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Armour Front HD Bumper (13-18 RAM 1500, Excluding Rebel)

Item R102661
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      Review & Installation Video

      So, the Black Horse Off-Road Armour front bumper is one of the most affordable armored front bumpers currently available for the '13 and '18 Ram 1500, especially if you're looking for an armored bumper that comes set up for plug and play auxiliary lighting.At around the $800 price point, there are not many options that are less expensive than the Black Horse bumper, and while there might be some options on the product page that look similar and cost a bit less, they will not include the hardware to install a center light bar, nor will they include the wiring harness itself. And that's what's nice about the Black Horse bumper here.It actually comes with all the brackets you need to install up to a 20-inch light bar and they do include a plug and play wiring harness that interfaces directly with the Ram 1500's factory fog light harness. So, all you gotta do is install the bumper itself, throw your light bar of choice in place, and plug it in and you should be good to go. Now, besides the fact that the Black Horse bumper is very affordable and comes set up for auxiliary lighting, it has some other cool features about it that put it on par with some of the more expensive options. Underneath this black powder coat finish is stainless steel. Normally, more affordable bumpers will be made out of a carbon steel and while that's not necessarily a bad thing, carbon steel will develop signs of rust and corrosion a little bit sooner.So, you obviously get that protection there and, again, on top of that stainless steel, going back to that black powder coat finish that is much nicer than a painted finish. Again, some more affordable bumpers might include a painted finish instead, whereas the powder coat finish is baked on. It is definitely tough as hell, so if you take your truck off-road, it's safe to say that this bumper will be able to take some hits and it will continue to look good even doing so. Again, on that off-road note, something I like about this bumper, in particular, is it's pretty slick. It looks kind of big and bulky right now, but I promise you, compared to some of the other options available, this thing actually improves your approach angles underneath here, especially compared to the factory front bumper, but I'll show you guys a more detailed comparison on that in just a little bit. Now, I'm also happy to say that the Black Horse bumper does install relatively easily. Yes, it is heavy and it might take a little bit of time getting all that hardware pulled off the front end, but it is still a bolt-on job. No custom fabrication is required. And if you take your time, you can get it installed using hand tools, so for that reason, I gonna give the install pretty modest two out of three wrenches on my difficulty meter and if you're taking your time, it shouldn't take you more than two to three hours. So, again, if you want one of the most affordable front armor bumpers for your '09 to '18 Ram 1500 and you want something that comes with a plug and play wiring harness and the hardware to install some auxiliary lighting pretty easily, go ahead and stick around. I'm going to show you guys what exact tools you need to get this bolted on and I'll walk you through the entire install step by step.To install our new bumper, you will need standard drive ratchets as well as a 7, 10, 16 and 18-millimeter socket. You'll also need 16 and 18-millimeter wrenches. Now, optional, but helpful tools include a long extension, a ball end 4-millimeter hex socket, as well as a flathead screwdriver or trim panel removal tool, and lastly, you can also use an impact gun. So, before we remove our factory bumper itself, we have to remove some of the hardware, securing it inside the fender well here, specifically the liner itself. There are a couple of screws securing that right there, so you're gonna need a 7-millimeter socket to pull those free. All right, so now that we have that fender liner hardware removed, we can actually crawl underneath the bumper and we can unplug the wiring harness for both of our fog lights. While we're under there, and our truck's up on the lift, it's easy to see everything, so I'll show you guys what bolts and nuts you actually have to remove on the bumper itself in order to get it pulled off of the truck, so let's take a look. All right, so the wiring harness for both fog lights terminates at this connection here. It's just held in with two plastic containers so go ahead and pop it free from where it sits and then squeeze this little connection right here in order to free it up. All right, so that wiring harness unplugged, the next step is actually unbolting the bumper itself, and it's pretty straightforward. There are three bolts right here on either side of the frame rail and three 18-millimeter size nuts, so you're going to need an 18-millimeter socket. We'll go ahead and throw our truck on the ground and tackle those next. So, now we've actually unbolted the bumper from the truck itself and we've tackled everything underneath that we need to, that was, kind of, the annoying part. So, we got that out of the way first, right? Now we're working on the front and the top here. We actually have to pull the grille and we have to pull both of our headlights to get to the plastic retaining clips that hold the bumper cover in place. It's pretty straightforward. Go ahead and start with either a flathead screwdriver or a trim panel removal tool, and pop the radiator cover off. There's a couple of pushpins that we need to tackle first. All right, now we can remove our grille. That's also pretty straightforward. There's just four bolts holding it in place, so you're gonna need a 10-millimeter socket to remove those. All right, so now that we have our grille removed, we can start removing our headlights. Now, there are a couple of 10-millimeter bolts securing them to the vehicle on the front end here, and those bolts are threaded into some plastic fittings and they're in, kind of, an awkward spot. So, it's much easier to use a little hand tool. I got a little quarter-inch ratchet here instead of a power tool. All right, so now both of those front bolts are removed from the headlights, the last step in removing them from the vehicle is accessing a little, hidden door back here inside the fender. There's a little black plastic flap. It's held them with a push pin. Go ahead and remove that, stick your hand in there, and there's a little white piece that holds the clip on the back of the headlight in place. All you got to do is press down on that with your thumb and that should release the headlight. It's really hard to show you guys this, but once I pop the headlight out, I'll show you exactly what that looks like so you get an idea of what you need to tackle underneath there. All right, so that little flap that I talked about is right here, and there's that little pin that's holding it in place. It's just a little Christmas tree pin, so gently pop it out with your hands. Once that's out of the way, go ahead and reach inside and you should feel that clip. Go ahead and push it up, and then you can pop the headlight out. All right, with the headlight free, disconnect this top portion for the wiring harness. It's honestly easier you just twist this and remove the bolt itself. All right, now that the headlight's free and clear, that little tab that I was talking about is right here. This is the locked position on the back of the headlight. When you stick your hand through that little access hole, you want to push up on this, that will allow you to pop the headlight out. But at any rate, after we get the headlight out of here, there's a little 10-millimeter head bolt that we got to remove and that's holding this bumper cover to the flare, so you're gonna need your 10-millimeter socket and ratchet. All right so now that we have the driver's side done, we're going to do the same thing to the passenger's side. Again, remove our headlight, disconnect that wiring harness, and then we can tackle the bumper cover and all the clips retaining it in place. Okay, now we're finally ready to remove our bumper cover and the actual bumper underneath. They do come off as one piece. Again, there's little plastic clips all along the front of the bumper cover here. All we got to do is pop those loose. They are made out of plastic, so it's helpful to have that trim panel removal tool or, again, you can use your flathead screwdriver, but since you are working on a painted surface, it would be helpful to tape the end of that flathead screwdriver. Once you've got that wrapped, go ahead and pop it inside of the retaining clips to get those loose and then you can remove the entire unit as one piece. All right, so we have our factory bumper removed. We went ahead and we throw them next to each other. That way you guys could see what a nice upgrade the new Black Horse bumper is, right. And obviously, a lot of cool things going for it in terms of the aesthetics and functionality, number one, obviously, being that protection aspect. The front bumper cover on the Ram is not going to provide really any protection. It is a painted surface and it's going to look, kind of, crappy after a few years, for lack of better phrasing. That's not the case with the Armour bumper here. This has a really nice black powder coat finish on it and because it is an actual armor bumper, it does provide real structural protection for the front end of your Ram. Other cool thing to point out here, you can't really see a good shape comparison between the two unless they're sitting next to each other, but what I like about the Black Horse bumper is it actually, kind of, improves your approach angles for the front wheels. You can see how the original bumper here, kind of, flares out as it gets towards the rear of the front end and it gets towards the fenders. That's not the case with the Black Horse bumper. It actually kinda tapers into a point here on the end. So when you're tackling some rough terrain or going over basic obstacles off-road, you do get better clearance overall. You don't gotta worry about this thing getting scratched up or rubbing against anything like debris or rocks on the trails. Besides that, a lot of cool features here. You can retain your parking sensors if you want to. They do provide plugs in the kit if your truck does not have parking sensors. And what's really nice about this bumper is they actually throw in a plug and play wiring harness for any optional lighting that you might want to install. There are some areas in the front here where you can very easily mount a light bar. They do include the hardware for that as well, and that wiring harness interfaces with the factory fog light harness, so there's no splicing or custom wiring needed. Last thing that's cool about the Black Horse bumper is it as a bolt-on application. The plates that are included in the kit bolt up to the factory location on the frame rails, so there's no cutting or trimming required with any power tools. Simply grab the appropriate nuts and bolts, throw the plates on, and then you can install the bumper itself. So, without further ado, let's go ahead and show you guys how to get that done. All right, before we install the bumper, we do have to do one more thing here and that's removing these little plastic blocks that are underneath the headlights. Pretty straightforward, you'll need another 10-millimeter socket, and because one of those bolts is recessed, it's helpful to have an extension.All right, now we can finally install the brackets that are going to secure the bumper to the frame rails. You want the folded edges of the bracket to face up and out on either side, and if you are confused, they're also marked driver and passenger side. Now, to secure these guys to the frame rails, you're going to grab these 16-millimeter head bolts with the appropriate flat washers and crush washers, and on the backside, you're also going to secure those with another set of flat washers and the 16-millimeter nuts. So, if you haven't figured it out, you're gonna need a 16-millimeter deep socket as well as a 16-millimeter wrench to tighten all this stuff down. All right, so once you've got that bracket in place, you can tighten it down, but you don't want to crank it down a crazy amount, right? You want to just solid enough that it'll hold the bumper in place because once you bolt the bumper up, you can actually put some jack stands underneath it and kind of maneuver it around, loosen these up a bit and tighten and to make sure you close the gap between the bumper and the grille and headlights and make sure it's kind of squared up nicely. So, if you're using power tools like me, you can see I've got my gun turned down all the way and again, we're just going to zip these on enough to keep the brackets in place. All right, once you got the first bracket in place, go ahead and do the same thing for the other side. All right, so we went ahead and we test fit our front bumper and we actually ran into a little bit of a clearance issue with this plastic guard here. This actually retains the factory bumper cover itself. Obviously, we don't need that anymore, right? So, there's a couple ways you could go about this. You could just trim it, but the easier route is just to remove it entirely. You're gonna need a 10-millimeter socket to pull two bolts underneath on either side. All right, we went ahead and we removed that little plastic retaining thing there and we went ahead and threw our bumper back on it and we test fitted it and everything lines up pretty good. So, what you can do is grab a friend, throw the bumper up on top of the brackets here. The lips of the brackets should support the bumper. Once you get it up there, go ahead and have that friend continue supporting it and then line up the holes with the bumper and the brackets, and throw on your 18-millimeter head bolts and nuts with the appropriate flat washers and crush washers. All right, so we went ahead and went through our truck up in the air, that way you guys can see what we're doing underneath here. But basically what I did was I hand threaded all that hardware to keep the bumper in place, and then I jacked the bumper up with a pole jack here that's going to make sure it's nice and tight and it closes in all the gaps around the truck's body itself. Once you're happy with where the bumper is sitting and you've made sure that it's flush with the fenders in there, you can go ahead and tighten everything down. Again, you're gonna need an 18-millimeter wrench as well as an 18-millimeter socket. All right, now that our bumper is situated, we got it flushed up pretty well, we're gonna install these little fill plates here, that replaces this spot right here next to the headlights because there is actually no metal fabricated right there. Now, in order to install these guys, you're gonna grab these small button head bolts in the kit with the provided crush washers and flat washers and they actually provide the correct size Allen key, so go ahead and line up the threaded holes on this fill plate with the pre-drilled holes in the bumper, and then tighten it down. All right, so now we've got those little fill plates in place. We're happy with where our bumper is sitting. Now we can throw everything back in place. Go ahead and reinstall your headlights. Bolt those down with those 10-millimeter bolts. Throw your grille back in place, again, with those 10-millimeter bolts, and then you can throw your radiator cover back on and that should wrap up everything.All right. So, once you got your radiator shroud reinstalled, that'll wrap up the install for the bumper itself. If you do live in a state that requires a front license plate, be sure to install that bracket with the provided clips and screws. Otherwise, you should be good to go. And that also wraps up my review of the Black Horse Off Road Armour front bumper, fitting your '13 to '18 Ram 1500. I'm Travis. Thanks for watching. And for all things Ram, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
      • Resistant to Rust and Corrosion
      • Easy Installation
      • Offers Solid Protection
      • Impressive Design
      • Excellent Black Finish
      • Fits 2013-2018 Dodge RAM 1500s, Except Rebel Edition


      Highly Reliable Safeguard. Whichever vehicle you drive, you should always ensure that you are safe. This is especially important for heavy duty vehicles primarily driven off-road. The vehicles encounter immense barriers that make it necessary to install a protective device. If you are wondering what to do to enhance the safety of your passengers, then this Armour Front HD Bumper is what you need. The bumper is the surest way to protect yourself in a case of an accident. It’s made of heavy duty stainless steel construction technology. The material gives it a firm and sturdy nature that acts as a guard against injuries.

      Incredible Longevity. The bumper has an assured durability. The thick steel used in its construction doesn't corrode easily. Additionally, the material is stainless and has a superb strength to face all the environmental hazards encountered both off-road and on the road. The bumper has an amazing ability to absorb shock, and it doesn't bend easily

      Impressive Design. This front HD bumper is uniquely designed to give your vehicle a classy and elegant look. This offers a duo-function of protection and providing an excellent look to your truck. The bumper is devised in a way that it can accommodate a winch. This increases flexibility and enhances the functionality of the truck.

      3-Year Warranty. This product has a 3-year warranty against structural and workmanship defects. The repair and replacement mustn't result from carelessness and use for the unintended purpose.

      This Armour Front HD Bumper is specially made for 2013-2018 Dodge RAM 1500s, except Rebel models.

      Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, no expedited methods. What is freight shipping? Your Answers are Right Here!.

      Fitment: 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Details

      MPN# AFB-RA13

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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      Ratings Summary

      4.7 out of 5 overall rating from 3 customers

      Installation Time: Afternoon

      • February 02, 2020

        4 2017 Sport - AxnJxn Installation Time: Afternoon

        Armour Front HD Bumper

        Good Bumper that gave my Ram 1500 a more aggressive look. Easy to install. I did it myself in about 2hrs.

        Helpful (1)
      • June 04, 2019

        5 2015 SLT - ThomasWK Installation Time: Afternoon

        Sporty and solid bumper

        I bought this bumper to replace my factory plastic bumper that was beat up pretty bad from busting snow drifts in Nebraska winters. This is one tough bumper , easy to install and looks great with the fog lights with blue halos installed on them.

        Helpful (3)
      • December 18, 2018

        5 2015 - NicoleN Installation Time: Afternoon

        Overall very good bumper

        Bumper looks very aggressive, I enjoy the extra ground Clearance and the extra protection. I put a 21 1/2” light bar on it as well as two pods. Would definitely recommend this bumper

        Helpful (10)

      Questions & Answers (6 answers)

      5 Top Rated Questions

      Can the factory parking sensors be used with this bumper?

      • The Black Horse Off Road Armour Front HD Bumper will have pre-cut holes for your parking sensors.

      Helpful (4)

      Is there cutouts for factory fog lights?

      • There are not cutouts for the factory fog lights.

      Helpful (0)

      Can a winch be installed on this?

      • This is not winch compatible.

      Helpful (0)

      What is the thickness or gauge of the steel on this bumper? Also, what is the total weight?

      • This bumper weighs in at 30 lbs, and is made with 3/16" steel.

      Helpful (0)

      Does this bumper have those holes cut for use with factory tow hooks?

      • The holes are not specifically designed for the factory tow hooks, no.

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      Does this come with the lights shown? If not, does it come with the abillity to hook up stock fog lights? 1 answer

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