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2020 Ram 3500

Following from the heavily revised 2019 model, the 2020 Ram 3500 has only a few minor changes, including new colors and an adaptive steering and lane-keeping system. his Heavy-Duty is available with the standard 6.4L Hemi gasoline V8, which delivers 410horsepower and 429lb-ft of torque and is paired to an eight-speed auto gearbox, as well as two optional Cummins V8s: the legendary 6.7L I6 turbodiesel that produces 370 horsepower and 850lb-ft of torque, and a high-output Cummins making 400 horsepower and 1,000ft-lb of torque - this is the first HD truck to break four figures. The high output is mated to a Aisin-built six-speed auto transmission, while the standard Cummins is paired with a Ram-designed six-speed automatic. At its least capable, the 3500 can still haul up to 3,590 pounds of payload and tow 15,990 pounds; when properly equipped, its max payload rises to 6,570 pounds and tow capacity to 35,100 pounds.

Keep your Cab Pristine

As part of the 2019 redesign, Ram heavily invested in upgrading the 3500’s interior, and this remains true of the 2020 model. A variety of options and finishes, premium materials and excellent styling make it a pleasant place to be. The best way to keep it that way is with a set of moulded and raised edgefloor liners. Ram aftermarket floor liners are measured in 3D with lasers and then moulded and cut for an exact fit. Unlike a flat floor mat, a line is tray-like, perfectly contoured to the floor and rises up to the bottom of the door rill. Their deep sculpted channels trap dirt and other debris while their raised edges are designed to keep water, snow and other liquids from spilling over onto the carpet below. With their rubberised thermopolyolefin material or polyethylene construction, floor liners are easily removable and washable: simply spray them off with a hose.

Protect your Paint

Mud flaps are an affordable aftermarket mod that will provide extra protection against flying road debris and stylishly too. With a quality set of mud flaps, your F-250’s paint and undercarriage will be protected against potential damage from kicked-up debris courtesy of your spinning tires. Usually sold as a set of two or four (though with individual flaps available too), mud flaps are made from durable materials and available in a wide range of sizes: from 12 and 14-inch widths and lengths of up to 48inches. Designs too also vary, with textured all-black flaps, to polished or brushed finishes, and those with stainless steel tops. Depending on your own unique style, a set of aftermarket mud flaps can certainly help add a touch of personal flair to your F-250.

Better Bed Storage

A new truck bed storage system will allow for more effective use of the F-250’s bed, while keeping cargo and valuables organised and safe. With a variety of different components available, there’s considerable scope here to mix and match and create a custom system. A wheel well storage unit for example will make good use of the dead space around the rear wheels, with many styles easily swinging away from the bed walls for easier access. Durable plastic storage boxes span the width of the bed mounting to the side rails just behind the cab are also lockable for extra security. Aluminum tool boxes are a very similar option, though with a more durable construction.Then there’s an all-in-one full truck bed system that will make use of the full bed. Made from polyethylene, its trays and pull-out boxes keep smaller items safe and organised - ideal for tools -- while larger cargo can then be secured on its deck.

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