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5 Quick Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool in the Summer

BY Emelie S.

Pool, no school, camp and nice dresses are only a few of the reasons summer is a coveted season by all – young or old. Your windshield, however, absorbs all that sun, quickly making your car seats impossible to touch or sit on – and while you might enjoy that summer breeze, your vehicle suffers even after only a few hours without shade. Fortunately, keeping your ride cool in the summer isn’t hard. Follow our five quick tips to keep warm weather away from your interior and enjoy the sunny drive without the skin burns.

1. Cover your Windshield

Your windshield and windows trap heat quickly and hold it inside your vehicle. Avoid the discomfort of waiting for your car or SUV to cool down by getting a windshield cover or a car sun shade. A favorite for sedan, truck and SUV owners alike, the Covercraft Car Sun Shade is gentle on your glass and drops your cabin’s temperature. If the city you live in is known for welcoming drastic four seasons throughout the year, you might want to give the 3D Maxpider Windshield Cover a try.

2. Keep your Dashboard Protected

Like any beautiful painting or canvas, your dashboard can suffer immensely with harsh heat and weather conditions. When you invest in a dashboard cover, you protect your interior and also add value to your vehicle. Choose a fun color in the Dash Designs Velour Dashboard Cover or match your interior – either way this dashboard cover is hand cut to fit your specific vehicle.

3. Shield your Steering Wheel

Not being able to touch your wheel when you need to get on the road quickly can be very frustrating. A steering wheel cover that is perforated for enhanced airflow such as the Wheelskins EuroPerf Steering Wheel Cover is a great way to reduce the risk of getting your fingers vaporized.

4. Take the Steam Off your Seats

Heated seats can be a nice feature in the winter months, but in 90° weather the last thing you want is to sit down and get blisters all over your skin. Seat covers can actually cool down your car seat fabric and also protect them from losing their color. A breathable mesh material like that from Seat Designs Cool Mesh Seat Covers can make your seating significantly cooler and more comfortable.

5. Get Full Coverage

The best way to maximize the protection of your vehicle is getting complete coverage with a car cover. Made for interior or outdoor use, a car cover like Covercraft Noah Custom Car Cover keeps heat from piercing into your vehicle – with the added bonus of avoiding moisture and dust as well. Like applying sunblock to your car, all these tips can help you keep your vehicle cool even during scorching, hot days. Get your favorite one or bundle up on all these accessories for extreme protection during the summer.