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RBP Stealth Power Running Boards; Black (19-22 RAM 1500 Crew Cab)

Item R110004
AmericanTrucks no longer carries the RBP Stealth Power Running Boards; Black (19-22 RAM 1500 Crew Cab). Please check out 2019-2022 Dodge Ram 1500 Side Step Bars & Running Boards for an updated selection.
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    Video Review & Installation

    Hey, guys. In this video we're gonna be going over the RVP Stealth Power Running Boards in Black, fitting all '19 and newer crew cab RAM 1500s. Now, this is gonna be a great option for the RAM owner that's looking for a high-quality power step that features dual motors per side, a wide end welded step area and on top of that this is gonna be hardwired. So if you plan on running this in conjunction with a tuner, this is not gonna take up the OBD2 port. So let's dive into what makes the RBP stealth tick. First things first, let's talk a little bit about build quality. This is gonna be made out of a very, very high quality, lightweight and durable military-grade aluminum. It's sealed in that black powder coating, which is not just there to add to the looks. If you're going for the blackout build, this is gonna look perfect on the side of your truck, looks great on the side of our '19 RAM. It's also gonna seal that aluminum away from the elements, preventing any corrosion. This is gonna feature a really sizable six-and-an-eighths-inch wide step area that has ribs on there. They're non-slip, perfect for any wet or muddy conditions. You also get some puddle lights in this kit, which illuminate the sidestep, which is a really, really nice touch.Now, just because these are electronic, it doesn't mean that they're not tough. Frankly, these are rated for a simply overkill, 600-pound weight limit, so you can put a lot of stuff on this before it even comes close to failing. Now, these are going to be very, very strong. However, one thing I do wanna mention, these are not designed to be rock sliders. Now, with that said, these are gonna give you a lot of clearance back. That's sort of the nature of the power step. These are gonna drop to basically a position that's lower than what's safe for driving around and then once you have the door shut and a small amount of time passes, you're gonna pull up nice and clean to the body of your RAM, giving you the most amount of clearance back possible, which is exactly what you want out of any truck. Now, another great feature with these that sort of ties into the idea of ground clearance, if, for instance, let's say you're using your truck, you get beached on a rock or a tree stump, something like that, you go to open the door, these steps are going to impact that object and the motors are going to sense resistance and they're going to give up before they can burn out. So these sort of have a shortstop feature built into them, which is a really, really nice touch and good thinking from RBP. It works in the opposite way as well. If, for instance, there's anything stuck in the rocker area when these go to retract, those motors will give up before any damage is done to them.Pricing for this kit is gonna fall right around 1300 bucks. That's for both the driver and passenger side, and simply put, it is gonna be a little bit expensive. But these steps have a lot of features, they combine a lot of the pros of some of the more basic side steps out there, and if you're interested in a power sidestep, these aren't the most expensive I've ever seen and definitely well worth it. On top of that, RBP is gonna back this with a five-year manufacturer's warranty. Before I show you the good stuff here, how to get these installed onto your RAM, one thing I do wanna make a quick note on. This is only gonna fit 2019 and up fifth-generation redesigned RAMs. So if you have a 2019 classic, that's gonna be a fourth-gen truck. This is not gonna work for you. However, RBP does have an option available to fit that truck.Now, with that said, the install here is not gonna be too difficult whatsoever. I'm gonna give it a two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. There is a lot of steps involved in getting these hooked up to your RAM and because of that I'm gonna give it a two to four-hour range in terms of time. But without any further ado, let me show you what tools you'll need and how it's done. Tools you'll need for this install will include a ratchet, drill, 10 and 13-millimeter wrenches, trim panel removal tool, sockets ranging from 13 to 10-millimeters, a step bit or a 7/16-inch drill bit, U-joint, 5-millimeter Allen key, small extension, tape measure, and a marking tool like a Sharpie. So the first thing we're gonna do here is we're gonna grab our motor and that 13-millimeter socket. We're gonna come underneath of our truck here and install it to these pre-installed studs. All fifth-gen RAMs have these. You wanna make sure you have the right side motor though. This is labeled as Front Left. That's gonna go on the driver's side front. Then we're gonna come to the rear of our RAM and do the same thing for the rear motor. Now, keep in mind these holes are slotted, so if you need to loosen things up and make an adjustment, later on, you can always do so.Now, this control box, you could see right here, we're gonna mount this up next. This is gonna go in the middle set of studs, just like so, and it's gonna tighten down with more 13-millimeter hardware. So now we can just grab a running board and we're going to install this to our motor brackets. Now, one thing I do wanna make a quick note on is the threaded holes we're going for. They are going to basically slide all the way up and down this running board, so you wanna make sure they line up in order to get them to tighten down. And we're gonna do the same exact thing for the rear motor as well. One thing to note is these are gonna tighten down with a 5-millimeter Allen key.So now we could start on the wiring and we're gonna work with our control box first. You can see there's four wires hanging off this, black, red, you have a four-pin here and then a larger six-pin at the back. You can see our harness is basically gonna mirror that. So we're just gonna plug everything in. So now what we can do is move up to the front and you can see this harness here is front left. That's gonna be driver's side front. And basically, all we're gonna do is plug the two together. Now, the wiring is a little bit short. I brought this down here just to show you guys, but we're actually gonna push this up and just to make our wires a little bit cleaner, we're gonna do this on the top. Now, you can see we're still at the same motor here and there's still one plug left empty, and that is for what I have in my hand here. This kit includes an LED lighting for the steps that has some 3M double-sided tape on the back. So all we're gonna do is plug this in like that and then you can stick this wherever you want. The install guide recommends right in the middle of the door, but there's just some 3M double-sided tape on the back. Clean off wherever you wanna put this and then you can stick it in place. And before you stick this in place, some rubbing alcohol would probably do well. You see our trucks a little bit dirty, but this is gonna be just for demonstration purposes. Then we're gonna move to the rear motor and do the same thing.So now that's pretty much the driver's side taken care of. What you wanna do is route this big harness all the way over to the passenger side. They give you a lot of zip ties in the kit to do exactly that, and then you could repeat all those steps to get the passenger's side hooked up. Now, at this point, we're gonna hop up to our driver's side door and we're gonna start working on the trigger mechanism to get these to open up when you open the door. All right. So here we are in the driver's side footwell and we're basically gonna have to peel this carpet up to get the wires in there. So what we're gonna do is take a trim panel removal tool. We're gonna start at the kicker panel, you just pry that up and that is gonna work its way up. And then those back tube clips, pull backwards and you can remove that. Now, we're also gonna remove this panel right here, just preemptively. And this panel right here can go as well. That's just gonna pull right out and you put that aside. What we're gonna do next, these three push pins right here, they all pop out like so. And now you should be able to move this carpet out of the way enough to allow you access to the grommet in the middle of the footwell. We're gonna have to drill out a hole in that.Okay. So this grommet is pretty interesting. You could see there's a red half of it here. Usually, that's the only spot of it that's exposed. This gray half is usually covered by this coating right here. We've removed that just because our truck goes through a lot of movie magic. We need access to this hole pretty often. You're not gonna wanna do that. Instead, what you're gonna do is drill a 7/16 hole right in the middle here. That'll give you enough room to route your wires up and then you can seal it up with some silicone. In our case, we're just gonna pry that out and use that hole to feed our wires through.All right. So now we have our three wires through. We're gonna have to deal with them. Brown is the shortest of the three. This is gonna go to our driver's side door switch. White, this is for the passenger side. This is gonna be a tough one. You're gonna have to fish this through under the carpet over to the passenger side B-pillar. This black one here, this is gonna be for our on/off switch. This is basically gonna go toward our center console, but over the top of the carpet is what I've found the best spot for that to be. So we're just gonna start feeding these through and then we can pick up on the brown wire for our driver's side door switch. So with our carpet back in place, you can push these push pins down. This is where your brown wire should be headed. We're just gonna tuck it underneath this plastic trim panel here. I already removed the plastic trim panel over top of the seatbelt and that is basically where you're gonna need to end up. We could rebuild the rest of our footwell now.So now you could see a better shot of how that seatbelt cover is gonna pry off and that basically just comes off that way. And then you have access to this panel right here. This is gonna pull out just as easily as the rest of them, like so, and that is gonna allow us access to this bolt right here. That is a ground. We're gonna use that for our switch. So now what we're gonna do is loosen that up slightly. Now we can grab our door switch, which looks like this, and on the opposite end here you can see that little fork ground right there. That's gonna slide underneath. Then we can tighten that back down.So while we have this apart, we're gonna go ahead and connect the switch to our brown wire. That is all set. And then these two magnetic sensors here, I'm gonna route those behind the seatbelt and just like that. And we are pretty much set. If you wanna get a head start on those sensors, you can pry back the trim here and feed that through. There's one, and number two, and obviously, you want a wire manage this, make sure this is away from any moving components in the seatbelt area. And then we can put this back together.Now, for the door, we're gonna do the same measurement. It's gonna be from the bottom of the latch. This magnet has a little bit of tape on the back of it as well. Peel back the backing. You could stick that in place right about there. So moving on to the rear door on the driver's side, what we're gonna do is take the centerline of this arm right here, measure down four inches in a straight line, and this sensor is gonna line up on the top with that line that we made right there on the tape. Now, one thing I do wanna note. If I peel back this trim here, you can see that this wire does have a layer of insulation around it. That's to keep it from chafing on this metal right here. So you wanna make sure the wire that isn't insulated tuck it nice in a way, safe where it can't be, basically opened up a, and this part right here, the insulated part is gonna be riding on that metal. And over on the door, we're gonna do the same thing. Center line of that arm, measure down four inches and then we're gonna put our magnet there.So now we're gonna go back to the driver footwell, we're gonna mount up our kill switch here and that is gonna plug right into that black wire we routed under our carpet earlier like that. And then you basically wanna make sure all this wiring is out of the way of the pedals. You definitely do not want that tangled up in there. This switch has some 3M double-sided tape on the back. You can stick that wherever you want. So now we have the driver's side completely done. You wanna get the passenger side all covered up, and then once you're there you can pick up with me right here at the final step, basically connecting this to the battery and powering everything. Before we do this, make sure you remove your negative terminal with a 10-millimeter socket. We're gonna install our ring connector under this 10-millimeter nut right here. And then for the positive, we're just gonna peel back that cover there. And you can see the 12-millimeter right there that we're gonna go to. And then we're gonna reinstall our negative terminal. And with that installed, we can tighten down our two, 10-millimeter nuts.Guys, that is gonna do it for the RVP Stealth Power Running Boards in Black, fitting all '19 and newer crew cab RAM 1500s. Thank you, guys, so much for watching. I'm Joe. Keep it right here at AmericanTrucks for all things RAM.

    Product Information

    Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


    • Stealth Power Running Boards
    • For Easier Truck Entry and Exit
    • Covered in a Black, Powder-Coated Finish
    • Constructed Out of Military-Grade Aluminum
    • A Moderate Level Installation
    • Mounting Hardware Is Included
    • Compatible With All 2019-2022 Crew Cab RAM 1500 Models
    • Does Not Fit 2019+ RAM 1500 Classic Models


    For That Impeccable Off-Road Presence. Improve your RAM 1500’s off-road appeal with the RBP Black Stealth Running Boards. These aftermarket accessories are designed to give you additional areas to help you get in and out of your vehicle with ease, as well as complete your truck’s off-road-ready looks. What’s more, it comes in a sleek black color, giving your RAM a sleeker stance.

    Built to Last. These Stealth Power Running Boards are crafted from military-grade aluminum, so they exhibit incredible durability and a long-lasting quality. Plus, they’re covered in a black powder coating, which gives them extra protection against scratches, chipping, and corrosion.

    No Fuss Installation. Mounting these boards onto your truck won’t be a troublesome task. This is due to the fact that they’re designed to complement your vehicle’s specifications and all of the necessary mounting hardware is included in the kit.

    Application. These RBP Black Stealth Power Running Boards fit all 2019-2022 Crew Cab RAM 1500 models.

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