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CCFL Halo Projector Headlights; Black Housing; Clear Lens (09-18 RAM 1500 w/o Factory Projector Headlights)

Item R101174
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys. It's Joe from AmericanTrucks, and today we're gonna be taking a closer look at the Axial Black Projector Headlights with CCFL Halos, fitting all '09 to '18 Ram 1500s without factory projector headlights. Now, these headlights are going to be a great option for any Ram owner out there that is looking to get a little bit more light out of the front of their truck while at the same time changing up the looks with an awesome Halo projector headlight, all at a reasonable price. So, what do we have going on here with the Axial Black Projectors? Well, there's a lot of changes we're making compared to the factory headlights, and we're gonna put these two side-by-side in just a second. But for now, let me break down each element of these headlights individually. We'll start with the low beam. And what we're gonna be doing here is swapping out a reflector style housing for a projector style housing. Now, what that's gonna do for you is really trim down that low beam light into a focused beam, and it's going to allow you to put that wherever you want. There's some adjustment knobs on the back, and that's going to get you a nice focused area of light on the road in front of you. Now, your high beam is going to be the opposite idea. That's gonna be your standard reflector style housing, and the idea there is to just throw as much light as possible like any standard high beam would. Now, on top of that, we have some awesome accent lights. Right here we have some LEDs just scattered around the inside edges, and the main draw here, the CCFL Halos in the two rings, one around the low beam, one around the high beam are really gonna add to the looks of the front end of your truck and give it a nice modern touch. Now, behind all of that, we do have a black housing which is gonna give you that smoked look, but at the same time, you're gonna keep a clear lens right up front, so that's going to allow all the light you need to pass through while adding that nice smoked blackout look for the front end of your truck. Now, like I said, the lenses are perfectly clear, so that's not gonna cut into your light output at all. You're still gonna get the most amount of light possible out of these headlights, and, again, you get the smoked look from that black housing back there. But the lenses are pretty durable as well. They're made out of a polycarbonate which is gonna be perfect to stand up to any rocks or chips, anything that's kicked up from a car in front of you. That's going to be a nice durable lens on there. Now, I just wanted to take a second to go into what wiring you need to do, and we're gonna be swapping over some headlight bulbs here in just a second. And this actually does come with what you need to swap out to that projector bulb without any wiring. That's going to be an H1 bulb, and, again, that H1 is going to come in the kit. As far as the high beam and the marker lights go, 9005 bubls, we are gonna be swapping those over from our factory headlights, and the LED accents and the CCFL rings on there they do come as an open wire on the back, but I'm gonna show you exactly how to wire those in just a second here. Now, another great feature about these is they have some real engineering behind them. They meet all OEM and ISO standards, so no matter what state you live in, these are always going to pass inspection. Now, another great feature about this is going to be the price tag. We're only looking at around 400 bucks to get a pair of these, and that is going to be one heck of a bargain. Even included in that price is going to be a limited lifetime warranty from Axial.Now as far as what we're looking at for install on these headlights, it's not gonna be too bad. Most of it is plug-and-play, and for that, I'm gonna give it a harder one out of three, and the reason I give it a harder is because the LEDs and the halo rings on here are going to be wired into the harness on our truck. I'm gonna show you exactly how to do that in just a second here. Now, at most, I think this will take you an hour if you're prepared to do some wiring. If you've never done that before, I would budget around two. But without any further ado, let me show you what tools you'll need and how it's done. Tools we use for this install are going to include an impact or ratchet, U-joint, 10-millimeter socket, and a trim panel removal tool. Now, you will need to do some wiring like I said. So, for that, I would recommend having some electrical stuff on hand, electrical tape, wire cutters, wire strippers, and I used the channel locks here to crimp down our spade connectors. So, to get the headlights off of our Ram here, we actually need to get the grille out of the way, and that's gonna give us access to the hardware we need to get to to unbolt this headlight. So, we're gonna focus on the grille to start with. And the first thing we're gonna do is take our trim panel removal tool. There's six push pins holding in this plastic cover here. We're gonna get those out of the way first. Now, with all of those out of the way, we should be able to pull off that plastic cover, and that's gonna reveal four 10-millimeter bolts holding on our grille. We're gonna get the impact and the socket out and get these out of the way as well. Now, I just wanted to say as we're taking these out, yours might look a little bit different, reason being is these ones on the end here are just threaded into plastic, and our truck has been apart so many times that we've replaced them with metal inserts. That's just a word of caution when you're taking your truck apart here. Don't go too crazy with these. So, now this grille is just held in with a couple of clips. We're gonna give this a soft but firm tug, and it should pop right off of our truck. So, now we have access to these two 10-millimeter bolts. This bottom one right here is a little bit tough to get at, so I have our 10-millimeter socket on the U-joint here. That should make quick work of that bottom one. And that's out, we're just gonna move up to the top and get that one as well. Now, with those out, you should be able to pull your headlight right out as well. Before we get it off the truck though, we're just gonna pull these harnesses out. What you have to do to get these off is release that red clip and push down on the tab, and you should be able to pull those right off. So, now we're about ready to drop in our new Axial headlight here. As you can see, I have this face down because we need to do a little bit of work on the backside here before we go dropping this in. I got a rag down just to protect the lens here. I recommend you do the same. Now, what we're gonna do here first is we're gonna transfer over some of the bulbs from our factory headlight, which is over here, and that's gonna be really easy. We're gonna start with this one on the outside. It's got this cover over the top of it, and we're just gonna peel that away. And that's just to keep any dirt or debris out while that thing is packaged up. Then we're gonna come over here to the factory headlight. We're gonna take out our bulb, and that's just gonna transfer directly over. And once you get those teeth locked, we're just gonna twist that clockwise to lock it in. Now, secondly, this one right here is going to have to get popped out, so we're just gonna spin that counter-clockwise. There's the bulb right there. Just gonna peel back on that clip to disconnect it, and we're gonna take that out, and we're gonna make sure to not touch the actual bulb part, so I'm just going to put the headlight aside. Put that down right there. Then we're gonna come over to our new headlight, and on the back of this you can see we have our connector right there, but what I'm gonna do first is just to take our bulb, and it drops. Actually, this would probably be easier to plug it in first, and I'm gonna pull through a little bit of slack, and that is gonna drop right in place. Give it a little clockwise twist, and then I'm just gonna pull our weather shield down here and seal that up nice and tight.Now transferring over bulbs is one thing. Now, we're gonna move on to what I would consider the hardest part of this headlight install, and that is wiring up our LED running lights. First thing I'm gonna do though, this isn't going to be as hard as it seems, I'm just gonna take these spade connectors here, and I'm gonna combine the red wires as well as the black wires. Now, you pretty much wire these however you like. I really like these quick disconnect spades here, so that's what I'm gonna use. You can pretty much wire these into whatever you like as well. Most guys would probably go to the running lights, but that is up to you. Once you have those started, you can give them a nice crimp here. I'm gonna use the channel locks just for some more leverage. You just want to make sure you get a nice strong connection, and those are not going anywhere. I'm gonna do the same exact thing for the black wire. Now, I just want to be clear that these spade connectors are not included in the kit here. No wiring stuff is, so you'll have these empty open wires to deal with. So, just keep that in mind if you do plan on picking these up. Got a nice connection there as well.Now, one thing I did want to touch on before we drop our headlight into our truck is we already have some female spade connectors installed on our running lights here. Your truck isn't gonna have those. One thing I would recommend here is just peeling back some of this, exposing the wires, bringing out the mulitmeter, plugging this guy in right here, seeing which one of these three works what. And, again, you could wire this guy however you want to, but in our case, we're just gonna take our headlight, plug in the turn signal, plug in our beams here, and then we're gonna come in with our spade connectors. Those are gonna drop right in like so. And at that point, you're pretty much completely plugged in and wired up. Before we tighten these back down, would probably be a good idea to test to make sure everything is working. I'm just gonna push that wiring back, and that can fall right back onto the truck like so. Now, we can take our 10-millimeter bolts from earlier. We're gonna run those back in. Now, this one on the bottom here should have a spacer on it. Our truck is missing that, so I'm not gonna tighten that down all the way, just enough to generate some tension on it. Yours will not look like that. You'll have that spacer, and you'll see that on the other side. So, now that we have one side for our Axial headlights all the way installed and completely wired up and up and running, I figure now will be the perfect time to compare it with the stock headlight, which is still on the opposite side here, and we're gonna point out some of the key differences between the two and basically what makes this Axial headlight so much better than the factory unit. Now, looking at these two on the table and on the truck, you can see the biggest difference here is gonna come in the looks department. We are losing this factory chrome sort of segmented design here with those reflector housing. It looks really, really ugly if you're not into that chrome look, we're dishing that for the blacked out housing here. We have those halos. They look awesome. Basically, we're losing all of the things that make this Ram headlight from the factory ugly, and we're upgrading them with that blackout look in combination with the halos, which is going to really improve the looks of the front end of our '14 Ram here. Now, we're also getting some functionality upgrades as well. Our factory unit has a reflector style low beam. On our new Axial over here we have that projector style low beam, and, again, the bulb for that is going to be included. But what that does basically is it really is going to focus that low beam bulb, and with the adjustment on the back, as you saw when this thing was flipped up on the table here, that's gonna allow you to really dial this in on the road in front of you and get the most amount of lighting possible. But dialed in, so you're not going to blind the other drivers coming the opposite direction. So, that low beam is gonna be a huge upgrade. We're keeping the reflector style housing for the high beam down there. That's gonna be good because the idea behind that is to scatter as much light as possible. Other than that, we do have some more similarities. That orange reflector on the outside here is going to pretty much stay the same and the marker light all the way at the bottom that we transferred over earlier, that is going to be the same as well. So, that is gonna pretty much sum up the differences between these two. I put the grille on there just to shoot some shots of the two right next to each other on the front of the truck. I'm gonna pop that back off. We're gonna take our headlight, go over to the other side and get that wrapped up in the same exact way. So, we're gonna get this headlight out of here in the same manner, 10-millimeter socket for this top one here. Pop right out, and this one requires the U-joint, and that should fall right out as well. Then we can take our headlight, just give it a quick peel back. That should release it. And to get these out, we're just gonna pull on that red tab, push the clip down. That should fall right off. And it looks like this has been changed out, obviously. I don't think yours is gonna be green, but same thing, red tab, push down and that should fall off as well. So, now we're just gonna transfer over some bulbs here. Starting with the marker light, we're just going to peel back that cover, and then this goes right in. Clockwise to lock it in place. Then we're gonna come over to this pad right here. Pull that up, we need to transfer that one as well. Back to our factory headlight, gonna release that cover by spinning it counter-clockwise. Then the bulb, counter-clockwise as well, and then pull on this tab here and that is gonna release it. And then just like the other side, just gonna pull back back cover, and that is gonna drop right into our housing here and then give it a clockwise twist to lock it in. And now I'm gonna reinstall this seal. So, that's all set. We can get rid of our factory headlight. Now, we're just gonna do some halo and LED wiring. We'll take our red wires, drop them into a spade connector. I'm just gonna use those channel locks to crimp it down. That is not going anywhere. And we are gonna be reversing this. If weren't, stuff like these, you would probably use some heat to shrink that down just to lock it in place and make sure you get a nice weather-tight seal. We're gonna skip that step in our case here, and we're gonna move on to our ground and do the same thing. Great connection. And now we're ready to head back to the truck. And now we're just gonna plug all of our connectors back in, starting with the headlight. Then we're gonna move over here to our marker light. We're gonna lock that in with that red tab. And then our spade connectors over here are just gonna plug right in as well. So, now we're just gonna push all that in, and you wanna make sure you're not pinching any of that.Now, we're just going to put our grille back on. And that should clip into place on the bottom, then we could come up to the top here and reinstall our 10-millimeter hardware. Now, again, these are most likely plastic on your truck. Don't use the impact like I am. Only using that because we have some metal inserts here, and even then, I'm gonna be pretty light. Now, we are going to reinstall our plastic cover and secure it with those six push pins. Now, at this point, these are fully installed. You just want to make sure they're nice and aligned. Pull it up to your garage bay door and make some adjustments as needed. But that's gonna do it for my review and install of the Axial Black Projector Headlights with CCFL Halos, fitting all '09 to '18 Ram 1500s without projector headlights. Thank you guys, for watching. I'm Joe. Subscribe for more videos like this one, and as always, keep it right here at AmericanTrucks for all things Ram.

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • 1-Piece Projector Style Headlights
      • Enhances Clarity
      • Provides Aggressive Appearance
      • H1 Low Beam Bulbs (Included)
      • 9005 High Beam Bulbs (Not Included)
      • Durable Polycarbonate Clear Lenses
      • Black Housings
      • Excellent Quality CCFL Halos
      • Meets ISO and OEM Standards
      • Simple Plug and Play Installation
      • Sold as a Pair
      • Fits 2009-2018 Dodge RAM 1500s w/o Factory Projector Headlights


      Dramatic New Look. If you've been looking for a way to add some flair to your 2009 to 2018 Dodge RAM, then these Black Projector Headlights with CCFL Halos is perfect for your truck. These headlights are direct replacements for the stock units and perfectly balance form and function for a dramatic new look.

      Increases Visibility. These projector headlights feature CCFL halos with a bulb lifespan of over 100,000 hours. Take a ride even on the darkest of nights without fear, as these lights will give you increased visibility even in pitch black conditions. Oncoming traffic will also have an easier time spotting your car on back country roads, providing you with a safer driving experience.

      Top Quality Headlights. These projector style headlights are made to last with polyprophite housing construction and strong polycarbonate lenses. Each headlights comes with a quality seal to ensure that the high-caliber electronics inside won't be ruined by any moisture or dirt.

      Direct Bolt-On Install. You will love the direct bolt-on installation process. To complete this user-friendly installation, you'll just need some basic wiring experience and common hand tools. These headlights meet OEM and ISO quality standards, are legal for use in all 50 states and include H1 low beam bulbs.

      Application. These Black Projector Headlights with CCFL Halos work with all 2009 to 2018 Dodge RAM models without factory projector headlights.

      Please Note. The 9005 high beam and parking light bulbs are not included.

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