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GMC Sierra 1500 Interior Storage Guide

GMC Sierra 1500 Interior Storage Guide

Your truck bed can get littered with different tools, cables, and miscellaneous materials for work. Aside from conserving space, everything you house in your Sierra’s truck bed is subject to the elements, which makes the case for maximizing your interior storage to safely transport precious materials. With 16 interior bins, the new GMC Sierra 1500s are equipped with 53-cubic feet of interior space, and that’s only the short bed models. From secure lockboxes to portable storage systems, AmericanTrucks offers everything you need to optimize your interior storage space.

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Sierra owners know that organized truck is a productive truck. Upgrading interior storage helps keep tools in their proper place so that you can take the time that would have been wasted sorting through a cluttered mess to take on more projects. Find the perfect set up for your Sierra so that you can protect your tools and your time.

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Securing Interior Cargo

Just because you keep your cargo inside the cabin doesn't make it any more secure. Still using that dinky old center console and glove box to hide your wallet? It’s time to upgrade to a lockable metal center console and glove box that no one will be able to get into. 

No offense to GMC, but their center console and glove box storage compartments are made of very flimsy materials that can break down over time. Aside from this, the locking mechanisms are also very easy to pry open. If you want to truly secure your center console cargo or important documents in your glove box, an aftermarket upgrade with reinforced steel locking mechanisms will ensure no one gets into your center console or glove box anytime soon. 

Lock boxes are also a very popular purchase among Sierra owners who want to secure valuable cargo that won’t take up too much space. With a simple installation, a cargo lock box can be mounted flush to your vehicle without sacrificing seating or legroom. Lockboxes are perfect for securing laptops, holding concealed carries, or hiding important materials. They even come with a 10-tumbler, double-bitted key mechanism to add an extra layer of security and greater peace of mind. 

Console Security Insert

Ways to Increase Cargo Space

  • Mounted lockboxes that sit flush with seating and fit perfectly in your rear cargo. 
  • Under the seat storage bins fit perfectly under rear seats and are available for all Sierra models.
  • Center console organizers allow you to secure small items from rattling around when you take your Sierra off-roading.
  • Behind the seat storage bins can fit small items without even being in sight. 
  • Floor console cup and coin holders add additional options to store small items without having them lie around your cabin.

With over 16 storage bins available for new Sierra models, it seems like the options are endless to customize and maximize your interior storage space. Extended cab models even offer fold up rear seats to fit larger items in your rear without subjecting them to the elements.

Storage bins are available to organize and transport small objects under your Sierra’s seat. They can also sit flush with rear seating and can be placed behind rear seats. Made with durable, impact-resistant plastic, these aftermarket upgrades are guaranteed to last a long time and absorb a beating from off-roading in your Sierra. Under the seat storage compartments operate like a drawer allowing you to organize small valuables and provide a safe locking mechanism. 

Under Seat Storage Box

Portable Storage

Cargo containment systems and lock boxes are perfect portable storage options to safely store small and large objects without fear of them spilling or taking abuse from rough roads. Cargo containment systems are available with brackets that can mount directly to the floor of your rear cabin or on the back of folded rear seats. 

These can be adjusted to hold objects of any size neatly in place. Not only do they prevent objects from sliding around, but they also help keep your Sierra’s interior cabin organized. Lock boxes also come with available mounting kits to securely transport lockbox materials without them swishing around your rear seats. 

Cargo Containment System

Conceal Carry Additions

The GMC Sierra offers plenty of space and storage options to carry concealed weapons and place gun racks for quick and secure access. Mounted gun racks can be safely secured overhead for rifles or in the rear cargo. Made of durable metal materials, gun racks are designed to last a long time and prevent incessant rattling during transport. 

In addition to this, there are nearly endless options to install a pistol holster. From under the steering wheel to mounting directly on side doors, a mounted pistol holster will ensure you have quick and safe access to it in emergencies. Consider also utilizing lock boxes and under-the-seat storage bins with reinforced locking mechanisms to store concealed weapons. 

Electronic Mounts

Consider maximizing the space and comfort of your vehicle with convenient cellphone and laptop mounts. Made with durable materials, these electronic mounts are convenient when you are looking for directions and give you more room in your storage bins.

Cell-phone mounts are secured to the interior of your Sierra with a sticky adhesive and can be installed in the center console or dashboard of your truck. Now, you don’t constantly have to look down to view your phone while driving. A laptop mount operates the same way and can be suspended in the air so you or a passenger can use a laptop on the fly. These will require bolted in installation to safely secure the laptop mount.

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