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Thule Cargo Box Comparison Guide

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By Garrett Davis - January 7, 2020

OK, you’ve got your trip checklist in hand; Sleeping bags and tent? Check. Coolers full of food and camp stove? Got ’em. Twin kegs full of craft beer? Duh. That should about do it, right? One problem. There’s not enough room for the family anymore. Kind of an important detail, huh?

That’s where Thule cargo carriers come in. Roof top cargo carriers help you get your luggage, gear, or whatever else you’re packing out of the car and onto the roof — Thule just happens to be one of the leaders in this market. Made of high-quality ABS material, these cargo boxes are built to protect your gear and last.

Which Thule Cargo Box would best suit your needs?

The hardest part about Thule cargo boxes? Choosing the right one. That’s why we put together this comparison to get you going with what you need.

Be sure to check below for the sizing chart!

Thule 682 Sidekick Roof Cargo Box

Good things don’t always come in big packages, or expensive for that matter. The Thule 682 Sidekick Roof Cargo Box is designed to reduce wind-drag without sacrificing speed or mileage. Mounting to aftermarket racks as easily as your factory rack, it’s easy to install, extremely versatile and looks great on any vehicle. The Sidekick comes with a One Key locking system and, as always, a Lifetime Warranty.

Thule’s One Key locking system keeps your belongings safe and secure. And, the Thule 682 Sidekick mounts securely to any aftermarket and most factory-installed roof racks with horizontal crossbars. Oh, and did we mention it’s made in the USA? Not bad, huh?

Measures 54”L x 25”W x 15.5”H, with an interior capacity of 8 cubic ft

Attractive silver finish gleams in the sun

Handy side-open design

Thule Pulse Cargo Box

The Thule Pulse is one of the more affordable cargo box in the Thule line, but it punches above its weight in terms of storage capacity and strength. It’s made for small loads and easy access, and is the perfect cargo carrier for a road-tripper on a budget. Don’t let the small price fool you, as the Thule Pulse still packs Thule’s SecureLock to keep your belongings safe, and attaches to most racks with the Quick-Grip Mounting System.

Featuring a single side opening and skipping the other expensive bells & whistles of Thule’s top-tier boxes, the Pulse keep costs to a minimum. Available in sizes ranging from 11 to 16 cubic ft, it’s perfect for travelers with a little luggage and a small budget. Even better, Thule Pulse Cargo Boxes are crafted from advanced ABS, coated with a sleek matte-back finish and covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

Available in 3 different sizes – Alpine-11, L-14 and XL-16 cubic ft

Looks sharp with a matte-black finish

Single-side opening

Thule Motion XT Cargo Box

Need more space, security and peace of mind? The Thule Motion XT Cargo Carrier is optimized to deliver efficient interior space, aerodynamics and vehicle fit, mounting in a forward position on your roof to allow for full rear access without interference. As secure as it is sleek, the Thule Motion XT Roof Cargo Box features an exclusive SlideLock system with separate locking and opening functions, while the lid automatically locks in place and indicates when the box is closed properly.

Available in 4 different sizes – Alpine-12, L-13, XL-17 and XXL-22 cubic ft

Comes in a stylish black diamond-textured finish

Dual-side opening

Thanks to the integrated torque indicator, you can hear when your Thule Motion Cargo Box clicks into place securely mounted and the easy-to-grip outer handles and supporting lid lifters make quick work of opening and closing in any weather. Your Thule Motion XT Cargo Box comes with a 2-year warranty.

Thule Hyper Cargo Box

More Bentley than cargo box, the Thule Hyper is engineered for top-shelf style, convenience and security. On the outside, it boasts a metallic silver and high-gloss black two-tone finish that’s sure to turn heads on the highway. Plus, its specially sculpted Aeronose front design dramatically reduces drag and wind noise for better fuel economy and a whisper-quiet cockpit.

The Thule Hyper Rooftop Cargo Box is more than just skin deep. Inside, it’s equipped with a light for nighttime loading, dual-side opening for easy access and a heavy-duty lid that locks tight to stop pickpockets from walking off with your gear.

Minutes is all it takes to mount your Thule Hyper Cargo Box, thanks to its auto-clamping AcuTight hardware. Once it’s on, the rear-angled base gives you plenty of clearance for opening the rear hatch. And, its spacious storage capacity means plenty of room for luggage, camping equipment and more. What’s more, the best cargo carrier in town comes with the best warranty on the block: Thule’s Lifetime Warranty.

With the wide range of sizes, prices, and technology in the Thule cargo carrier line, there is a box to fit the needs and lifestyle of everyone. No matter which one you choose, it will be top-quality gear. And, if you’re still unsure of the right cargo box for you, check out our customer reviews, or use the sizing chart below.

Thule Cargo Box Sizing Chart

Thule Cargo Box Comparison Chart