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2014 Silverado 2500

For 2014, Chevrolet equipped gas-powered Silverado 2500HD trucks with 4.10 gears as standard, enabling 6.0L V8 equipped trucks to now tow up to 13,000 lbs - on par with 6.6L Duramax diesel models. Also new for this year was the introduction of a natural-gas capable version of the 6.0L V8. Dubbed the LC8, this bio-fuel engine has hardended valves and valve seats, allowing it to run on compressed natural gas or regular gasoline alike. The 6.0L Vortec V8 continues to be paired with a 6-speed 6L90 Hydromatic transmission and the more powerful diesel Duramax with a 6-speed Allison transmission.

Reduce Engine Sludge

2014 Silverado 2500 pickup trucks can benefit nicely from the installation of an oil catch can. By now, the engines are likely to have a few miles on them and are experiencing more blow-by - a natural event as an engine ages. The job of the PCV system is to vent any pressure built up in the crank case back into the intake manifold and then combustion chamber. Doing so prevents the contaminated air from being emitted directly into the air and helps reduce pollutants, particularly on engines that haven’t yet warmed up. Plumbing an oil catch can into the intake system can help collect and remove oil mist that has been drawn out of the crankcase (by the PCV system) before it is injected back into the intake manifold. Passing the re-circulated crankcase vented air through a scrubbing media captures any air born oil particles and separates them from the air, allowing the cleaned air to flow back out of the can and into the intake system. By doing so, owners can reduce sludge build-up in the intake and on the valves, which otherwise will accumulate over time and reduce engine performance. Once the catch can is full, the bottom holding tank unscrews and can be disposed of at an oil recycler facility.

Prevent Headaches… Literally

Headache racks help protect the rear window from getting smashed (and causing a headache!) should any cargo in the bed unintentionally shift forward. Installed on the forward lip of the bed near the cab, headache racks feature strong steel webbing or stanchions that span across the rear cab window. On top of protecting from regular cargo, these racks are a great safety feature to have when loading dirt bikes or quads in and out of the bed. In addition to their primary duty of guarding the back of the cab, many headache racks also feature additional support bars that sit atop the side bed rails, adding strength to the unit and serving as additional tie-down and lash points. Further, aftermarket manufacturers have begun incorporating universal mounting points onto the rack, making it easy for owners to add LED lighting to their truck. All in, a headache rack is a great add-on for any 2014 Silverado 2500 that spends a lot of time with cargo in the bed.

Muscular Front End Defense

A bull bar is a staple Silverado accessory that looks great but is also highly functional. Mounting to the front frame rails, bull bars add a high-strength barrier to the front of the truck that will protect the front bumper and grille from damage should there be an accidental collision with an animal or errant shopping cart. Bull bars are constructed using the following types of steel:

  • Mild steel: the least expensive option, mild steel bull bars are strong and will come with a black powder coating to protect the metal from the elements.
  • Stainless steel: more expensive than mild steel, stainless steel bars come with a polished finish and are naturally rust and corrosion resistant.

Further, bull bars typically come with several mounting points for auxiliary lighting along the top cross bar or between the main two support bars. Some high end models even feature an incorporated platform to mount a winch and a small lower valence skid plate.

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