer and I'm just gonna thread it by hand through all the way down. Do that on both of those threaded holes. Again, if you have open holes and not threaded holes, just use that nut plate. Perfect. Now as you can see, it is slotted so we want to make sure that we're installing this right into the middle because that's a good starting point.All right, from there we can tighten those two down with a 13 socket. Now next up we have to install our support bracket. Now the support bracket will bolt to this open hole and the two holes on the pinch weld, so the bolt just like this. Now in order to do that, we'll need two 10-millimeter bolts along with two flat washers and the nylon lock nut. So now what we're gonna do is take our support bracket and line those two holes up to the pinch weld. Take a 10-millimeter bolt and a flat washer and put it through the back.You want the bolt head to be on the outside of the vehicle, it's more aesthetically pleasing. If you to do it the other way around it might not look as good. So you put the flat washer, cap it off with the nylon lock nut. All right, I know that can be tricky, you only have two hands, but once you get that through it'll be a lot easier once you have one in place.All right, repeat that for the other hole. Before we tighten down these two bolts, I want to make sure we're putting a bolt through the support bracket to the main bracket. Take another one of these 13-millimeter bolts with a flat washer and put that through, follow it up on the other side with another flat washer and another nylon lock nut.All right, once you have those in place, we can tighten down the support bracket first here and then wrap it up with the pinch weld. You're gonna need a 13-millimeter wrench for the nylon lock nut and a 13-millimeter socket for the bolt head. Switch over to a 10-millimeter for the two bolts at the pinch weld. Perfect. Make sure everything is tight and secure. Repeat this exact same process for the other two brackets on the driver's side.All right, now we can do this exact same process for the middle section of our truck. We're gonna put our bracket up first, and because we have the two threaded holes, I'm gonna put two bolts straight into the frame here, but again, if you have open holes, use that nut plate. Grab your 13 socket and tighten them down. So if you put the bolt through the main bracket first, it may hold this into place a little bit easier. All right, so now we can tighten things down. All right, now you can repeat this for the third bracket.All right, now for the final bracket, all the way by our truck's bed, we're actually gonna use a different bracket. This one is gonna be facing the complete opposite direction. Instead of this bracket being on the left side, it's actually gonna be on the right, it's labeled P for passenger. So for the front and middle of your driver's side, use the driver's side's labeled D, for the rear bracket, use one of the P, passenger brackets. This is gonna be facing the opposite direction. So we're gonna take the bolts and basically follow the exact same process just facing a different way. All right, grab your 13 socket and tighten those two down.Now you're gonna take the support bracket and again you're picking the one that's facing the opposite way, so it lines up with this back hole here. Once you have that taken care of, grab that 13-millimeter bolt, put it through, and put a flat washer and a nylon lock nut on the opposite end. Then finally the two 10-millimeter bolts should go through the front, line up to the bracket on the back end.All right, so next step, what we're gonna do is use two of these boxes here just to help support our side step into place, I'll be crawling underneath. Now you can use floor jacks, jack stands, if you have a buddy on deck, they can hold it there for you, whatever you got, just to get it to stay into place while you bolt it down. We're just gonna prop this guy up here, slide it back to line up those brackets. Just like that. Now we can crawl underneath and bolt it back down.Next up we're gonna take two of the 10-millimeter bolts here, the larger ones included in the kit along with two of the flat washers, one on the bolt head side, one on the nylon lock nut side, line up the brackets, slide those guys through. And we're just gonna loosely install all of them just to hold that in place first and then we'll come back and tighten them down. We're gonna loosely install these two first and then we'll tighten them down, so I've got one up there. It looks like we may need to take out the support here just to get this guy to line up a little better. There we go. We'll put the other guy in.Now when you go to tighten these down, what you want to do is just get it nice and snug but leave a little room for adjustment because we want to make sure all the other bolt holes line up too. So we're just gonna get this snug to hold it in place. All right, so you'll need a 16-millimeter socket for the bolt head and an 18-millimeter wrench for the nut. Perfect. Do the same thing for the other two brackets.All right, so now what you want to do is head up top, check the position, make sure you like where it's at, if you need to make any adjustments, do so now, then go back and tighten all these bolts down. Well, guys, that's gonna wrap up my review and install for the Barricade HD Drop Side Step Bar, available for the '09 to '18 Ram 1500. If you want to get this for your own truck, you can do so right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Specs & Installation


      • Side Step Bars
      • Provide Easy Truck Entry and Exit
      • Include Sturdy Step Areas
      • Aesthetically Pleasing, Dropped-Step Angular Design
      • Heavy-Duty Construction
      • Powder-Coat Finish
      • Easy No-Drill Installation
      • Mounting Hardware Included
      • Fits the 2009-2018 RAM 1500 Quad Cab Models


      Easy Truck Entry and Exit. The Barricade HD Drop Side Step Bars are made to provide a very secure and convenient entry and exit on the RAM 1500 Quad Cab. With their dropped step angular design, they feature wide step areas that drop down to assist with entry and exit, and they are slip-resistant. It also doesn’t hurt that they are great-looking due to their chiseled design.

      Strong and Durable. Made to be very sturdy, these drop side step bars will not break, fade, or rust for the duration of time you have them on your truck.

      Easy Installation. These side step bars are made to bolt onto your truck. With all the hardware included for installation, and with simple hand tools, you should be able to install it within 2 hours.

      Application. The Barricade HD Drop Side Step Bars are designed to fit all 2009-2018 RAM 1500 Quad Cab models. They are sold as a pair.

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