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Rightline Gear Full Size Truck Tent (Universal; Some Adaptation May Be Required)

Item R102888
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys. Adam here with, and today we're taking a closer look at and setting up the Rightline Gear Full-Size Truck Bed Tent available for the '19 and newer RAM 1500 with a short box. You should be checking this out if you're looking for a way to go camping but keep you and your family and friends up off the ground. Now, if you wanna get off the mud, the dirt, especially if it's been raining and you wanna get a little bit farther away from those bugs on the ground, then a bed tent like this is gonna be the way to go. Now, this one in particular from Rightline Gear covers the entire truck bed and the tailgate as you can see here for total bed enclosure. Now, that might not be something you find in some of the other truck bed tents that maybe are a little bit smaller. This one gives you complete access to the bed itself for a little bit more space and comfort. Now, the nice thing about this is it's got a couple of specific ratings I'm gonna go over and it actually is extremely simple to set up. You can even do it by yourself, which I'll show you guys later on in the video.Now, this one has a 2000-millimeter PU 68D polyester. Now, the 68D is the rating for the actual durability of the tent here. Now, this one's great for maybe some mild climates with some light winds. If you're somewhere that sees extreme temperatures, this one might not be the best. It'll give you a little bit more insulation, but it's not gonna be withstanding some of the extreme climate. So light, mild climate's definitely a good one to get away with if you're just looking to get away for the weekend or overnight with maybe the kids or the wife, and you're looking to go camping. Now, this one here uses a two-tone orange and gray finish and even the gray has a couple of different tones there. It has a couple of extra features and accessories I wanna mention here. First and foremost, it's got 1.3-millimeter polypropylene straps, super durable, hooks right in underneath that truck. You don't even really have to crawl under the truck very much. It's just gonna hook onto some of the body panels and get really taught and keep it upright. It's also got fiberglass-reinforced poles that are color are coordinated. So you get two orange stripes and one gray stripe pole to specifically go into the color-coordinated slots to make it extremely easy to set up. Those three poles are gonna help give you that structure that's gonna hold it upright and in place all through your camping trip.Now, this one also has a couple of different zipper pockets and doors that's got one large door at the front of the tailgate. You have one zipper on each side that gives you a little bit more airflow through the tent while also leaving a really fine mesh screen to filter out any bugs and debris. You also have a skylight at the top that unzips on both sides to give you a little bit more natural light as well. On the inside for at nighttime, there's one hook at the top or at the peak of the tent that you can actually hang a light, a lantern on, or something like that to give you some interior light. Inside, there's a couple of pockets on each side for a little bit more storage. There's a couple of tie-down points as well if you want it to hang some things up there. Another thing is that each of the zipper poles for all of those access points that I just mentioned are glow in the dark. So no matter the time of night, you can easily find your way in and out of the tent with ease. So it's gonna glow in that dark. You can easily see that, and they have a really big line for the zipper so you get a really big door opening at the front end or the tailgate side, I should say.Now, because it's got complete coverage, it's gonna drape all over the sides here. So you wanna make sure you're specifically setting it up correctly. Otherwise, it's gonna be a little bit wonky, and I'll show you guys that process in a second. The price tag for this tent comes in right around 200 bucks, super affordable. Now, again, it's not rated for extreme climates, but if you're looking to do some light camping with the friends or family, this is a really good way to go at a really nice budget-friendly price. Another extra added feature coming into the install portion here as that the installation instructions are actually sewn into the saddlebag or the drawstring bag that you use to store this, that way every single time you pull it out of that bag and get ready to set it up, you will always have the instructions with you for a reference just to make sure you're getting this done properly. So that's another added feature that I think Rightline really thought of to make sure that you guys have an ease of use experience getting it set up and torn down.Another cool feature of this particular tent from Rightline just kind of getting onto the theme of them thinking about things, this is a weather guard up at the top here. This is actually removable. So you can pop this on when you're expecting rain or a little bit maybe heavier winds. This guy is gonna give you some protection from all of the access points at the top or the skylight so the rain doesn't get in. The rain will trickle right off of the sky and straight down. Now, it doesn't give you complete access to door, so you may get a little bit of rain here, especially if it's raining a little bit more sideways, but either way, this is definitely gonna give you some protection and it just clips on to these strapping points here. Really easy to get over. All you have to do is step up on the tire and you can swing it back by yourself, but a helping hand also goes a long way. And when that's removed, you get a little bit more natural light, like I said, and can take advantage of the skylight.Now, when it comes to setting it up, it's gonna take you maybe 30 minutes to an hour, depending on if you're doing it by yourself. It's not difficult, it's just something that you wanna make sure you're doing properly in order to get it set up correct. Now, one of the things I wanna mention here is that you can set it up without having to empty your truck bed. You don't have to pull any cargo out at that stuff that you have in there. You can even keep the Rightline gear, truck bed mattress, the air mattress inside the bed as you set the tent up. So if that's something that you wanna take advantage of, put a little bit more cushion or comfort on the bottom of that truck bed floor there while you have the tent getting set up. And when it's set up in itself, you'll have some comfort because that's gonna let you set it up with a mattress inside.Now, the install is gonna get one out of three wrenches on a difficulty meter. Like I said, maybe 30 minutes, 45 minutes from it to finish. I'm gonna walk you through that entire process, so what do you say we get started? First step, you wanna grab the tent out of the drawstring bag included in the kit and we're gonna drop it on our tailgate here. The first step from there is just gonna be basically unfolding or unrolling the tent so it's all flat, but it's basically gonna drape over and completely cover the bed of your truck and your tailgate. So it's gonna droop over the side rails, the bulkhead, and the tailgate itself. And from there, we'll be able to start strapping things down. So first things first, let's unroll it. Just make sure it's completely flat with the correct position facing up. Now, unfolding it, I see this logo here from Rightline. I know that this logo, I want above the wheel well on the inside of the bed, on the driver's side. So I'm gonna bring that over there and it should help align the rest of it. I'm gonna take that edge and I'm just gonna carefully drape that over the side. All right.Next, I'm just gonna basically pull this guy over the other side just like this. I want some over the bulkhead. You'll also notice once you get of sides over the two sides, you'll get to one section or one corner and you'll see it's a split seam. That split seam's gonna go right onto the edge or the end of the bed where it meets the body of the vehicle. All right. So I know that I want that there. I'm gonna make sure the other side's doing the same thing. All right. So we have that side taken care of. We're gonna do this side as well and find that slit, bring it all the way to the back so that slit is exactly at the edge of the bed toward the front of the vehicle. And then you'll notice the straps hanging down have these hooks. You're gonna bring that hook all the way to the bottom of the bed and hook it onto the bottom edge, and that's gonna hold it in place on this side. Obviously, do the same thing on the other side and then we can start working our way back to the tailgate. All right. Bring that all the way down here, go straight under the vehicle, and hook it on the edge. All right. And we can pull tension on that cord if we need to.Next step, we're basically doing the same thing to the other two straps starting on our driver's side and then you can repeat that for the other one. Basically, these have long adjustments, so you just wanna make sure it's loose enough. You wanna bring this guy down, hook it onto the bottom of that trim panel, and then just tighten it up. We don't wanna go too tight. We just wanna make sure that that can't fall off. Now we can do this one in the wheel well. All right. I'm gonna take this strap in the wheel well and I'm gonna hook it right onto this frame here just like that. Pull it to put some tension on to make sure it doesn't loosen up. Repeat all of this on the other side. At this point, we're just gonna open up our tent door. There are two zippers here. I'm gonna go horizontal with this one all the way across. This one's gonna go vertically all the way up the side. Just like that. Now it's open.All right. Next up with that door open, and you're gonna repeat this on both sides, grab the orange strap and you're gonna put it straight down in between the gap between the tailgate and the bed. Now, in order to get it to feed down, you have to lift up on the tailgate a bit to get it to drop down past that and then you wanna hook that clip onto anything underneath of the bumper. All right. Next up, you're basically gonna take that orange clip down here and I'm gonna snap it on to the frame right where my finger is there. Anywhere that you can actually get it to secure on and tighten down is good. There you go. You heard that click. Just snapped it on. And we can tighten the strap up top. All right. You can see the strap is on there, but it's got a little bit of slack. Let's go up here and just pull that a little bit more torque so it doesn't come off. Same thing on the other side.This next step, guys, I just wanna make sure that we're on the same page as to where everything lines up. So we've just tightened down our orange straps by the tailgater or underneath the tailgate, underneath that bumper on both sides and now we wanna make sure everything is aligned properly on both sides. You can do that by lifting this up and taking a look at the three stitching seams. We have a double stitch and then a single stitch directly above the Rightline logo. The single stitch, the inner seam here, this single stitch, you want completely flush and level up against the top outer edge of the bed frame. So you can see that's the bed cap right there, this is the outer seam. It's right up against that cab. That's exactly where you want it on both sides. Now, if you need to, you may need to loosen up these straps here and tighten down the orange strap in order to get it to pull itself up to line it up properly there. So you want that inner seam flush with the top edge of your factory bed rail.Next, where that door is here, there's one more strap that goes all the way across. Doesn't have a hook, it's just one tightened strap. We're just gonna basically loop this guy under the tailgate just like this. You may need to bring the tailgate up just to drop it under. All right. Now we're gonna take the strap that hangs down in front of the actual bumper. Swing it over and hook it on directly on the opposite side of the strap that we already have hooked on here. We're going to tighten that down. So this is referred to as strap D, this is referred to as strap A. D is gonna overlap A just like that and get tightened down. Repeat that on the other side. Now, at this point, I actually closed our tent door just to make this a little bit more uniform in one piece. We have this flap here that we actually have to cover the tailgate with so it's gonna wrap around it. And again, for this, you may need to tilt the tailgate up a little bit with your knee to get that done. All right. You can see the scene here that'll go right up against it. Same thing over here.Next up, we can feed our tent poles through. Now, there's three of them. Two of them are marked with orange tape on each end and the last one is marked with gray tape. Now, if you look at these orange channels here, two of them have orange ends and one of them in the middle has a gray end. You wanna put the orange poles through the orange channel and the gray pole through the gray channel. I've got it all in one piece, and we're just gonna feed it through. All right. Let's do the same thing for the other orange pole. Next, we can take the gray pole, go through the hole under the orange one and then through the gray channel. All right. You wanna make sure it's going through the hole on the other side as well. Next up, there are six pocket holes that you want to put these poles in. They are also color-marked orange or gray. This one's got the orange strap. By the tailgate, each corner has the one with the buckle on it. So that's where we're going. It opens up. So what I'm gonna do here is lift up on the pole and I'm gonna insert the end of this orange pole into that pocket stake. Just like that. Do the same thing in the other corner. All right. Do the same pole in the opposite corner. So you wanna do one pole at a time. All right. So now it's starting to look like a tent, it's upright. Let's do the other pole here. It's gonna be getting a lot easier from here on out, the opposite side. Do the same thing for the gray pole, and you can find that pocket right here in the middle. All right. Same thing on the other side. All right. And now for each side of the gray pole, you just wanna snap these guys on. Gives it a little bit more structure. Same thing on the other side.Next step, guys, and this is optional, but this is a cover just in case it rains. So the rain protector will protect all of this mesh so it can't get actually inside the tent. I'm gonna start with this basically upside down and I'm gonna snap these two in on each side then toss it over and buckle it on the other side. All right. Buckle this in. And you might need a helping hand, but at this point, toss it all the way over the top and buckle it on the other side. Now, this next part is gonna be a whole lot easier to do with a helping hand, one person on each side. Feeding it over the peak of the tent is a little bit more difficult by yourself but if you're like me and you're working by yourself, you can stand on the tire to try to get it the feet over. Do whatever you got to do to get it over top and then you can buckle it on the other side. So we've got one buckle over here, put a little tension on it. One more buckle here. Repeat on the other side. All right. Tighten down that last strap, guys. You're good to go.That's gonna wrap up my quick overview and setup guide for the Rightline Gear Full-Size Truck Bed Tent, available for the '19 and newer RAM 1500. This one is specifically for the short box. You just wanna make sure you're picking up the right one for your bed length. With that said, you can get yours right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • 2000mm PU 68D Polyester
      • 1.3mm Polypropylene Straps
      • Shock-Corded Fiberglass Poles
      • Orange and Gray
      • Two Gear Pockets
      • Lantern Hook
      • Glow-In-the-Dark Zipper Pulls
      • Sky View Vent
      • Easy to Pitch, No Need to Remove Truck Bed Contents
      • Fits All 2002-2021 Dodge RAM Models


      Wonderful Camping Alternative. The Rightline Gear Full Size Truck Tent gives your RAM 1500 a strong, safe full tent. If you love camping, but not the inconvenience of sleeping on the ground, this Tent is perfect. You get the full camping experience without the headaches, or backaches.

      Solid Construction. 68D polyester lining, polypropylene straps, and shock-corded fiberglass poles make the Rightline Gear Truck Tent a sturdy yet lightweight structure. Protective heavy duty straps and plastic buckles won't damage your truck's finish. The design is highly water resistant thanks to special attention from the designer.

      Comfortable. Water-resistant fabric with tape sealed seams keep you dry, and you can look through the sky view vent and star gaze. Two gear pockets give you ample storage space, and leaves plenty of room for two adults. A lantern hook lets you have a light without risk of knocking it over, and glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls help you find your way in and out even at night.

      Installation. Set up and take down the Rightline Gear Truck Tent without removing gear from the bed, and the floorless design keeps the tent clean from truck bed dirt. There's no need for the tent to touch the ground, and the poles and pole pockets are color coated for quick and easy setup.

      Application. The Rightline Gear Truck Tent is designed to fit 2002-2021 RAM 1500s.

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      Installation & What's in the Box

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      What's in the Box

      • (1) Tent
      • (2) Orange-Marked Tent Poles
      • Grey-Marked Tent Pole
      • Pole Bag
      • Rainfly
      • Stuff Sack with Sewn in Set Up Guide

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