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Distracted Driving: Are iPhone Users Safer Drivers Than Android?

AT Staff

AT Staff

 / Jan 20 2023
Distracted Driving: Are iPhone Users Safer Drivers Than Android?

Who Are Safer Drivers: Apple or Android Users?

Key Takeaways

  • Android truck drivers are most loyal to Toyota, while Apple users prefer Ford.
  • Apple users have been in nearly 20% more at-fault accidents than Android users.
  • Apple users understand road signs and rules better than Android users.

Does the Brand Make the Driver?

Apple and Android smartphones have their differences. But beyond their pricing and features, could certain tendencies be more common among users of one versus the other — like, their driving habits?

Texting and blasting music while driving is risky, and so is disobeying (or misunderstanding) the rules of the road. To compare these and other driving habits among Apple and Android users, we surveyed 500 Americans on both sides. Who is safer and savvier on the road? Which ones are more likely to pay attention behind the wheel instead of being distracted by their phones? And, of course: Which trucks are they driving? Our results may surprise you!

Who Has Better Driving Habits?

With more than 300,000 drivers using their phones while driving, it's no surprise that Florida has enacted stricter laws governing distracted driving. But which devices are they using? We compared the driving habits of Apple and Android users to find out.

We saw some slight differences between the driving behaviors of Android and Apple users. According to self-reporting, Android users have been less likely to text while driving than Apple users by just two percentage points. They were also a little bit more likely to speed, run a stop sign, or drive without wearing a seatbelt. But both groups found equal ground in neglecting to use a turn signal when they were supposed to (53%).

Android and Apple users also had different preferences regarding their driving music. Android users showed a stronger inclination toward rock (59%), while Apple fans favored pop tunes (55%). These were the top genres among each respective group, but hip-hop and rap were among the top five choices for both. Metal made the top five drive-time genres for Android users (24%), while Apple users were more likely to choose Indie (29%).

Who's Getting Into More Trouble?

Early in 2022, the U.S. saw more traffic-related deaths than it had in 20 years. Next, our survey respondents provided insight into which devices were more likely to have been involved in some of them. We also uncovered which users have gotten the most tickets.

Drivers using Apple devices were a staggering 20% more likely to be the source of an accident than their Android counterparts. However, the latter had 15% greater odds of getting involved in a crash due to distracted driving — whether it was their fault or not. Tickets, on the other hand, were handed out to both sets of users in roughly equal measure during that time; Apple users received more by just one percentage point.

On average, Apple users were also more likely than Android users to have received five or more tickets during their lifetime. Getting a ticket often results from missing or misunderstanding traffic signs and generally taking risks when driving. To avoid run-ins with the law, we suggest practicing defensive driving techniques.

Keeping Their Cool

We all experience road rage from time to time; it's a normal response to dangerous or pressing driving conditions. But how does it affect drivers using different smartphones?

If you have an Apple device in your pocket, you might be a little more likely to experience road rage than an Android user — but not by much: 54% of Apple users said they experience road rage compared to 51% of Android users. You might also be more likely to drive a Ford truck. Respondents with Apple devices were 7% more likely than Android users to drive a truck, opting for a Ford (29%) or Toyota as their brand of choice.

Android truck drivers agreed that Toyota is a good choice, with 30% selecting it as their top pick. Much like smartphones, trucks have become a modern-day status symbol in America. But could these things make people feel like they need to one-up each other? At least 60% of both Apple and Android users said that when they experience road rage, it usually stems from feeling competitive with other drivers. Hopefully, they're not breaking any road rules as a result.

Who Knows the Rules?

Road-safety regulations are in place to protect us. But which motorists follow the rules: Apple or Android owners? And how well do they understand them?


After quizzing both Apple and Android users on road rules and signs, the results revealed that Apple customers earned a 5% higher grade, on average. This finding suggests that iPhone users may have a better grasp on traffic laws and regulations than people with Android phones.

If any of these answers surprised you, you may want to brush up on your traffic knowledge! Knowing the rules can make you a better driver, prevent accidents, and maybe even reduce road rage (yours and everyone else's).

The Race Continues

Our survey results show differences between how Android and Apple users conduct themselves while on the road. Apple users have tended to drive a little more cautiously, and they were also slightly more aware of traffic rules and the meaning of road signs. But more of them had also recently caused a traffic accident by a few percentage points and even gotten a few more tickets.

So, who's the better driver? It's hard to say. Nobody's perfect, and we all have our bad days. To create a safer driving environment for you and everyone else on the road, make sure you know the rules and keep a cool head. It's not a competition — either on the road or with which phone you have in your pocket. Speaking of which, that's a good place to keep it while you're driving.


We surveyed 1,000 Americans (500 Android users and 500 Apple users) regarding their driving habits. Additionally, respondents took road rules and road sign assessments to measure their driving knowledge. The mean age of surveyed Americans was 38 years old. Among them, 56% were male, and 44% were female.

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