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Chevy Silverado 1500 Bed Weights & Liners

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Whether it’s hauling pipes to your next HVAC job or camping equipment for an off-roading expedition, an aftermarket bed liner upgrade will allow you to move heavy cargo in and out of your Silverado without damaging the exterior of your truck bed. Even better, most aftermarket bed liners are designed to prevent cargo from sliding around during sharp turns and bumpy roads.Being very inexpensive upgrades, bed liners and bed weights are some of the most popular and beloved aftermarket purchases Silverado owners agree on.

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With superior payload capacity and bed size over most trucks on the market, the Silverado 1500 was meant to haul heavy equipment reliably and confidently. One of the best investments you can make to protect the integrity of your Silverado is a drop-in or spray-in bed liner that protects your Silverado’s bed from scuffs and scratches. Another safety upgrade you can apply to your Silverado is a bed weight that will improve traction in precipitous conditions. By giving your Silverado more weight and evenly distributing it, your tires will grip the ground more, allowing you to smoothly navigate down snowy roads.

Why Invest in a Bed Liner for your Silverado?

There’s perhaps nothing more frustrating than cutting or chipping your truck bed while removing heavy cargo from your Silverado bed. If you use your Silverado to haul tools or materials for your job then it’s even more frustrating because you probably won’t be compensated for the damage done to your truck bed’s paint job and trim.

Aftermarket bed liners are designed with a thin protective layer of plastic molding or urethane coating to prevent scratches and scuffs from cargo sliding around in your bed. Aftermarket bed liners are designed to form a tight seal with your truck bed’s painted surface that cushions the bed from any obstructions.

Most bed liners also fit to the sides of your truck bed and tailgate to protect their surfaces from any abrasions. They will not rattle on the highway and can be upgraded with a grippy bed mat to further prevent cargo from sliding around while you’re driving. You can also install a bed underliner that adds yet another layer of protection between the truck bed’s surface and your bed liner molding.

Bed liners are such a popular upgrade among truck owners that Kelly Blue Book and OEM manufacturers raise the value of trucks with bed liner installs. Almost any drop-in bed liner you purchase from a manufacturer or aftermarket parts dealer will come with a lifetime warranty.

There are two types of bed liners to choose from: drop-in or spray-in. Spray-in bed liners are made of a polyurethane coating, but generally require professional installation. Spary-in bed liners are a relatively new product and some Silverado owners swear by their protection over a drop-in bed liner. Drop-in bed liners are either composed of a rubber or plastic mat form fitted to your Silverado and held in place by loops and fasteners. Both offer great protection, but choosing between a spray-in or drop-in bed liner ultimately relies on your preference. Let’s compare.

Pros and Cons of a Drop-In Bed Liner

While there exist universal bed mat applications, most drop-in bed liners are designed to fit specifically to your truck bed specifications. There are single piece and two-piece bed liners that protect the sides, bulkhead, truck bed, and tailgate of your Silverado. Silverado owners can also choose from bed-liners that fit under or over bed rails. Both generally offer the same protection, but most owners choose bed liners that fit under bed rails because of their flush look. 

Drop-in Bed Liner Pros

  • Custom fit for your Silverado
  • Waterproof and most allow for easy water drainage
  • Easy cleanup - simply lift the bed liner to clean the bed surface
  • Easy replacement
  • Some bed liners feature a grippy coating, preventing cargo from sliding
  • Inexpensive (Most models run under $200)
  • Most original and aftermarket bed liners come with a warranty
  • Very little cleaning and prep required for installation
  • Hides existing truck bed damage
  • Doesn’t require professional installation

Aftermarket drop-in bed liners are designed with durable materials to provide lifetime protection for your truck bed. Drop-in bed liners are also fairly light so they won’t have a noticeable impact on gas mileage. With that said, there’s some questions you may want to address before going out and purchasing a drop-in bed liner. 

Drop-in Bed Liner Cons 

  • Plastic liners have been known to trap water between the liner and truck surface causing corrosion if not properly drained
  • Without proper installation, plastic bed liners can rattle on the highway
  • Some units do not offer full protection to the bulkhead, tailgate, or truck sides
  • The molding may become loose over time
  • Drop-in bed liners could be punctured or chip over time

Pros and Cons of a Spray-In Bed Liner 

If you're looking to spend a little more money, a spray-in bed liner could be the perfect choice for you. Spray-in bed liners provide a urethane coating to your truck bed guaranteed to last a long time without chipping or cracking. Spray-in bed liners are thinner than drop-in bed liners, but offer the same protection.

Spray-in Bed Liner Pros

  • Watertight seal to prevent water buildup and corrosion
  • Protects the truck bed’s paint from intense UV exposure that can crack paint
  • Different textures available 
  • Lasts longer on average than a drop-in bed liner
  • Can be applied to other areas of your Silverado, including rocker panels and bed rails
  • No maintenance or cleaning required
  • Reduces noise from the truck bed

Spray-in bed liners can also conceal existing damage to your truck bed. The urethane coating dries quickly and immediately forms a tight seal to the surface underneath. Yet, with all good things, there’s some caveats.

Spray-in Bed Liner Cons

  • Permanent seal
  • No padding for passengers crawling around the truck bed
  • Liquids can stain or discolor the coating
  • Intense cleaning and preparation required for installation
  • Harder coatings could damage flimsy cargo surfaces
  • Damage will require complete replacement or professional assistance to sand away

If you do decide to purchase a spray-in bed liner, take it to a mechanic or manufacturer you trust. The thickness and hardness of the coating and its integrity will be subject to the person installing your coating. Don't drop hundreds of dollars on a spray-in bed liner only to have the manufacturer provide a lackluster coating.

Spray-In vs. Drop-In Bed Liner 

So which bed liner is the better option? That ultimately comes down to your preference. You will be able to find drop-in or spray-in bed liners available for any Silverado pickup.

Protection: A spray-in bed liner provides better corrosion protection because it forms a tighter seal to your truck bed’s surface. If you go to the beach or are off-roading in your Silverado, dirt, sand, and water may get trapped between a drop-in bed liner leading to corrosion and rust. A spray-in bed liner can also be applied to every area of your truck bed, unlike some drop-in bed liners. 

On the other hand, drop-in bed liners provide a thicker layer of cushioning and may offer greater protection for your truck bed against sliding and sharp cargo. Drop-in bed liners also protect your truck bed from dents and offer greater skid resistance. 

Durability: Drop-in bed liners and spray-in bed liners are made of durable materials designed to last for a lifetime. Of course, both applications run into their own problems. Drop-in bed liners are subject to punctures and scratches from cargo and may also crack and warp from extended UV exposure. Spray-in bed liners may become discolored over time because of extended sun exposure and they’re also subject to chips and cracks from cargo surfaces. 

Cost: Drop-in bed liners are generally cheaper than spray-in bed liners. Replacing a drop-in bed liner is cheaper. Sometimes it’s cheaper to replace a spray-in bed liner than repair it.

Installation: Both can resemble easy DIY projects, although spray-in bed liners should be installed by a professional. Some drop-in bed liners are drill-less and only require simply loops and fasteners to secure them to your truck bed. They also require very little cleaning.

Installing a spray-in bed liner requires a complete scrub and sanding of your truck bed to ensure the urethane properly bonds to the steel surface. 

Other Considerations: If you're looking to sell your Silverado soon then I wouldn't recommend purchasing a spray-in bed liner. If your Silverado came with an original bed liner than you might be better off sticking with it or purchasing a drop-in bed mat for added protection.

Both applications will increase resale value, but spray-in bed liners offer a better finished look. Keep in mind spray-in bed liners retain a hard surface so they won't be the easiest on your knees if you’re crawling around your truck bed to reach your tool box.

Installing a Spray-In Bed Liner

We recommend you to take your Silverado to a professional mechanic or dealer before installing a spray-in bed liner to ensure proper installation. If you do decide to make it a DIY project, the application itself is a straightforward process.

Before applying the spray, you need to completely clean out your entire truck bed and all subject parts. You’ll need a fine grit sand paper to sand out any abrasions and provide a linear surface for a tight seal. Spray the coating on across each surface evenly and allow it to dry for a half hour. The application should dry quickly.

If you have any rust in your truck bed you’ll need to remove it before applying the spray. The polyurethane coating won't stick very well to rust, therefore you’ll need a rust converter to remove any rust before install. The process should only take about an hour. 

Brush-on and roll-on applicators provide a more even coat than a spray gun. The names imply their physical application as you can use a paint roller or brush to apply the liner.

Poor application could result in an uneven surface or reduce protection against corrosion. Ensure the spray firmly sticks to the steel surface or else it could peel in a short time frame. 

Benefits of a Bed Mat

Consider adding even more protection to your Silverado’s truck bed with a sticky or smooth bed mat. Bed mats are designed to prevent cargo from slipping and can also protect your bed liner from becoming cracked due to sun exposure. Some bed mats even provide additional weight for your vehicle to give it more traction during the winter time. 

Other benefits include:

  • Easy installation and cleanup
  • A padded space for passengers if you have a spray-in bed liner
  • Grippy texture offers skid resistance and prevents cargo from sliding
  • Thicker layer of protection overall - prevents dents, scuffs, and punctures

Are Bed Mats Compatible with Spray-In and Drop-In Bed Liners?

While some bed mats are designed for universal fits, a drop-in bed liner could prevent proper installation. Some bed mats are designed with a tailgate gap to fit over existing bed liners, while others may only fit trucks spray-in bed liners or without a bed liner altogether. Check the manufacturer and model to see if a bed mat is compatible with a drop-in bed liner. 

Choosing the Right Bed Liner

Both bed liners offer great protection, but choosing the right bed liner comes down to several considerations.

Bed Size: There are a variety of Silverado bed sizes, from its long cab model to the crew cab. Make sure to purchase a drop-in bedliner specific to your vehicle size. AmericanTruck offers bed liners available for all 2007-2018 Silverado models and sizes. 

Cargo: If you're hauling around sand and dirt, a spray-in bedliner will provide greater corrosion protection. For large equipment, a drop-in bedliner will provide greater protection against punctures and dents. There are also load bars that hook up to your Silverado’s cargo management system to help secure larger cargo and ensure it doesn't damage your drop-in bed liner.

Material: Drop-in bedliners most often come in rubber or reinforced plastic material. Plastic is generally more expensive, but it offers more protection. As an added bonus, most plastic bed liners are made from 100% recycled materials.

Budget: A spray-in bedliner will cost more money than a drop-in bedliner, plus you may have to pay for the installation. 

Coverage: A spray-in bedliner can be applied to any surface properly prepped in the truck bed. Depending on the model and manufacturer, you may choose a bedliner that only covers the truck bed or one that covers the tailgate, sides of the bed, and bulkhead as well. 

Benefits of a Bed Weight

If you're looking to give your Silverado some added traction on snowy roads, don't line up your truck bed with cinder blocks. A nylon bed weight can provide you more weight, and it won't damage your truck bed during vehicle operation. Even with four-wheel drive it’s still recommended you have something in your bed to give you added traction, so you can safely navigate in precipitous conditions. 

Bed weights are made of nylon and are filled with water to add weight to your truck bed. They are strapped down with ratchet straps and ropes or bungee cords, so they don't fall out while taking a sharp turn. Bed weights also allow you to transport cargo on top of them and are designed to withstand the added pressure. There are bed weights available that add anywhere from 100 to 400lbs. 

  • Added traction in slick conditions
  • Easy storage - simply fold it up and put it away
  • Easy use - plug in a hose and fill up. 
  • Inexpensive (Under $200)
  • Low profile
  • Dielectric welding prevents water from sloshing

Ensure your bed weight does not max out your payload capacity if you're hauling other cargo. While made of durable materials, bed weights are also subject to punctures from cargo placed on top of it.

Fitment includes: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, Hybrid, LS, LT, LTZ, WT, XFE, Custom, HighCountry