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Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Fighter Front Bumper (13-18 RAM 1500, Excluding Rebel)

Item R105419
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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys. Adam here with, and today we're taking a closer look at and installing the Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Fighter Front Bumper in the textured black finish available for the 2013 to 2018 RAM 1500 excluding the Rebel model. You should be checking this out if you're looking for a pre-runner or Baja style aftermarket front bumper to beef up not only the aggressive look of your truck but also to add a more off-road functionality to it more so than some of the other options in the category, definitely more so than your factory bumper. Now, I'll take a closer look comparing it to the factory bumper in just a little bit. But right off the bat, guys, know that the Stealth Fighter here is in my personal opinion, one of the best front bumpers in the category for your RAM 1500. It's got tons of additional ground clearance at the front end. Because it's that pre-runner style, it comes up off the ground a lot higher than some of the other options and the approach angles cannot be beat, again, in my personal opinion. The high approach angles here make sure that your tire comes in contact with some of the small or medium-sized on or off-road obstacles. So, you don't have to worry about your front end taking a beating. You can go a lot more places that you otherwise wouldn't have been able to with your stock or even some aftermarket options.This one is made of all steel plating with some aluminum paneling to make sure it retains that lightweight capability to it. And that's another big thing here. A lot of aftermarket steel or off-road bumpers are super heavy. They add a ton of front-end weight sagging down the front end, not at all the case here with the Addictive Desert Design Stealth Fighter. Super lightweight, you can handle it by yourself, you can install it by yourself, not something you can say for some of the other ones. Now, with that said, this is a textured black powder-coated finish. It's gonna add some corrosion and rust resistance. So, you can beat the crap out of this thing and it's not gonna rust over time like some of the alternatives. The finish here is definitely top-notch. Now, in addition to that, it's got a lot of other functionalities aside from just ground clearance and approach angles. You can see the cutout there in the center is wide open, great for up to a 40-inch light bar or 10 cube lights. And there are individual slots already welded to the inside of that bumper. So, you don't have to make any modifications. You can pick up aftermarket auxiliary lighting, like I said, a light bar or cube lights, and mount them right to the bumper, no additional modification necessary. As a matter of fact, there's a ton of additional brackets included in the kit, I'd say 10 or more just to make sure you can attach different types of lights in any which way that you please. I personally recommend a nice 40-inch curved light bar, it would fit in there absolutely beautifully.Underneath of that, there's another cutout separately which is removable if you wanna add some airflow or maybe some other lighting there at the bottom portion of it, more like a center grille with the ADD logo in it that's in gloss black. It's also got some high-quality welded clevis mounts, you can add some D-rings to the front end for some recovery opportunities. They're not included in the kit, but they're easily attachable right here at the front end there. That it can attach...any standard D-ring really will fit. In addition to that guys, it's really just gonna be perfect for you hitting the trails. If you're using this for a work truck, if you're heading to the camping site more often than not, and you're just looking to go places that you haven't been able to go before, this is a really good way to do so. It comes in right around 1,750 bucks. It is one of the more expensive options in the category. ADD is just known for making some of the more premium bumpers for the front end of trucks. This Stealth Fighter option is going to be one of the more pricey ones but for a very, very good reason.One last thing to mention before we get started here. Because this bumper comes up so much higher off the ground than your factory one, your factory wheel well liners do hang down a lot lower and are visible from the front end. Now, I've tucked them back here, but what I'm gonna do is recommend that you cut them or trim them even with the bottom of the bumper here, that way you don't have them hanging down below. I'll talk about that in more detail at the end of the install. For the install, I'm giving it two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. Like I said earlier, this is a pretty lightweight bumper compared to some of the other ones. You can tackle it by yourself and I'll show you guys what that looks like. You're gonna wanna have basic hand tools on deck and about two hours from start to finish. I'll show you what that process looks like. Let's get started.Tools used in the install include an impact gun, a ratchet, extension, 8-millimeter and 10-millimeter deep sockets, 10-millimeter swivel socket, 14-millimeter deep socket and swivel socket, and a small Phillips head screwdriver.First step of the uninstall here is to go under your wheel wells. You can start on the driver or passenger, I'm on the passenger's side. I'm gonna grab my Phillips head screwdriver, a small one, and remove the three Phillips head screws in our wheel well. Now, some models may have 7-millimeter or 8-millimeter bolts instead, but either way, you're gonna get these guys off and out of the way. With these guys out of the way, we can peel back our wheel well liner to expose the bolts holding the bumper to the fender. I'm just gonna fold that behind the tire to gain access to the backend. Now, the next step is extremely difficult to see, but there's basically a bolt on this bracket here. You can see the top of the stud, bolt facing up. And then there's one directly here facing down. Now, you can get a ratchet and socket in there. There's just enough room for me to get my impact gun in though, and that's what we're gonna do here. But you can grab your 10-millimeter socket, whether it be with a ratchet or an impact like this. I'm using a swivel socket to get these guys off. All right. So, that's the one facing up like that. Now we can tackle the one facing down. All right, we got that loosened up there. That one is tucked in this corner here, just like that, facing down. Now, this comes off. All right. So, now you can repeat this exact same process on the other side.All right. So, we have our truck up in the air. If you're working in your driveway, of course, you're just gonna crawl up under the front end there. We're gonna unplug the master harness for our fog lights. Now, if your vehicle doesn't have fog lights, you may not have this harness, but we do. So, we're basically just gonna pinch this guy and disconnect. It's there on our driver's side. So, now I'm showing you guys on the passenger's side how to remove the bumper bolts connecting to the frame. There are 3 of them, two 18-millimeter nuts. For this, I'm gonna use my ratchet, a short extension for a couple of them, and my 18-millimeter deep socket to get those guys off. Once you crack it loose, you can most likely get it off by hand. All right. Repeat that on the other side.So, at this point, your bumper is loose. We can pop it off from the front end. You wanna make sure you're cracking both sides loose just like that and carefully pulling it off the truck and setting it aside. All right. Not quite done the uninstall just yet, we got to get our black trim pieces off that were underneath the bumper. There are three of them. Two are the same, one in each corner, and then the middle piece. The ones in the corners have three 10-millimeter bolts, 1 in each of these little divots there. Grab your 10 socket and extension and get these off. Okay. Repeat that same thing for the other side. Now, that middle trim piece has four bolts, two on each corner. Grab your 10 socket and extension and get these 2 guys off on each side. All right. Repeat that for the other side. And with this fourth one, the whole thing will come off. All right. There are four Christmas tree clips in here. So, basically, what you're gonna do is pull straight back and disconnect those Christmas tree clips. They're just plastic. All right. There, you can see all four of those, they snap right in. Set this guy aside.So, we got our factory '14 RAM bumper off of the front end here and it's on our rack underneath of the ADD Stealth Fighter Front Bumper. Let's talk about some similarities and differences here. And I got to say head to toe, this is gonna be completely different. Your new ADD Stealth Fighter option is optimized for the best ground clearance and best approach angles. Whereas your factory bumper is just's OEM, there's really nothing special about it. It's not optimized at all for off-roading, it's not optimized for any Baja use of your truck like the ADD Stealth Fighter here. Aside from the actual ground clearance and approach angle advantage here, you're also getting some functionalities that you can add things on in the future. Now, this ADD Stealth Fighter has a very large center opening with a lot of slotted holes underneath. It's gonna be perfect for mounting as many cube lights as you'd like there or light bars itself. Now, because the bumper curves with that design, you could even throw in a curved light bar assuming it follows the same angle. Now, there's like I said, a ton of brackets or a ton of slots here in order for you to install some light brackets, a lot of which are included in the kit. There's about 10 or so brackets of different shapes and sizes to help you mount aftermarket auxiliary lighting there so you can light up the trails, worksite, or campsite. So, that's gonna be useful for guys not only looking for the off-road protection but also guys looking for future add-ons.Aside from that, you're also getting a cutout on the bottom there and that's got a plate insert with the ADD logo in the middle. Now, I personally really like the way that that looks. If you're not a fan, it is removable. There's just a bunch of hex screws holding that guy on. And you could even remove it and mount up another light bar if you'd be willing to do some modification to add some brackets for that. The top has the brackets, the bottom does not, but you can use custom with it if you'd like. Finally, there's opportunity for recovery which, of course, it's not the same for your factory bumper. These D-ring mounts are mounted there. D-rings are not included, but any standard size D-ring would fit that as well so you can have some recovery opportunity at the front end. Now, all of those features are not the case in the factory bumper. We do have factory fog lights on our bumper here, some models didn't even come with those. So, big upgrade for almost all RAM owners. With that said, we're gonna bolt this straight up to the frame. No additional brackets are required, it bolts right to the factory frame rails there where the tow hooks would be.Now, before we can put the bumper on the vehicle, we have to snap on these threaded clips. Clips are gonna be right on the back of the bumper here and snap right into place. I'm just gonna push it so the threaded holes on the inside and lines up with the slotted hole there. There's two on each side. So, you're gonna just unthread the bolt that's included in the kit, snap it on here. All right. Make sure that's lined up. Do the same thing on the other side. All right. So, now we can hold the bumper up, and these screws will go through the back of the frame on the truck and tighten down under there. All right. So, I've got the bumper here on my lap sitting on a stool, I'm just gonna carefully slide this guy on so that it lines up with the frame without damaging the truck on each side. Once you have it lined up with the frame, you're basically gonna go underneath with your hand and screw on these bolts. Basically, you can slide your arm right through the light bar bracket here, the light bar cutout, and line that up. And again, I'm just gonna tighten down one of these on each side, and then we can put the truck in the air for a better view. All right. Perfect.So, now we're underneath of the truck, we have it lifted up in the air, but you guys can do this from the driveway at home just by laying on your backs. What we're gonna do here is just lift up on the bumper and put our bolt in on the bottom left on our passenger's side. So, now we have one on the bottom left and top right, that's set up into position. Do the same thing on the other side and then we can tighten them down. All right. So, now we're gonna lift up on the bumper to line it up with the vehicle. I'm gonna use a 14-millimeter swivel socket, but you can grab a ratchet and a regular socket if you need to and tighten this down. For the top one, I'm switching over to a ratchet. All right. Once that's tight, repeat on the other side. So, now that we have the bumper installed, you can see that your wheel well liners are the last thing you have to tackle. Those liners there drop down so much farther than the actual bumper itself because of the high approach angles on this Baja style bumper, the pre-runner style bumper.What I recommend doing to solve that is to grab a box cutter or a sharp knife, maybe even a Sharpie, mark a line parallel to the bottom of the bumper here, following that body line down on the bumper, and then trim the excess off of the wheel well liner. Now, because our truck is gonna be going back to stock after this video, I'm just gonna tuck the liner back, but I recommend trimming it for a more permanent modification there to really match it properly. If you're not comfortable trimming it, you could always just completely remove the wheel well liner or leave it as is. It's all personal preference. Again, I'm gonna tuck it back because we're going back to stock.That's gonna wrap up my review and install for the Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Fighter Front Bumper in textured black available for the '13 to '18 RAM 1500, excluding Rebel models. Get yours right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Intimidating Stealth Fighter Bumper
      • Effectively Protects Front End
      • Streamlined, Aggressive Accent
      • Mounts 40 in. Light Bar or 10 Cube Lights
      • Includes Reinforced Clevis Mounts
      • Hardcore Steel Build for Durability
      • Lightweight CNC-Cut Aluminum Panels
      • No Cutting or Welding Required
      • 1-Year Limited Warranty
      • Fits all 2013-2018 Dodge RAM 1500s, Excluding Rebels


      Front End Aggression. Your 2013-2018 Dodge RAM 1500 was an investment, so make sure its front end is fully protected with Addictive Desert Designs' Stealth Fighter Front Bumper. This high-performance bumper not only gives your truck the protection it needs from unseen obstacles, but it also features a tight-fitting, modern radius steel plate design that keeps the bumper tightly attached to the front of your truck to compliment its high-end look.

      High-End Design. This bumper also features additions that ensure you're ready for anything you run into on or off road, like reinforced Clevis mounts that work with 3/4 in. D-rings. In fact, the bumper even features universal light mounts that are designed to work with 40 in. light bars or 10 cube lights to give you added lighting for the nights you find yourself driving down a dark path with only the moon to guide you.

      Heavy-Duty Construction. Featuring a hardcore steel plate construction, this bumper offers ideal durability so that you don't have to worry about it succumbing to any challenges. It also features lightweight CNC-cut aluminum panels, which avoid weighing down the bumper while still remaining as strong as ever.

      Warranty. Backed by a 1-year limited warranty, you'll be sure to get the best quality materials and craftsmanship. Some limitations apply, so see the warranty for details.

      Installation. With a fully bolt-on design, this bumper can be installed in just 2 hours. Using light mechanical skills and basic hand tools, you'll be able to secure the bumper and get back on the road in no time.

      Application. Addictive Desert Designs' Stealth Fighter Front Bumper is a perfect fit for all 2013-2018 Dodge RAM 1500s, excluding Rebels.

      Please Note. ADD Bumpers are built to order for our customers. Because of this, there can be a 4-5 week lead time on orders.

      Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, no expedited methods. What is freight shipping? Your Answers are Right Here!.

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