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Stylizing Your Silverado's Cabin with Interior Trim

Stylizing Your Silverado's Cabin with Interior Trim

Thousands of Silverado owners will spend countless hours and a ton of money accessorizing the exterior of their truck. This is all well and good because most exterior mods can be justified by their ability to perform well in both categories of form and function. However, when it comes to justifying something solely by its appearance, you’d be left wondering why thousands of those modified Silverados are left with stock interiors. Modifying the interior is the perfect way to boost the vibe of your truck. The interior is also where you’ll be spending most of your time, so why wouldn’t you put your personal touch in there?

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Naturally, you'll be spending a lot of time inside your Silverado, so adding various accents and trim pieces to feel at home is a logical course of action. From basic creature comforts like a cell phone holder to show-stopping chrome lined panels, each addition makes your SIlverado stand out.

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Silverado Factory Trim

The interior of the Chevrolet Silverado is the perfect combination of simplicity and style. The interior styling has always kept flash to a minimum and stays straight to the point. Sure, the less flash there is, the more classy a truck will feel. However, when everyone else’s Silverado on the road has the same scheme with no major trim changes based on submodels, it can certainly leave one feeling lost in the crowd. 

Silverado Aftermarket Trim Options

A lot of people will assume that adding flare to the interior of their Silverado may entail having to make some major changes. Truth be told, aftermarket seats, dash layouts, and the addition of flashy gadgets and gizmos will dramatically alter the feel of the interior, it’s not the only answer though. 

With a few aftermarket trim options, one can easily have the same effect without having to spend thousands of dollars. The best part is trim modifications are extremely easy to install, and it’s something anyone can easily do at home.

Dash Overlay Kits

The dash is the first thing you’re going to look at when you get in your Silverado and will be the part of the truck you spend the most time looking at. A dash overlay kit is a piece of material that will fit over the top of the dash to provide a completely custom look. These units are extremely easy to install and will make a big difference in the way the interior of the vehicle is presented. They also provide a line of protection. The sun can be hard on the dash of vehicles and over time they will begin to fade and crack, but an overlay kit will prevent this from happening. 

Door Inserts Arm Rest Covers

The doors of Silverados follow the same color schemes as the rest of the interior. Though the design may be tasteful, they can come off monotone as they will usually consist of one color with small accents. Door inserts will fit over most of the lower section of the door panel and can come in a variety of colors to break up the pattern. Armrest covers can be added to enhance the flow.

Speaker Bezels

The factory speakers are hidden well in the interior of the Silverado and at first, they can appear as multiple blank spots scattered throughout the interior. Speaker bezels are very simple devices that pop around the outer edges of the speaker to add a little more ​flair to the interior. These pieces come in a variety of colors and can be used to tie the interior color scheme to the exterior paint. 

Shift Boots

Silverados rarely have floor mounted shifters unless the truck is an automatic. This means it’s not only rare to find a truck with a floor mounted shifter but even rarer to find one with a shift boot. In the rare occasion that a floor shifter is present, an aftermarket boot can be added. Shift boots come in a variety of styles and can be used to define a performance feeling or a look all your own. A good tip to keep in mind is that shift boots can easily be made from fabrics or other material you may have lying around, so you can make something that truly is all your own.

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