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Dashmat: Ain’t No Sun Damage on This Dash

By Frank Colletti - January 4, 2021

Have you ever climbed into your vehicle on a hot summer day and felt like you were sitting on the surface of the sun? Everything you touch feels like it is about to melt underneath you. Along with the heat, the blinding sun bounces off your dashboard and sears into your eyes. Before you even started your vehicle up, your drive already has become a hassle. The constant UV exposure not only wears you out but wears out that surface of your dash as well. Whether you drive a plush new vehicle or an old classic. The sun’s UV rays shows no mercy to plastic dashboards across the world. Worn dashboards fade in color and some even lead to cracking and warping. Good luck trying to sell your vehicle with a cracked dashboard. Just like everything else in and around your vehicle, protecting your vehicle’s surfaces is vital to keeping yourself and your car or truck in top shape. The easiest way to resolve that is by protecting your dashboard with a DashMat dashboard cover.

The sun can be your best friend or your worst enemy. In cars and trucks, the sun tends to be an arch-rival. Heat and UV rays beat down on your vehicle leading to premature wear and damage that lower the appeal of your vehicle and its resale value. Driving in the sunlight poses safety risks. All of the sunglasses and sun visors in the world can’t defend against sun glare. That beam of light bouncing off your dash makes it feel like the sun is sitting right in front of you obstructing your vision. Not only will it blind you, but it wears down your dashboard surface quickly. I am sure you have seen old vehicles with cracked dashboards and off-colored surfaces. That is from the sun’s UV rays. Lucky for you, DashMat is here to save your eyes and your dashboard.

Whether you want to protect your vehicle or cover the previously worn dashboard in your vehicle, DashMat is here to protect you and your vehicle from the dangers of the sun. Repairing dashboard panels is not a cheap process and replacing them costs even more. Covering your unsightly cracks and paint fade with DashMat’s dashboard covers gives you a stylish comfortable look and feel without breaking the bank. DashMat utilizes the highest quality materials in a variety of colors to bring some style into your cabin. The soft fabrics used in DashMat dashboard covers not only give a strikingly good look but can absorb the sunlight preventing that pesky glare that blinds you while driving.

Dashmat comes in a variety of materials and colors to complement every personality and interior. Pick between soft carpeting, high-quality knit fabric, smooth suede, and lux velour. All are tailored and cut to fit your specific year, make, and model. That way your DashMat Dashboard Cover fits your vehicle’s dashboard like a glove! Whether you want to hide your worn-out dash, cut down on glare, reduce cabin temperature, or all of the above, Dashmat Dashboard Covers will make you and your dashboard a happy camper.

Pro Tips

If you're looking to protect your vehicle's dashboard from sun damage, consider investing in a DashMat dashboard cover. It not only adds style to your cabin but also prevents glare and extends the life of your dashboard.