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2020 Ram 1500


2020 Ram 1500 is an incredibly versatile half-ton truck. With a range of configurations and trim levels, there are versions suited to serious towing and hauling as well as the weekend warrior. Engine options are familiar with the 3.6L V6 and a 5.7L V8. With this 2020 model, Ram has re-introduced an improved diesel-powered turbocharged 3.0L V6 known as the EcoDiesel. It now pushes out 260 HP and 480 lb-ft of torque, with a max tow of up to 12,560lbs. Matching this next-level performance, is a plush, comfortable quiet interior covered in rich materials, as well as new exterior styling packages such as the Night and Black Editions.

Max Out Your Bed

Tool and storage boxes are a good, versatile addition to any 2020 half-ton Ram looking to add secure storage without compromising rear visibility. Most bed toolboxes are made from aluminum that is built to withstand inclement weather conditions and keep your tools secure from theives. A full-size box will span the width of the truck bed and generally flush with the top of the bed. However, there are newer models on the market that actually attach to the bed side rails and remain lifted from the bed floor, leaving a gap in which longers items (like a 2x4) can still be easily placed. Most models are lockable (which is paramount for items left in the bed) and the more premium options will also include multiple drawers and/or separate compartments. A storage box is not terribly dissimilar in that they too are lockable and weatherproof, but they can also be made from plastic rather than aluminium. The benefit of plastic is that it can be custom moulded to maximize unused space, such as the space between the truck’s rear wheel well and tailgate for example. Further, plastic molded storage boxes are highly versatile in the sense that they often feature a drain valve and can be used to store ice and your favorite beverages. The downside, of course, is that a plastic box, even if locked, is easier to break into.

Protect Your Carpets

Given the amount of time and effort Dodge spent on creating a luxurious interior, you’d naturally want those good looks and plush feel to last as long as possible. Some of the best and most cost-effective interior accessories that offer protection against dirt, debris and whatever else you bring into your cab are floor mats and liners. For the best bang-for-your-buck, standard rubber floor liners, with their specific raised channels, will adequately trap dirt, mud and other unwanted debris and liquids. They are not the most attractive and as rubber is very flexible, removing a dirty mat can be a chore and one that runs the risk of dropping its contents all over your otherwise pristine floor. Next up are laser measured floor liners, which offer the best possible protection. They are specifically designed and cut to fit and contour to every area of the floor, as well as rising up to the bottom of the door sill and center console. Made from a special blend of rubber and plastic, these liners keep their form and as such, clean-up is considerably less stressful.

Menacing Front-End Style

A bull baris a classic front end upgrade that provides high-strength protection and a new layer to the aggressive good looks of the Ram 1500. Typically a straightforward installation, a bull ball will mount to the front frame rails, and protect your bumper and grille from any road hazards or potential damage from any accidental collisions. Most are manufactured from high quality 304 stainless steel, with finishes that can span a textured black, polished black, to polished steel or a heavy-duty chrome finish. Some premium models may also include LED light bars or mounting points for aux lights for enhanced night-time visibility. If price is an issue, consider a bull bar made from 409 grade stainless steel. Cheaper because of its lower chromium and nickel content, a bull bar made from 409 stainless steel will still have excellent strength and resistance to rust.

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2020 Dodge Ram 1500

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