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Five Reasons Why Your Truck Needs a Tonneau Cover

You've lived this long without a tonneau cover. So why get one now? Simple: they save money. Also known as a truck bed cover, the word tonneau is derived from a French word that refers to the rear-seating compartment of a vehicle. They transform your truck bed into a sheltered compartment, protecting gear, tools and anything else you're hauling from flying out (whether on the wind or in someone else's hands).

Also serving to shelter your cargo from the weather, tonneau covers have evolved through the years. Initially gaining popularity on racetracks, truck racers used them to improve the aerodynamics of their vehicles. From there, hard tops emerged as a replacement for camper shells, though obviously not intended to allow for sleeping space. With the plus column stacked firmly in their favor, here are the top five benefits you can expect to gain from installing a tonneau cover:

  1. Protects from the weather. Whether you're driving around in sleet, snow or driving rain, the gear you haul can quickly become waterlogged sloshing around in the back as your bed fills up. Far more effective than a tarp, a tonneau provides a full cover that deflects anything Mother Nature throws your way (including harsh UV rays).
  2. Provides privacy. Owning a truck means helping people move. And whether it's their stuff or yours, a tonneau keeps prying eyes from admiring that open box of family photos…or your "vintage" collection of superhero boxers.
  3. Provides security. While those boxers are probably safe regardless, tools, electronic equipment and even small furniture have a way of hopping out when you make a stop at the store. For the ultimate in security, a hardtop tonneau can transform your ride into an impenetrable and lockable safe, ensuring your valuables will be there when you get back, no matter how long you're gone.
  4. Matches existing finish. Whether you choose a hard tonneau cover, folding tonneau cover or one of the retractable models, each comes in a variety of styles and colors to perfectly match any exterior (even those pickup bed liners), no matter how custom.
  5. Fuel efficient. Talk about saving the best for last. As air passes over your cab, it flows into your empty truck bed, producing opposite force (also known as drag). Closed-air truck beds offer lower air resistance, similar to their racing counterparts. This reduction in drag creates a faster, more energy-efficient truck and can easily save several miles of gas on every trip. In fact, using an aerodynamic tonneau cover like a Ford Ranger bed cover or Nissan tonneau could extend your gas mileage by up to 10%!

Adding a tonneau cover to your truck is one of the best upgrades for your rig. Whether you're looking for a Ford Ranger bed cover, Nissan tonneau or Chevy truck bed covers, each provides safety and security while maximizing your fuel efficiency.


In conclusion, a tonneau cover is not just a simple accessory for your truck; it's a valuable addition that offers protection, privacy, security, and fuel efficiency benefits. Whether you're a frequent traveler or simply want to enhance your truck's functionality, investing in a quality tonneau cover is a smart choice. It's time to take advantage of these top five benefits and elevate your truck ownership experience.