SCT LiveWire Tuner (97-06 F150, 99-04 Lightning/Harley, 99-06 Super Duty)

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SCT LiveWire Preloaded Tuner (96-10 All)
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This Product Has Been Discontinued
The SCT LiveWire Preloaded Tuner (96-10 All) has been DISCONTINUED.
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Product Features

  • Preloaded with power-packed tunes.
  • Real-time data logging & display.
  • Adjustable, high-intensity LED shift light.
  • Hold up to 3 custom tunes.
  • More HP, TQ, fuel economy.
  • Read & clear CEL codes.
  • Built-in Performance Calculator.

Product Description

Plug-In Power. The SCT Livewire Flash Tuner combines cutting-edge handheld tuner technology with an attractive dash-mount display for easy viewing of real-time data. But best of all, the pre-loaded tunes pack more power - up to 22RWHP and 20 ft-lbs of torque* with a stock F-150 and up to a blazing 150RWHP and 290ft-lbs with a stock diesel*.

Save Money - Use Less Fuel. And if that's not enough for your adrenaline appetite, enjoy better fuel economy so you have more money for power-producing parts - and the SCT Livewire will make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Ready for a custom tune? The Livewire holds up to 3 custom tune files, as well as your factory stock tune file, and all the pre-loaded tune files for future use.

Log Critical Engine Data. Want to have a log of certain engine variables for tuning purposes or for diagnostic use? The Livewire's high speed data logging feature and dedicated wideband oxygen sensor port is sure to make your life easier and your tunes more accurate.

Adjustable Shift Lights. Are you a spirited driver who appreciates the convenience (and safety) of a shift light? You're in luck - the SCT Livewire has a built-in, user-adjustable, high-intensity yellow LED light just for you.

Predict Dyno Results, Quarter Mile Time, More. Tired of shelling out for dyno time to figure out just how many ponies your latest mod got you? The SCT Livewire is your answer. With a built-in performance calculator, the Livewire estimates your truck's performance data including HP, TQ, 0-60 ET, 1/2 mile ET, and fuel mileage based on data sent from your truck's computer.

Read & Clear Check Engine Lights. Going to the dealership can be a drag on time and money, but with the Livewire you can save yourself the headache and cost when your "check engine light" starts flashing and still find out what's wrong. The SCT Livewire allows you to read, clear, and troubleshoot DTC's (diagnostic trouble codes) yourself, so you'll know whether it's time to take it in or just tighten up your gas cap.

Compatible with EGT Sensor Kit. If you have an 03+ 6.0 or 6.4 Powerstroke, monitoring your EGT's while towing is important to get the most from your truck and protect your investment. The Livewire is directly compatible with SCT's exhaust gas temperature kit so you can easily add this important feature and protect your investment.

With the added performance gains, real-time data monitoring and logging, custom tuning, performance calculator, and CEL reader, the SCT Livewire is a must-have for your garage - and for your Ford Truck.

General Features:

  • Gain 11 to 150 RWHP (see chart below for your truck)
  • Gain 8ft-lbs to 290 ft-lbs of torque (see chart below)
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Stores up to 3 custom tunes in addition to factory & pre-loaded tunes
  • High-speed USB data logging
  • Built-in performance calculator
  • Reads & clears diagnostic trouble codes
  • Built-in LED shift light

So Much More! We can't possibly list all the features and settings available for every vehicle on the SF3, but please check out the information below for more details on this must-have device.

Detailed Fitment List (click for more)
Detailed Features List - By Truck (click for more)
Approximate HP/TQ Gains - By Truck (click for more)*

Tuner Specs
Handheld/Dashmount: Dashmount Custom/Strategy: Strategy
Memory Size: 128 MB Custom Tunes Held: 3
Year: See detailed fitment list Model: LiveWire Tuner
Manufacturer: SCT Special Features: Reads/clears DTC codes

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