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2018 Dodge Ram 2500

The 2018 RAM 2500 comes with a five-link coil rear suspension as standard on all 3/4 ton heavy duty models. Replacing the tried-and-true leaf spring live axle, RAM promises reduced friction, reduce harshness and improved handling with this new coil spring rear setup. Three engnines populate the lineup, with a choice between a 5.7L or 6.4L HEMI V8 for gas-powered motors and a 6.7L turbocharged Cummins V8 running on diesel.

Protecting the Front

Consider protecting the paint of your 2018 Ram 2500 from road debris and bug splatter by installing a bug deflector on the hood. Installing over the leading edge of the hood, a bug and stone deflector is used to protect the paint at the front of the hood from stone chips and bug guts. Hood deflectors are mainly constructed from acrylic plastic, a durable and lightweight material that has excellent impact resistance. A smoked finish blends with all color schemes and a quality deflector will have undergone a specific UV-treatment process that ensures that the deflector does not dry out and become brittle due to exposure to the sun.

Protecting the Side

Mud guards don't seem exhilarating but they certainly are effective at protecting the side and rocker panels of your 2018 Ram 2500 from mud, stones and other road debris. On top of this paint protection for your own truck, mud flaps will protect other vehicles from your own splash and, surprisingly, making the right selection can noticeably change the look of the wheel well.

  • Flexible mud guards: Certainly of a traditional design, flexible mud flaps are what you would expect to find on the trailer of an 18-wheeler. They are low cost, and for the most part, effective. However, given their flexibility, they can push back whilst underway and allow debris through. On the other hand, if tire to flap clearance is tight (say due to running a bigger than stock tire), any larger debris picked up by the tire will simply push through the flap and not jam up against it. In terms of style, flexible guards don't score so high given their basic flat and square appearance. These flaps are often universal and may require drilling.
  • Molded splash guards: Made from thermoplastic, these guards are contoured to suit the fender well of 2018 Ram 2500 trucks. Their thicker profile gives more visual substance when looking at the wheel well and their rigid nature means they are impervious to being pushed away. However, due to their rigid nature they are at higher risk of breaking should road debris (or ice buildup in winter climates) jam between the tire and guard. With adequate tire clearance, however, this shouldn't be an issue. Molded mud guards are typically vehicle specific as are manufactured to install using existing trim piece holes.

Protecting the Interior

Keep the seats in your 2018 Ram 2500 in great shape with a complete set of seat covers. Particularly useful for owners that are using their trucks at the job site, off-road or hunting, a good set of seat covers will minimize friction wear (leading to tears) and keep the OEM material free of stains. Stitched to fit the factory seats, 2018 Ram 2500 truck seat covers use an elastic seam and under-seat strapping to ensure they stretch over and fit snug to eliminate any movement. In terms of materials, there are plenty to choose from. Polyester and neoprene are the two most common, offering good wear and water-resistant characteristics. At the exotic end of the spectrum lies terrycloth and sheepskin options - both offering with good temperature feel (meaning cool well in the summer and heat well in the winter) but are more complex to maintain and wash.

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2018 Dodge Ram 2500

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