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Flowmaster Muffler Comparison Guide

Flowmaster FlowFX Offset Center Oval Muffler

We all know mufflers, well… muffle, but the differences between them are far less obvious. Which ones make the best sound? Which have the best blend of performance and heart-pounding tone? And that’s all assuming you actually want your exhaust to make a bunch of noise. Because for every Saturday night cruiser and parking lot revver, there’s a calm commuter or sinister sleeper packing a performance muffler that hardly makes a sound.

Whichever type you are, Flowmaster has you covered. From imports to domestics, trucks to cars, diesel to gasoline, Flowmaster mufflers have graced them all. It’s one of those brands people tend to associate with loud noises, but like finding out that Zippo makes more than just lighters, Flowmaster isn’t all about adding sound. In fact, they have several different muffler families with applications to suit any car and any driver.

Let’s compare the most popular Flowmaster Mufflers to answer the following questions:

  • Which Flowmaster muffler sounds best?
  • What is the loudest Flowmaster muffler?
  • How does one compare the Flowmaster Super 40 vs Super 44?
  • What’s the difference between the Flowmaster Super 10 vs Super 44?

Scroll to the end for a Flowmaster muffler chart that organizes Flowmaster loudest to quietest.

It’s important to note that we’re not covering every system Flowmaster offers. Options like the 80 series, 50 series HD and DBX may be better suited for your needs. There are also specialty mufflers, like ones designed with towing in mind. We’re going to stick with the most common Flowmaster mufflers that fit a wide variety of vehicles, starting with the quietest and working our way up.

Flowmaster Super 50 Series

Perfect for a daily driver, the Super 50 Series gives off a mellow tone at idle and is noticeably louder than your stock system when you stomp on the gas. It creates a nice deep hum – especially when you’re on it – but you can still talk in the car, even on the highway. The three-chamber design and large footprint allow this muffler to handle high-output engines without droning at speed. Your passengers might not think you modified the exhaust at all.

Flowmaster Delta 50 Series

Looking for a performance growl without a scowl from your neighbors? Well, look no further than 50 Series Delta Flow. Think of it as a Super 50 with a bad attitude. Where the Delta differs from the Super is volume – Flowmaster Delta 50 mufflers have a similar three-chamber design to the Super 50, but with a thinner case and more baffles for added resonance, helping the Delta 50 create a little more noise that’s easier to activate.

Flowmaster Pro Series

Popular in the diesel community, the Flowmaster Pro Series muffler stands apart with its laminar flow design. Picture two mesh cones wrapped in ceramic material, touching tip to tip – that’s about all there is to it. No baffles to restrict flow, no fiberglass packing to blow out over time. That ceramic layer helps keep temperatures down, meaning this muffler can be mounted in tight spaces where heat is a concern. The Pro Series has what could be called a moderate sound. It’s stronger, deeper, and more present than a 50 Series.

How do I choose the best Flowmaster muffler?

As we have now seen, Flowmaster offers mufflers for a wide variety of needs. It’s important to note that any existing modifications and your car’s overall condition can completely change the sound and either enhance or restrict the performance provided by the muffler. Check out forums, groups, and videos and ask around at car shows to find the one that’s best suited for your needs.

Just remember to be realistic when choosing a muffler. It’s easy to lose horsepower by bolting an expensive “racing” exhaust on a stock engine. Instead, choose a muffler that’s designed to make the most of what you have. The power gains will surprise you.

Can I see a Flowmaster sound chart?

Of course you can! This handy Flowmaster chart is a Flowmaster muffler size chart and Flowmaster muffler sound chart. Check out this Flowmaster muffler sound comparison, then shop the most popular Flowmaster mufflers for sale on AT.