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Ram Headlights and Upgrade Options

Ram Headlights and Upgrade Options

While most Ram owners wouldn't think of their headlights as requiring a serious upgrade, you can gain greater off-roading performance by increasing your visibility with aftermarket headlights. Choose from luminous and long-lasting HID conversion kits and LED bulbs that are almost twice as bright and clearer than stock Ram 1500 halogen lights. A pair of smoked out black headlights and an LED Dayliner strip could give your Ram 1500 a more aggressive and luxurious look. You didn't buy a Dodge Ram 1500 to blend in with every other factory-made truck on the road. Add performance and a sexy look to your Ram 1500 with a pair of ultra-bright aftermarket headlights.

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Having clear visibility is an important feature that helps protect you and your truck safe on the road. Brighten up the road as well your truck's appearance with the perfect set of headlights for any occasion.

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A Dodge Ram’s Stock Headlight Setup

Your stock headlight clusters will feature two halogen projector bulbs for your low beams and high beams. Your Ram also features an individual turning blinker bulb that is the most susceptible to wear and malfunction. Consider these two arguments for investing in an aftermarket headlight kit.Although the Dodge Ram has undergone significant upgrades to its exterior look and front side, Dodge still relies on decades-old halogen projectors to power your headlight panels. Factory halogen bulbs provide Ram owners with very little visibility, essentially only the minimum amount allowed by law. On top of that, headlights are some of the first mechanical parts in your Dodge Ram to break down, and having to replace a headlight every year becomes frustrating. 

First, if one of your headlights begins to malfunction you might not notice until you’re pulled over in the middle of the night. Secondly, having greater vision to maneuver around obstacles in the dark will also prevent accidents, protecting your investment.

On average, your stock halogen bulbs will only produce up to 2350 lumen, where a low-end LED low beam kit could produce a staggering 4000 lumens. LED and HID bulbs also consume much less power and can last for nearly three times longer than standard halogen projector bulbs. Here we’re going to cover a few smart and stylish upgrades for your Ram 1500’s headlight cluster.

  • HID/LED lights and the best bulbs for their buck 
  • Dual and single piece headlight displays
  • Chrome, black, and LED Dayliner kits

Understanding Different Headlight Bulbs

For a quick overview, we’re going to discuss which truck headlights offer the best luminosity and which are guaranteed to last the longest. 

HID: High-intensity discharge headlights are fitted with a gas filament, instead of your standard light bulb heating filament. With a lower operating temperature, HID headlights are guaranteed to last longer than halogen bulbs and produce greater luminosity. HID conversion kits are very expensive and replacement bulbs can be quite expensive as well.

Halo Rings: Halo rings or corona rings are not the same as halogen light bulbs. Halo rings are an aftermarket upgrade that can be fitted directly to existing projector bulbs and are often featured in many aftermarket conversion kits. Halo rings were originally powered by a fiber optic system, but are now mostly powered by LED bulbs. Halo rings have become so powerful that many of them can now operate as standard daytime running lights.

LED: Light-emitting diodes are the new craze in everything lighting. Being smaller and consuming less energy than incandescent bulbs, LED lights are the longest lasting headlights on the market and the most luminous. With an LED dayliner kit, Ram owners could purchase LED bulbs that pulsate in hundreds of different colors.

Adaptive Headlights: Adaptive headlights illuminate the direction the steering wheel is turning. This could either be accomplished through a mechanical or computer operated process. LED adaptive headlights now have detection systems to adjust luminosity based on incoming vehicles or where the light is being turned toward. These aftermarket conversion kits will provide you with the ideal visibility for hard off-road turns. Keep in mind these kits can run you thousands of dollars.

Chrome Dodge Ram Headlights

With easy plug and play installation, a pair of sleek, chrome headlights will fit in perfectly with your Ram 1500’s factory finished look. It’s stylish and bashful look serves as a perfect utilitarian upgrade for your Dodge Ram. Chrome headlight clusters are available in a single or triple piece setups.

Choose from chrome headlight panels that feature amber lens blinkers or flush chrome headlights without amber lens blinkers. LED and CCFL dual halo chrome projectors are available for third generation Ram 1500s, and newer Ram 1500s may also enjoy LED dual halo projector panels for better headlight visibility.

Chrome Headlights

Black-out Dodge Ram Headlights

For Ram owners looking to give their Ram 1500 a hellish and brutish look, a pair of smoked black headlight clusters offers what you desire. Ram owners can choose from LED single piece displays or triple piece panels with dual halo projectors. You’ve probably seen these sexy headlights on newer luxury sedans. 

Black-out Headlights

LED Dayliner Dodge Ram Headlights 

A great way to add even more visibility to your Dodge Ram, day and night, is a pair of dayliner LED bulbs that wrap underneath your existing projector bulbs. These bright LEDs are street legal and easy to install - no tangled wires or anything. Give your truck some class with a stylish LED Dayliner kit.

Dayliner Headlights

How to Adjust Dodge Ram Headlights

If you've ever lifted your pickup or are even trying to install a pair of adaptive headlights then you’ll need to adjust your Ram’s headlights to the right height and line of sight. This task should only take you an hour, and it's recommended you consult your owner’s manual first. 

First, make sure it's dark outside. All you’ll need is a torx head toolkit. Remove the horizontal and vertical adjustment screws, but not the mounting screws. Begin to adjust your headlights with your torx head so they lie center with your vehicle’s line of vision or are aimed at the bumper of a car in front of you. Test the alignment and simply place the screws back in place.

Test each headlight individually. While this is a simple DIY project, you may want to consider acquiring professional assistance to ensure your headlights are adjusted to the right height.

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