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2009-2014 Ford F150: Model Overview

2009-2014 Ford F150: Model Overview

After just a five-year run from 2004-2008, Ford took its F150 back to the drawing board. This time things got a little crazy, and America got an all-new truck to put on top. It still looked something similar to the previous F150, but it left the rounded styling for the history books. This F150 returned to the angular glory days of full-sized pickup trucks, but certainly packed more of a punch. The styling of this Ford is certainly elegant, but it is nothing short of rugged. And as an F150, you know it’s more than capable as performing as an all-out workhorse.

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Whether you own the top of the line 2009-2014 F150 or not, you can still personalize your truck so you can stand out from the thousands of other proud F150 owners out there. Depending on how you plan on using your truck, some armor would be a good investment to prevent off-road scrapes. If you prefer more of a show truck, chrome exterior trim is a great way to get extra attention.

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2009-2014 Ford F150 Engine

Two V8s carried over to these model years, but the smaller Essex V6 was no longer offered, which wasn’t such a bad thing. As opposed to having only three engine options, we now have six including the return of the ever so glorious Boss platform and the introduction of the Ecoboost V6:

  • 3.5 L Ecoboost V6 (365 hp @ 5,000 rpm 420 lb-ft @ 2,400 rpm)
  • 3.7 Ti-VCT V6 (302 hp @ 6500 rpm 275 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm)
  • 4.6 Modular V8 (292 hp @ 5,700 rpm 320 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm)
  • 5.0 L Coyote V8 (360 hp @ 5,500 rpm 380 lb-ft @ 4,250 rpm)
  • 5.4 L 3V Modular V8 (320 hp @ 5,200 rpm 390 lb-ft @ 3,500 rpm)
  • 6.2 L 2V Boss V8 (411 hp @ 5,500 rpm 434 lb-ft @ 4,500 rpm)

2009-2014 F150

2009-2014 Ford F150 Transmission

With an awesome engine lineup, we knew we had to take a hit somewhere. For the 12th generation of the F150, the manual transmission would become a relic of the past.

Only two automatic transmission options would be made available for this generation. Not to worry though, this wouldn’t put a dent in the livelihood of America’s top truck.

  • 4R75E 4-speed automatic
  • 6R80 6-speed automatic

2009-2014 Ford F150 Cab Options

Ford trucks are very different from other trucks when it comes to performance and features. But cab options are not too different from other full-sized pickups. Ford just had to put their finishing touches on it by renaming the cab styles.

The standard cab is a two door; the Supercab is the same as an extended cab but with a smaller rear-entry door; and the Supercrew is, naturally, the full four-door crew cab.

2009-2014 Ford F150: Trim Levels

XL 2009-2014 F150: The XL returns as the base model option of the F150,  and can be fitted with any cab or engine available to the model year you’ve purchased. Of course the seating was limited to only one option in the front, which was the 40/20/40 split bench. 

XLT 2009-2014 F150: With a little bigger budget you can get your hands on the XLT version. Available with all engine options to each cab the XLT is the step directly above the XL platform. With that in mind the changes are slight in appearance and with the option of the same split bench or buckets for the front seat riders. 

FX2 2009-2014 F150: If you were after a Supercab or a Supercrew two-wheel drive truck, you could pick up a FX2 F150.This model is known for its appeal to street culture as you could pick it up with the more powerful engine options including the Ecoboost or Raptor 6.2L. The year of this generation truck can influence what was available to it, including a single cab for the year 2014. 

FX4 2009-2014 F150: The FX4 is the off-road brother to the FX2. Engine options are about the same and so are the cab options. This version of the F150 may be the best in the sense it takes qualities from all the best trim packages and melds it into a very well equipped performance truck.

2009-2014 FX4 w/Aftermarket Mods

STX 2009-2014 F150: The STX is a truck built for enthusiasts. This version of the truck is put together with “less is more” as the motto. It lacks the high-end features of other packages, but makes up for it with aluminum wheels and other features to make for a sporty experience. As it is, the STX can be fitted to any cab option with both bucket seats and the 40/20/40 bench seat as an option.

King Ranch 2009-2014 F150: The King Ranch made its place in the world on the 10th generation of F150 trucks as a tribute to Richard King, who opened the Texas 825,000-acre “King Ranch” back in 1853, and it is here to stay. Just like the prior years, this was a high-level trim package powered by the larger of the V8s, only this time you could get the mighty Ecoboost under the hood. This truck is fitted with an appearance package and luxurious seating options. 

Lariat 2009-2014 F150: Supercab and Supercrew F150s can be set up with the ever so special Lariat trim package. This trim level left no part of the vehicle untouched. The front seat option was a 40/20/40 bench or bucket seats, set up with two tone paint and an array of engines to choose from; it’s no doubt these trucks were the most versatile.

Platinum 2009-2014 F150: Every family has a pretty boy, and that’s what the platinum is to F-series trucks. They have the highest appearance package with a unique interior design. It is only available to supercrew trucks, but you still have access to the best engines offered to the F150.

2009-2014 STX w/Lowering Kit

Harley-Davidson 2010-2012 F150: You can’t have a modern F150 lineup without the Harley-Davidson edition. Just like prior years, this was built with the 5.4L as the engine of choice. Unlike prior years it was only available as a Supercrew variant. 

Raptor 2010-2014 F150: Eleven inches of suspension travel, 6.2 liters of V8 power and world class appearance are the ingredients Ford used when whipping up the Raptor. This truck was designed to be an affordable off-road package that could compete with top-notch builds. In 2014 a special edition of the already special Raptor was introduced. The performance aspects stayed the same, but it was more of an upgraded appearance package. 

FX Tremor F150: The FX Tremor reaches out to the two-door, go fast or go home truck guys. Fitted to only the single cab this trim level was boasting the Ecoboost engine and a 4:10 rear gear ratio. Though it was meant to be a rocket, this truck was available as a two or four door. This factor makes it even more awesome because you no longer have to choose between practical and radical. 

Limited F150: The Limited trim level was only available for the years 2011, 2013 and 2014. In essence this was nothing more than an even fancier rendition of the Lariat. With much of the same qualities this version featured a little more chrome to give it just enough fines to impress just even the harshest skeptics. 

2009-2014 Raptor
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